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I to be pulling right into my driveway the other day once the DJ came on the radio and announced that her air conditioning in her home had gone out best in the center of a heatwave.

To make matters worse, the repair firm couldn’t make it out to her house for virtually 3 weeks because of the variety of broken air conditioners they had on your schedule.

Which led me come think, how did world once live there is no air conditioning? Still, also, just how would my household keep our residence cool?

See, in our brand-new home, us don’t have the common HVAC unit which can produce a difficulty of keeping our house cool enough during really warm temperatures, however we likewise don’t have actually a an extremely high electrical bill either.

So this is a tradeoff i’m willing come handle, however by a number of people calling right into the radio station, maintaining our dwellings cool once the air-conditioning is on the fritz (or over there is none in ~ all) is a challenge we all seem come face at once or another.

How to Cool under a Room

Here room a few tips to help you win the heat and also keep your house cooler once the air conditioning is not working well sufficient or has actually gone out completely:

1. Close the Windows

When the air-conditioning is on the fritz you need to keep the sun from coming with your windows. If you usage blinds, they can assist you v this tremendously.

However, you’ll have to keep the blinds closed. Some world roll them increase to keep the sunshine pointing up and out of her home. If other world close lock down due to the fact that it creates a darker atmosphere. This is really a personal choice the which you think works better.

2. Close the Doors

You would certainly be amazing at just how much heat travels through your doors. Also if you have a screen or storm door in place.

Basically, light can equate to heat. Therefore you have to keep your house dark and the doors close up door up chop to store that excess warm out of her home.

3. Ice and also a Fan

This is an old school trick that world once provided years back when most civilization did not have air conditioning. Lock would placed ice in a big bowl.

Then they’d location that key in a ar where the fan would blow across it. This create a cool, misty breeze the feels an excellent on hot days.

4. Cotton Sheets top top the Bed

When we moved right into our brand-new home, not having a timeless HVAC unit took some obtaining used to. Ns was accustomed to having actually a house that was as well cold, not too warm.

Still, the an initial thing ns did to make my bedroom a little an ext comfortable was rolling earlier my comforter in ~ night and made sure we used only cotton sheets. Cotton breathes where other products don’t and this can cause your nights to it is in a many hotter.

5. Usage Those Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans room a tremendous assist in maintaining your residence cool enough. They store the air relocating constantly i beg your pardon obviously cools your home down.

Even so, be sure that the fans room rotating counter-clockwise throughout warm weather. This help your house cool better.

6. Focus on You

Sometimes when you can’t acquire the room temperature down, you deserve to still acquire your human body temperature down. You have the right to do this by consuming cold beverages, using a cool towel to your neck or wrist area, and by putting on cooler (and breathable) clothing.

Also, shot freezing 2-liter bottles v water in them. Then location them under your feet. I carry out this to store us and also our hare cool. If it will assist keep a warm-blooded rabbit cool, the should aid you together well.

7. Use Your Exhaust Fans

Most people have exhaust fans in both their bathrooms and also their kitchen. If you have them, then usage them.

Basically, the method they can pull steam out that your house when cooking, they can pull heat out that your house too.

8. Totality House Fans are Amazing


Until we were house shopping, I had never watched a totality house fan. Castle are mainly in older homes, yet after see one in use, i really want one in ours home.

It is this vent (usually in a hallway) that you turn a knob, the vent opens, and also the fan comes on. It climate sucks every one of the hot air the end of your home. Here are few of the services of a entirety house pan if you room interested.

9. Open Your home windows Strategically

In our old house, it remained pretty cool, however I payment a high price for it when the electrical bills came. Every summer I’d declare war on my electrical bill and would try different things to reduced it and keep our house cool naturally.

So among the things I did was to strategically open our windows. I’m very early riser, and also I’m up as soon as it is quiet cool external in the mornings. I’d open up up the home windows in the morning come cool the house down, then shut them when it acquired warm outside. That way at least our home would be at a decent temperature in the mornings.

10. Energy effective Bulbs

Regular light bulbs room not power efficient, but they produce another problem together well. Lock radiate a many excess warm when castle are developing energy.

This obviously causes a problem if you have actually no wait conditioning due to the fact that it is just compounding the difficulty of heat. Move to energy-efficient bulbs. Castle don’t produce as lot heat.

11. Chef Strategically

My mother-in-law taught me this pointer on maintaining your residence cool once the temperatures outside heat up. You’ll either cook with your range in the morning when it is tho cooler external or stop food preparation with your stove.

However, you deserve to still chef by using other methods. You have the right to use her crockpot, prompt Pot, her grill, a rocket stove, or chef outside to still have actually delicious meals without heating up your home,

12. Include Some long-term Shade

If her home has actually no security from the sun, then it will continue to beat directly down on peak of it. This is a problem because it method your residence will it is in super hot.

However, you have the right to fix this by including awnings to your windows, extended porches which will help administer some shade, and even including shade trees. The less the sunlight can directly hit your windows, the much better off you will certainly be, and the cooler you’ll stay.

13. Freeze her Sheets and PJ’s

I read an post once that told all around how human being once stayed cool prior to air conditioning. They walk a many of exciting things, like building their homes in a way that assisted them stay cool.

They also did basic things that we have the right to do this day regardless of just how our dwellings are built. They would certainly freeze their sheets and also pajamas. It might sound crazy, but they knew the cooler their body temperature stayed, the an ext comfortable they would certainly be.

14. Frozen a hot Water Bottle


This may sound backward, however the same way you deserve to fill up a hot water bottle to assist with aches and pains, girlfriend can also fill it with ice or cold water and freeze it.

Then you simply place it in the bed v you at her feet to save you cool. This is a an excellent option because of the product the bottle is make from. It won’t sweat and also create a chaos in her bed. However, it will additionally take it longer to lose its coldness too.

15. Strategically place Your box Fans

A many of world will traction out package fans when the air air conditioning goes out. This is a good idea, yet there is a strategic means to usage them.

You’ll ar them in a window, but allude them facing out the the windows. This will pull the warm air out of your home and also blow it out of the windows. In turn, make your house cooler.

16. Sleep through a Wet Sheet

This may sound odd, yet you deserve to make a paper or towel damp v cold water. You will do it then location it end you to store you cool in ~ night when you sleep.

However, be certain to put a towel under girlfriend so that doesn’t reason your mattress to it is in damaged in the process. Remember, the cooler friend stay, most likely the far better sleep you’ll get.

17. Loose and Less

When it involves summertime, hot weather, and also no air air conditioning it is important to remember 2 words: loose and less.

This way that you desire to sleep in loosened cotton pajamas that will actually breathe while friend sleep. Still, also, you want to sleep in less. Go for shorts rather of pants, and a tank top rather of a full-blown sleep shirt.

18. Develop a overcome Breeze


Did you know that you deserve to actually develop your very own cross breeze appropriate inside your home? Well, you deserve to with the use of box fans.

All you’ll should do is to ar a box fan across from an open up window. This will produce a really nice cross breeze come cool your house down.

19. Use Your Pulse Points

If you can use something cool to your pulse points her body temperature will certainly drop lot faster. Her pulse points are locations located on her wrists, neck, elbows, ankles, behind the knees, feet, and also groin area.

So place an ice load or damp fabric on any type of of those locations to help lower her body temperature and keep you yourself cooler.

20. Sleep Solo

This may not work-related for everyone, yet if you deserve to stand to it is in apart from your loved one, then this will certainly definitely help you to keep cooler.

Basically, body warmth creates an ext warmth, i m sorry creates for a higher temperature. If you can sleep sprawled out and also by yourself, climate you’ll remain cooler.

21. Suspend her Bed

If you space able come sleep in a bed that is above the ground, then you can have air flow all the method around you.

If you have actually a cot or a hammock that you have the right to sleep comfortably in or on, climate this can be a an excellent option while her air air conditioning is out.

22. Stay Hydrated

If you notice, a many these tips room to assist you if you space sleeping because that is a really complicated time to stay cool and our bodies sweat so lot trying to keep our human body temperatures lower.

It is important to drink many of water prior to bed so girlfriend don’t come to be dehydrated by every one of the sweating.

23. Take it a Cold Shower

I was never ever a pan of a cold shower until it became really miserable in our bathroom to take it a super hot shower (like what I when did.)

Now, cooler showers feeling wonderful. Simply remember no to come in from gift in yes, really high temperatures and take a cold shower. This can cause you come potentially have actually a love attack. So use good judgment.

24. Sleep in the Basement

If girlfriend don’t have a basement, then you’ll sleep in ~ the shortest level the your home when the temps room hot and also your air-conditioner is on the fritz.

If you didn’t know, heat rises which method if friend sleep on the shortest level of her home, then the heat will rise over you, and you’ll continue to be cooler.

25. Put a Wet paper to Use

We talked about sleeping through a wet sheet end you, yet you deserve to use a wet sheet in a different form as well.

So you will do it wet a sheet v cold water, and also then cave it over an open up window. A breeze will certainly blow with the wet sheet and also create coolness in your home.

26. Cold Feet

Your feet have actually all kinds of pulse point out on them, and also so carry out your ankles. Be sure to wash her feet first so girlfriend don’t produce muddy water.

However, when they space clean, location your feet in a bucket or key of ice cream water. This will help cool your main point temperature down.

27. Shot Out a Bamboo Mat


If girlfriend don’t have a way to sleep suspended to produce airflow, then try subbing out your mattress for a bamboo mat.

Now, I know a bamboo mat is less comfortable than your mattress. Still, you likewise have to remember the it i will not ~ hold heat as a thick cotton mattress will. Or you deserve to purchase this mat to go over her mattress.

28. Ditch the Electronics

If you’ve ever before touched an electronic after it has actually been on because that a while, then you understand how warm they have the right to become.

When your electronic devices are no in use, unplug them. This will aid put a halt come excess heat being formed inside your home.

29. Rice

If you require a means to cool down however don’t have an ice fill or a hot water bottle, nothing fret. You deserve to actually produce your own.

You’ll need to ar rice within a sock. Climate you frozen it because that at the very least an hour. After that is frozen, you’ll have a an excellent little homemade ice cream pack.

30. Buckwheat

Did you recognize that buckwheat might be supplied for an ext than do really impressive pancakes?

Well, that can! In fact, you deserve to use it to stuff your pillow once you room trying to continue to be cooler. The buckwheat will not absorb warm like other items offered to ingredient pillows.

31. Cover your Doors and Windows

I know we disputed closing the doors and your blinds, yet there are extra procedures you have the right to take. As soon as my sister-in-law discovered out ns was declaring war on my electric bill she pass this tip along to me.

She called me to usage towels and also blankets to cover my windows. Then role up towels and place them at the bottom part of the door ~ above the floor to keep warmth from coming in and also cold wait from escaping. Your home feels favor a dark cave, yet it definitely helped in ours situation.

32. Home window Units


My mother-in-law never had actually HVAC in her home. She always used home window units. They operated wonderfully if you offered some the these other tips to save the warmth out.

Plus, they to be cheaper to repair or replace. Therefore if you’d prefer to have actually some form of wait conditioning, yet don’t desire to invest a fortune, climate consider including a couple of of this to your home.

33. Ductless HVAC

This is what we have in our new home. It is a much much less expensive alternate to the usual HVAC units. That is much much more energy-efficient as well (according come my electrical bills.)

Basically, the ductless HVAC sucks in wait from outside and also transforms it right into cool air or heat. It has actually a thermostat in the residence to let the know exactly how much to blow. However, you have to use pan to move the air through the home due to the fact that there room no vents in the residence at all.

Well, friend now have over 30 different alternatives to keep yourself and your house cool throughout the summer as soon as you have no waiting conditioning.

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As mentioned, some of these principles can also be supplied to assist you lower your cooling invoice this summer. If you can keep your house naturally cool, then your air conditioner won’t have to work together much.