Outdoor basketball court weather a many wear and tear. Fresh paint can spark spirit and pride, and also painting logos or mascots in facility court encourages neighborhood identity.

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materials Quantity
9" roller, pad, and tray Adjust together needed
4" roller, pad, and tray Adjust together needed
Assorted art brushes Adjust together needed
Adjust as needed Concrete or asphalt primer
Roller extensions Adjust as needed
Porch and also floor paint Adjust as needed
Duct tape Adjust as needed
1 ½" painter"s tape Adjust as needed
Paint cups Adjust as needed
Latex gloves Adjust as needed
Paint can opener Adjust as needed
Stirring sticks Adjust together needed
Caution tape Adjust as needed
Non-skid additive (optional) Adjust together needed

Tools necessary
Pressure washer/hose
Push broom
Measuring tape

Preparation Instructions

Sort every materials into piles by prefer items to ensure you have materials necessary to complete project.

Depending on the size of her basketball surface ar you might need come leave parts of the court off, do a half-court surface, or customize it. If friend have sufficient room to work-related with, the diagram displayed will tell girlfriend the main court size.


Before priming, to wash the entire area with a press washer. If you execute not have accessibility to a pressure washer, use a hose and also a high-powered nozzle and also sweep the area with a broom afterwards. Allow the surface ar dry totally before you start priming.

Prime the entire area utilizing a clear concrete primer and also rollers with expansion (optional, despite recommended)

Additional notes about working with Concrete Primer:

Wear ideal eye, skin and apparel defense when using primer.Completely strip all coatings before use.Do not over apply or allow product come puddle. Remove any puddles by spreading product to drier areas or by clean everything up excess with a clean cloth.On upright surfaces use using an airless sprayer or brush.Initial foaming might be observed but will disappear ~ above drying.For touch-ups where surface coatings have actually failed, fully remove any loose or peeling repaint by scraping, wire to brush or grinding.New concrete need to cure for a minimum that 30 days before priming.Primer dries to the touch in 2 to 4 hrs at 77°F and 50% humidity.Additional dry time is necessary in cooler temperature and higher humidity.

If you room interested in paint a center court logo/mascot, make a stencil the end of poster board or similar material. Trace the style onto the poster board and cut details sections the end for most basic use.

Another method for paint a logo/mascot is to use a network system. Through the image collection behind or sketched ~ above a grid of squares top top paper, friend can produce that exact same grid ~ above the ground, using a tape measure and also string heat (spacing the squares same to mimic the grid on the paper). Then you have the right to simply use the squares together a overview for sketching the end the image, and then paint it after it has been sketched.

Build Instructions

Mix the non-skid additive right into your paint.

If paint a logo or mascot, use the stencil created during ready steps, then paint with small brushes. Fill in large areas then create outlines when the paint is dry.

If needed, lay the end the stencil because that the Basketball Court Lines and secure v tape as necessary (instructions must accompany the stencil). Paint the lines and then to fill in the locations using rollers and brushes.

Put up the fist tape so the no one steps on the fresh paint, and touch up the area v a small brush together needed.

Good luck v your project!

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