LONG Island Medium's Theresa Caputo is one of television's most bankable stars and access to her connections to the after life will expense a pretty penny.

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Considering her popularity, it most likely won't be easy to acquire a reading from her but potential clients are able to shot and snag an appointment v her organization website.


It'll price clients as lot as $175 every session because that a analysis with Theresa CaputoCredit: Discovery

Who is Theresa Caputo?

Theresa Caputo, 54, is the star of TLC’s long Island Medium, a show about her psychic abilities to speak to dead people.

She has made decision to switch things up because that Season 15 and has renamed the present There In Spirit, i beg your pardon will attribute several celebrity guests including singer Meghan Trainor and also actress Rosario Dawson.

The display features her two children, Victoria, 25, and Larry Jr., 29,and her ex-husband Larry Caputo, 63, who she break-up from in 2018.

Her daughter Victoria is a design for Khloe Kardashian’s denim line an excellent American and was set to marry September 2020 however had to postpone wedding plans until 2021 due to the pandemic.


Victoria and also her soon-to-be husbandCredit: Instagram

The ready for the wedding to be filmed for the many recent season that TLC’s fact show.

Caputo’s son, Larry Jr. Has actually recently been acquiring a the majority of attention from pan of the present on his social media, as they room surprised to see just how much he has actually grown because starring on the show in 2011.

The comments have been flooding in because that his current pictures, which show off his scruffy face, and some of his so late 2019 picture that present off his muscular arms.

One pan asked if Larry’s still with his girlfriend, while another straight up told him he’s “looking mighty handsome.”

Victoria and also Larry Jr.Credit: Instagram

Caputo newly divorced her husband, Larry after being married because that 30 years.

Theresa evidenced that she is “trying to do this dating thing” post-divorce, and also for Larry, who recently took to social media to show his brand-new body and also muscles.

The former pair - who remained friends after their divorce - broke things turn off after Larry asserted that they were no much longer spending time together.

"Along with that comes the lack of interaction so it's like shedding your ideal friend. It's hard," Larry said.

Caputo insurance claims she is enjoying she newfound single life and has no to plan to get remarried with anyone new.

“I’m really content where I am in mine life. I’m really blessed.


Theresa and also Larry Caputo divorced in 2018 after ~ 30 year of marriageCredit: TLC

What is lengthy Island Medium?

Long Island medium is a fact tv show starring Theresa Caputo, who insurance claims she have the right to talk to dead people.

The present premiered in September the 2011 and takes location in long Island, new York, though it often follows Caputo together she meets v clients in various other areas.

How carry out you gain a reading with the long Island Medium?

To be checked out by Caputo and get a reading, the is advised to fill out a type on she website, however, over there is no guarantee the she will have availability.

She donates the proceeds of she readings come charityCredit: AP:Associated Press

Most of her appointments count on location, willingness to it is in on the show, and access of the client.

How much does Theresa Caputo fee for a private session?

She charges $50 come $175 dollars relying on if it is a private group or an individual - and also 100 percent that the proceeds walk to charit

"For group readings the are organized in a restaurant, all proceeds are donated come charity," she writes.

What channel is lengthy Island medium on?

While the last season of lengthy Island Medium ended in October, the show can still it is in watched ~ above TLC.

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Caputo had a one-of-a-kind 2020 spring tour yet was rescheduled until loss 2020 because of the COVID-19 pandemic.


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