We all love dipping food right into a big pot of melted cacao right? Who provides the best chocolate fondue? The melting Pot, of course! and also the Melting Pot coco Fondue Recipe isn’t the only fondue to die for, the Cheese Fondue is the perfect starter because that a romantic evening!


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Why This cooking recipes Works

If you room wondering what exactly is cacao fondue, simply close her eyes and snapshot a big chocolate spring you check out at weddings and also other parties. Now photo dipping your favorite fruits, cakes, or various other edibles into it.

One restaurant certainly knows how to do a chocolate fondue recipe and also that is the melt Pot restaurant. This fondue is do from milk chocolate, a little of heavy cream, and also there is a small bit that crunchy peanut butter in this fondue as well. Scroll under to see the video clip of my melt Pot chocolate Fondue Recipe!

How to make this chocolate Fondue Recipe

It’s not a negative day of food preparation when chocolate is your main ingredient. Here’s what rather you will need:

Milk ChocolateHeavy CreamCrunchy Peanut Butter

Add her favorite dipping foods items like bananas, marshmallows, strawberries, cheesecake bites, brownie bites and also cookies and also you have the perfect dessert!


How to do Melting Pot chocolate Fondue

In one of two people a fondue pot or a dual boiler over a low to medium heat, combine the hefty cream and also chocolate.Stir constantly till the coco is melted.When all set to serve, include crunchy peanut butter to the top of the fondue.

Recipe Notes

You can likewise use dark chocolate rather of milk chocolate. Every little thing is your choice works.The foodstuffs you usage to emboldened can change depending on your imagination. Include a sponge cake, pretzels, Rice Krispy treats, caramels and also so much more.

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The sky’s the limit!

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