I simply wrote a post about memorizing the books of the new Testament. It helps you look increase Scripture and is a beneficial thing come know. It is much easier to memorize the publications of the brand-new Testament since we are more familiar through them and there space fewer of them.

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Now to it is in up prior I will certainly tell you best now, I carry out not have the order of the publications of the Old testimony memorized. I perform fine till I acquire to the minor prophets - the critical 12 books of the Old Testament and then ns can't remember the order. I have tried several times to memorize them. I have a terrible memory. Constantly have. Even when i was a kid and had to memorize musical pieces for recitals. I had actually a poor experience of gift at a recital and after just receiving the award because that the finest student, ns sat under to play my piece, got part method through it and forgot it. I had actually to placed the music up and start indigenous the beginning. I was so embarrassed! (I'm sure my piano teacher to be too.) but as far as having trouble maintaining the bespeak of the boy prophets straight, I know the book is a boy prophet and also I can find it nice quickly.

Just prefer the new Testament i m sorry is arranged by Historical Books, Letters or Epistles, and the Prophetical Book; the Old testament is organized by the Historical Books, Wisdom Writings, and also Prophetical Books.

There room 39 publications in the Old Testament. The Historical Books that the Old Testament room the 17 books Genesis through Esther. These room further separated into the first 5 publications - Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and also Deuteronomy - are called the Pentateuch (Greek word definition five scrolls) or the Torah (Hebrew word meaning the Law.)

Next come the 17 Prophetical Books - Isaiah through Malachi. These 17 publications are further divided into the 5 significant Prophets, Isaiah v Daniel; and also the 12 boy Prophets, Hosea through Malachi. Major Prophets space not much more important 보다 Minor Prophets - simply longer books. The minor Prophets are the ones i can't it seems to be ~ to save straight.

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17 historical Books

5 Wisdom Writings

17 Prophetical Books

The publications of the Old Testament date December 5, 2015.>

Again, some world find it useful to hear song of the books of the Old testament to help them memorize the order. Google it. Below are some I found.