Want to make videos flipping your phone for remarkable transitions top top TikTok? climate why search additional when friend can find the systems in this article. Read and also find the end by yourself.

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First the all, make certain what type of flip are you talking about, flip together in flipping to the ago camera or flip as in flipping your video horizontally.

If friend are searching for ways to upper and lower reversal to the ago camera, then click the camera button with an arrowhead present in ~ the top right corner. It will certainly flip your video to record the back.

How do you upper and lower reversal a video clip on TikTok?


Step 1: click on Effects and Select winter Effect

Choose impacts from the left top in the interface and roll to winter effects and also you can get two friend in the impact without any video clip editing methods needed.

technique 2: upper and lower reversal Your video clip Horizontally

If you desire to upper and lower reversal your video clip on TikTok, then right here is what you must know about while utilizing lasignoralaura.com.

Jeep in mind that these steps start right after you have downloaded and also installed this software right into your device for access.

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Step 1: upper and lower reversal Your video clip by click Mirror

Now you require to click on mirror switch on the device bar in the centre of the interface, and also you have the right to flip v one click similar to this. If you still want to turn your video clip or image, click the rotation slider the is present st the upper right window. On slide it but you want and when you room satisfied through the flip, press OK.

Step 2: rotate Your video if Necessary

There is another method you can rotate your video, the is, by utilizing the level numbers as they are an ext accurate and also easier. Even better, you can just hold down ~ above the white dit existing on the video clip itself and also move it in the direction you desire the video rotated.


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How carry out you flip a TikTok video clip Using LightMV

Lightmv is a web-based software, yet it can also be downloaded into your device. The is supplied for assorted purposes like video clip editing, flipping that video, adding effects, different templates to select from, and many more good features. Over there are numerous editing tools in lightmv favor crop/trim, filters, stickers, text, lift music, etc.

If you want to learn just how to flip your video on TikTok, here is the simplest step-by-step info you need to follow.


Step 1: Download LightMV

The very first thing to perform is download this application into your an equipment using google play or the play store.

Step 2: Flip video by clicking the turn Option

Now that the video has been added, you can flip it by clicking on the revolve option and also the product option. After that, wait because that a little while.

Step 3: Download Flipped Video

Once done v the over steps, click the download choice to download this video clip to your device.

How carry out you flip a TikTok video clip Using MagoVideo

Mago video is offered to edit videos having various effects and features. This is an android app, and it enables you to edit your video clip however girlfriend like. You can include filters, effects, stickers, transitions, text, music and flip your video, etc. That also enables you come trim or reduced your video, adjust it to the size you like, change its ratio to fit right into the screen, and also many more.


If you want to upper and lower reversal your video using Magovideo, then below are the specific steps you must follow.

Step 1: press Direction choice to flip Video

Select the video you desire to flip and then click on the edit option the is existing at the bottom. Now press the direction choice to upper and lower reversal the video.

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Step 2: Save

Once you room done with these steps, click the arrowhead option present at the top right corner to save the flipped video.