Looking to winter your iOS device onto your huge screen, but don’t have actually Apple TV? No problem–if she a Firestick owner, we’ll present you just how to do seamless use of the two tools together for hrs of residence entertainment.

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Sometimes that seems choose Amazon’s Fire TV and also Fire Stick devices can carry out just around anything.You deserve to use them to stream free movies, catch up ~ above sports, watch live TV, beat games, and so much more. With a free afternoon friend can even sideload brand-new apps onto her Fire Stick and also gain access to a massive new world that content, including totally free TV shows and live broadcasts!

Fire TV additionally has a hidden feature that makes it even an ext useful: display mirroring. V the appropriate setup you can stream contents from your pc to Fire TV, or even cast your iPhone display screen to Fire TV.

Today we’ll comment on how to winter your iOS devices, consisting of both iPad and iPhone, straight to her TV making use of Amazon’s trustworthy Fire stick hardware.

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First things first – safeguard your privacy v a VPN

It doesn’t matter if you’re streaming movies on Fire TV or city hall 1080p HD movie on Kodi, friend can’t continue to be safe without a great VPN. There’s constantly the chance someone is surveillance your online activity or trying to steal your identity. Perhaps it’s a mass security program, a cyber criminal, or also your very own ISP recording and storing data.

The only means to protect yourself and your Fire TV is to use a VPN

With a great VPN her data gets encrypted before it pipeline your device, locking under private info so no one deserve to monitor your activity or find your location. You have the right to stream noþeles you want from any type of source, confident that you’re safe and also secure no matter what.

And if you’re no sure exactly how to choose the finest VPN because that Fire TV, we’ve obtained all the details below.


NordVPN has actually been around for a while, and many take into consideration them to be the finest provider in the industry. That’s due to the fact that they’ve never ever been content to rest on your laurels, and also are constantly advertise the envelope because that what makes a great VPN. Nowadays, they sell the most finish privacy solution on the market, in ~ an attractive price suggest to boot.

Your subscription nets you accessibility to an absolutely large network, encompassing 5,500+ servers in 59 countries and tens of countless spoofable IP addresses. What’s more, there are countless specialty nodes optimized because that a variety of typical use-cases such together obfuscation, anti-DDoS, P2P, Onion over VPN, committed IP addresses, and even multi-hop routing. And also crucially for Firestick and also iOS users, NordVPN servers every feature integrated SmartPlay clever DNS use that permits you to seamlessly bypass progressed VPN blocking steps like those supplied by streaming sites favor Netflix.

Need more? just how about an effective yet processor-friendly apps accessible for practically every device, including Fire TV and iPhone. There’s even adblocking and anti-malware courtesy of CyberSec mode. And also perhaps most importantly, NordVPN never ever keeps identifiable logs of her activity, therefore in conjunction through NordLynx encryption, you can stream in complete anonymity.

Read our full NordVPN review.

Pros very fast speeds make this a strong choice for 4K streaming various IP addresses aervers DNS leak protection, kill switch No logs and also encrypted relationships for full privacy an excellent support (24/7 chat).
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Mirror iOS gadgets to Fire stick – gaining started


Amazon do it basic to mirror/cast content directly to Fire TV. Many of what you need for a wide variety of tools is developed right into the hardware.

Things obtain a tiny trickier as soon as it involves iOS support, however, as Apple utilizes various protocols to actors content native iPhone and iPad to Android-based devices. We’ll cover every the basics below to get you started.

What are mirroring, casting, and also streaming?

There are numerous terms offered for copy the materials of one maker to another. Casting and also mirroring are perhaps the many common, despite you’ll additionally hear streaming in the paper definition of sending iOS content to Fire TV.

Mirroring – acquisition the components of one device (iPhone, iPad) and also displaying them concurrently on one more (Firestick). The 2 screens function in virtually the very same way.Casting – The exact same as mirroring, but generally offered in context of Chromecast. Choose mirroring, spreading can be fast enough for playing part videos, but its main purpose is just showing one screen on one more device.Streaming – particularly designed to send high-definition movie from one machine to another, consisting of audio. Requires beefier hardware than merely mirroring content, together a lot an ext data is transferred during the process.

What would certainly you use each that these methods for? In general, streaming is the best means to watch videos that room playing on her iOS maker on a large screen TV.

Casting or mirroring can not have actually the fidelity to preserve the content’s quality. If you just want to present a website or a couple of pictures come someone and also aren’t interested in crowding about a tiny iPhone screen, mirroring is what you need.

Reliable house Wi-Fi

Your Fire TV and also iPhone or iPad have to be connected to the exact same Wi-Fi network in order to mirror content. In other words, friend can’t winter an iOS display located in one city come a TV located in one more one.

This is a an easy security precaution that prevents hackers from taking over devices, however it likewise ensures higher quality mirroring since the two devices are using the very same connection.

iOS Versions

No issue which iOS an equipment you own, one iPhone, iPad, iPad Air, iPod, or iPad Mini, you should be able to connect and also mirror content making use of the guidelines below.

The only catch is that most casting apps require iOS 9 or above to work. This won’t be a trouble for the majority of users, only people purposefully holding ~ above old hardware because that nostalgia purposes.

Two devices, two apps

All spreading solutions below require installation the same application on two various devices: one on your iPhone or iPad, the various other on her Fire Stick. This allows the software program to conquer the protocol differences employed by iOS and Amazon hardware offered to mirror screens.

The apps ensure whatever goes smoothly, yet they need to be able to accessibility and communicate in between devices to make this happen.

What around AirPlay?

AirPlay is Apple’s method of mirroring content from one machine to another. It’s very easy to use if you very own iPads, to apologize TV, or iPhones. AirPlay isn’t natively compatible through Fire TV, however, i m sorry is why we need to install different apps in order come get display mirroring come work.

How to mirror iOS tools to Firestick

Gather up her iOS devices and also Fire TVs, it’s time come install some apps! any type of of the suggestions below make it incredibly easy to cast or mirror contents from one piece of hardware come another. Try them out and also see i m sorry one you prefer the best.

AirBeamTV Mirroring Receiver


AirBeamTV’s Mirroring Receiver application is one of the finest iOS casting options. The works with all iPhone and iPad tools right out of the box, and also it’s compatible v Mac PCs and laptops, as well.

AirBeamTV passes everything from videos come music, screenshots, photos, and also more, every without the need for cables or added hardware. It’s usually dubbed the “Chromecast alternative” for iOS, and it works prefer a charm.

You’ll have to purchase the full version of the app to use it, however apart from the there’s nothing standing in between you and iOS to Fire TV screen mirroring.

To gain the AirBeamTV casting app up and running, begin by installation it to her Fire TV. Next, purchase and also install winter for Amazon Fire TV on your iPhone or iPad. As soon as both apps are running and also connected, you have the right to seamlessly mirror content from your iOS or Mac device to her Fire Stick.

Video & TV actors for Fire TV


This free mirroring app from 2kit is about as straightforward together things can get. Once installed on iOS and Fire TV devices, video & TV actors will enable you come stream the materials of your iPhone or iPad directly to your television.

Watch videos, examine out live sports, send music or image to her Fire Stick, all with simply a couple of taps. The app is free to use yet offers a premium edition with several valuable extras.

Download video & TV actors for iOS very first and gain it collection up on your device. Next, turn on her Fire TV and also install the app from Amazon. Once both apps space on and also connected, all you have to do is pick which content you desire to currently on your iPhone or iPad and video & TV cast will carry out the rest.



The iWebTV app intends to it is in the luxury mirroring systems for all your iOS and also Fire TV mirroring needs. The application delivers HD quality video streaming, consisting of 720p, 1080p, and also even 4K movies.

It supports a huge variety of video clip formats, not simply mp4 favor many spreading apps, and also you have the right to add brand-new content to her queue there is no interrupting playback.

Mirroring is as simple as installation the app and also hitting play, making that a superb equipment for anyone trying to acquire iPhone contents on your TV without every the hassle.

To use iWebTV, begin by downloading the application for iOS. Next, gain the iWebTV app for Fire TV wither by in search of it directly on the machine or sending it via the attach above. When both apps are connected, open up the iOS version and also select the videos you want to play.

iWebTV is free to usage on both devices, yet there will certainly be a banner advertisement obscuring few of the content. You have the right to remove this by making a one-time in-app purchase.

AllConnect because that Fire TV


The simple, lightweight mirroring app does specifically what you need it to do: mirror contents from your iPhone come Fire TV. Usage it come browse video clip channels favor YouTube and also Vimeo, climate send every little thing to her TV v a couple of rapid taps.

You can additionally stream FLAC and mp3 music files, usage it to cast Plex or Kodi content, and also even play records in the background if you browse for more content. No hassles and no tricks, simply a the majority of easy streaming native iOS to Fire TV.

To use AllConnect, download and install the app for iOS. It’s complimentary to use however has part advertisements and limits top top the variety of devices girlfriend can affix to, both that which space removable via in-app purchase.

Next, install the AllConnect application for Fire TV. Once the software application is connected on both systems, add content on iOS and start mirroring.

AirPlayMirror Receiver


AirPlayMirror is a an easy all-purpose mirroring application that functions for iOS devices and also Fire TV. Through it girlfriend can cast from up to 4 Apple gadgets at once, clock YouTube or Netflix, and also play any media content from iphone or Mac, including photos, images, and videos.

The app isn’t free, unfortunately, but it does come with a no-charge 15 minute trial version so you can test things out before getting the full version.

Using AirPlayMirror is a tiny different than various other apps. Start by installing it on her Fire TV. Open up the application and allow your an equipment as a receiver, climate grab her iPhone and enable AirPlay.

Choose your Fire TV indigenous the AirPlay receiver list. Affix the devices, then pick content on your iOS hardware and start mirroring.

Reflector 2 – AirPlay Receiver


Reflector 2 takes direct benefit of Apple’s AirPlay modern technology to let you cast your iPhone and iPad’s screen to any Android device, including Fire TV and also Fire Stick.

Using it is as an easy as installation the app, turning on AirPlay, then choosing the audio, video, or visual image you want presented on her TV. Reflector comes with a quite high price tag, unfortunately, however it does what it advertises and also keeps video clip quality high.

To use Reflector 2, begin by downloading and install the app for your Fire TV. Install it and collection the Fire TV as a receiver. Next, grab her iOS device and open up the AirPlay interface.

Choose Fire TV from the list of receivers, then choose the contents you want to cast and also enjoy.



This handy full-featured app may be the most daunting to usage of all the mirroring solutions, however it makes up because that it v a wealth of features. V AirReceiver you can stream and also mirror both music and video content from her iOS devices in stunning high quality. Send YouTube content straight to her TV, traction media from her NAS server, run the app in the elevator while girlfriend edit and queue much more content, and also so on.

The application carries a price tag, yet it’s worth it because that the huge number of features you’ll have at her disposal. Just be all set to invest some time gaining used to things prior to you can mirror her screen.

To use AirReceiver, begin by downloading the app from Amazon’s appstore. Run it and collection your Fire TV as an energetic receiver. Next, obtain your iOS machine and switch on AirPlay. Choose your Fire TV together a target, then merely pick the content you desire to mirror.

Mirroring iOS tools with a VPN – Does the Work?

VPNs have nothing to carry out with streaming, casting, or display screen mirroring. Lock can’t help you beam contents from one an equipment to another, and they don’t interfere with the process, either.

Nevertheless, it’s a very an excellent idea to store a VPN running in the lift of both your iOS and Fire TV devices, together you never know what kind of an individual data you might be sharing with the world broad web. Usage our guide listed below to defend your information prior to mirroring a single file.

To obtain started through VPN-protected mirroring, first open a web web browser on her Mac or home windows PC, then sign into your VPN account. Usage the links inside to send apps to Firestick and iPhone/iPad. You’ll require to collection the organization up ~ above both devices, not just the iOS hardware.

Install the VPN on your Fire TV and iPhone/iPad. Launch each one, then authorize in using your VPN credentials. Most apps will automatically connect to a quick server as shortly as you launch.

Give the a minute to locate the best node, and once it’s active, you can safely minimize the VPN app and let it run quietly in the background.

After you’ve completed the steps above, select an app and follow the mirroring indict in the previous part to start the spreading process. Your VPN won’t interfere with your connection in the slightest, giving you a safe and secure streaming experience.

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With all the movies, TV shows, apps, and games available on Fire TV, you’ll never be boring again. With display mirroring easily accessible on your iOS devices, you’ll likewise never operation out of means to re-superstructure content between hardware.

Why beat iTunes movie on that little screen as soon as you deserve to beam it straight to her HD TV?!Which mirroring app do you prefer the best?What room you most looking forward to streaming when you obtain things collection up?

Let everyone know in the comments section!