We all have images cluttering our iPhone. Perhaps they"re memes, cooking recipes, or a motivational snapshot that you got in the Mail. It"s the kind of images that girlfriend wouldn"t hang in her digital picture frame, but you don"t want to get rid of them, in situation you need them. Fortunately, iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 have actually a equipment for these types of pictures: A hidden folder. Here"s how you deserve to hide images in the Photos app on iPhone and also iPad.

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What walk hiding a photograph do, exactly?

When girlfriend hide photo from your Photos library, it effectively disappears native your key photos watch (which includes Moments, Collections, and also Years). The picture will quiet be available in Albums and also searches, however.

Where can I discover my hidden album?

The covert album is located in the photos app, in the Albums tab, ideal at the bottom. However, it"s feasible that you can"t check out it there. Are afraid not, what happens is that Apple gives you the option to hide your hidden album too. If friend don"t watch it, here"s what you must do.

How to hide or display your surprise album

Open the Settings app.Scroll down and tap top top Photos.Scroll down again until you uncover Hidden Album.

Toggle surprise album on or off if you desire to display or hide it.

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Find your covert album

Open the Photos app.Tap on the Albums tab.

Scroll down and tap ~ above Hidden under the utilities section.

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How come hide photos in the Photos application on iPhone and also iPad

Launch Photos on her iPhone or iPad.

In one of two people the Days, All Photos, or typical Albums view, tap ~ above the Select button.

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Tap ~ above the photos that you desire to hide.

Optionally, girlfriend can also just check out individual photos and also hide one-by-one instead of a batch.

Tap the Share button.

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Scroll down in the Share Sheet.

Tap ~ above Hide.

Confirm the you want to hide the photos, or insanity Cancel if you change your mind.

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How to unhide pictures in the image app

Launch Photos on your iPhone or iPad.

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Tap Albums.