Applies to: Transfer messages in between iPhone 11 pro Max/11 Pro/11, iphone XS Max/XS/XR, iphone phone X, iphone 8/8 Plus, iPhone7/6, etc.

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Whether you"re convert from an old iphone to a new one or just moving messages to a new iPhone together the old iPhone obtained damaged. This guide offers multiple feasible options to move messages from iphone to iPhone. Beyond that, a technique to save your iphone phone messages come the computer (Mac or PC) is also detailed in the end. Don"t hesitate to do a back-up of her iPhone message if you want to save them safe and accessible elsewhere.

One more thing, all of these services can also be used to move music from iphone to iPhone. 

Method 1. Ago up Messages from iphone phone to one more via iCloud Sync

iCloud gives an easy-to-use back-up service come its users. Once you"ve turn on Apple"s messages in iCloud service, all of your messages will certainly be backed up to the cloud and also synced to different iOS gadgets signed in come the exact same iCloud account. 

But ~ above the downside, this company has iOS version limitations - only iOS tools running iOS 11.4 and later version can obtain it. You have the right to go to check your iOS variation by heading come the setups > general > software program Update. If your device is to run iOS 11.4 or later on version, then you can allow Messages ~ above by complying with the actions below.

Step 1. Open your iPhone and also go to the Settings.

Step 2. Click your apple ID and then click on the iCloud.

Step 3. Discover the Messages and turn on it.

Note: If over there is a need, you can download text messages from iphone to pc in number of ways available in this post.

Method 2. Deliver Messages to a New iPhone

If you have actually a new iPhone and also want to get every one of your messages from the old iphone phone to the brand-new one, you have the right to sync your brand-new iPhone through the latest iCloud backup. Yet there room some prerequisites to usage this method. 

Make sure your iCloud has enough storage an are on your brand-new iPhone. Otherwise, the messages that exceed the storage borders won"t sync to your new iPhone.Keep your old iphone phone in charge and connect it to a stable and also reliable Wi-Fi network.

If whatever gets ready, you deserve to follow these procedures to carry messages to a new iPhone via iCloud backup.

Step 1. Revolve on your brand-new iPhone. 

Step 2. Go v the setup process. (If you have set up her iPhone, you have to go come "Settings" > "General" > "Reset" > "Erase all Content and also Settings" to reset her iPhone, whereby you can collection up your iPhone and go come the Apps & Data screen again.)

Step 3. Insanity "Restore indigenous iCloud Backup" once you come to the "Set up her iPhone" page.

Step 4. Go into your to apologize ID and password and choose the latest backup. 

Step 5. Then, your brand-new iPhone will begin to download every data, including text message from this backup. 

Step 6. You can see the messages along with other files backed increase in iCloud on your old iPhone shown on your brand-new iPhone, which way you have successfully transfer messages from one iphone phone to another.


Method 3. Sync messages from iphone to iPhone with iTunes

iTunes is likewise a an excellent option to transfer messages between the iPhones. The actions are very similar to iCloud. First, you have to make a backup of her old iPhone contents via iTunes, then gain back your new iPhone from the iTunes backup. This might replace every data ~ above the destination maker with papers you synced indigenous iTunes. If girlfriend don"t mental it, simply follow the comprehensive steps to do it.

Step 1. Connect your old iphone to the computer system via a USB cable and also launch iTunes.

Step 2. Click "Device" within iTunes and also choose "Summary". (iPhone 8/X won"t attach to iTunes? addressed here!) 

Step 3. ~ above the left next of the panel, click "This computer" and "Back up Now" under the Backups section. Next, choose "Apply" to finish the iTunes backup, including text messages.

Step 4. Disconnect the old iPhone, re-connect the new maker to the computer and run iTunes again.

Step 5. Walk to "Summary" and click "Restore Backup..." to restore the previous back-up created just now on her target device. As soon as the process is done, you can view the message from your old iphone phone on your brand-new device.


With among the two techniques above, you have the right to copy message from one iphone phone to another within minutes. Choose the one that you think is far better to obtain things done. If necessary, learn how to make a backup of her iPhone message to computer from the methods below. (If you want to print text message from iPhone, the following steps are a major part that the process.)

Bonus Tip--How to earlier up text messages ~ above iPhone

It"s no doubt the you can back up your iPhone text messages utilizing iCloud or iTunes. However, the back-up made by iTunes or iClou is not available to you. Thus, if you want to access and watch the back-up of her iPhone message (SMS messages and iMessages), using iTunes or iCloud is not a good choice because that you. To save your iPhone text messages to the computer and view the backup anytime friend like, every you require is MobiMover, skilled software for iOS data transfer, document management, and video download.

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Now, let"s see how to back up her iPhone message messages come the computer with 4 steps making use of MobiMover.