City Council has approved a moratorium ~ above the naming and renaming that streets, laneways and other public properties if a testimonial of the City’s commemorative policies and programs is underway. This work-related is supposed to be completed in Q2 2022.

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There room some exceptions for new streets which call for a name prior to Q2 2022 in bespeak to continue with development. Please contact City staff at streetnaming for more information.

Streets gain named, change the name or assigned a ceremonial surname under the City Council-adopted Street specify name Policy.

By making use of the Street Naming application Form, Consent of named Party form and Consent of called Party’s Representative Form, you can request come name, rename or assign a ceremonial name to a City street. Requests must fulfill the criteria collection out in the Street specify name Policy.

Street Naming application Form

Consent of named Party Form

Consent of named Party’s Representative Form

What walk the Street Naming policy do?

The Street Naming policy outlines the basis to surname or rename a street or entrust a ceremonial name to a street. A street is any existing or proposed windy or personal street, lane or walkway in ~ the city the City Council approved the plan in October 2017.

What is the difference in between naming or renaming a street and also assigning a ceremonial surname to a street?

Street naming describes the legal surname of a street. This is the name supplied for addressing and also emergency an answer identification.

Ceremonial specify name assigns a an additional name come a street that already has an main name. These names space symbolic, commonly to honour an individual, occasion or an organization. They execute not change the legal name of the street.

What is the process to request to surname or rename or to assign a ceremonial name to a street?

Use the Street specify name Application form to request a name/ rename a city street or to entrust a ceremonial surname to a city street.

Staff will check the propose name and application under the Street specify name Policy.

Staff may call the applicant for much more information. Then make a recommendation to community council.

Learn about the recognition review.

how long does it take to name a street?

It takes, top top average, 3 to 6 months following the entry of a complete application.

deserve to a street have a ceremonial name in honour of one individual, occasion or organization?

Considered under the plan are names of individuals, occasions or organizations.

Any surname on instead of of an individual, event or company requires the written consent the the named party or the called party’s representative.

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Where there is no consent, in spite of reasonable efforts to acquire it, the City may approve the name if:

there is no refusal to carry out consent or legitimate concernsthe applicant is able to show efforts to gain consent to the satisfaction that the City
What type of ar support go it require to name or rename a street?

To surname an existing unnamed street, no a new development, it takes recorded support such as petitions and support letters. These files come from:

property owners or residents who directly abut the unnamed streetlocal neighborhood members or organizationsor both

The inquiry is to rename a street requires documented support indigenous 75 every cent of home owners that abut the Street.

What form of neighborhood support walk it require to assign a ceremonial name to a street?

A inquiry to entrust a ceremonial name to the street requires:

documented assistance such as petitions and also support letter from the local community where the street is
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