Several month ago, mine cable/internet invoice went increase suddenly. After end a year that paying around $120 every month for cable, internet, and also our house phone, I discovered that our cable bill was unexpectedly $30 an ext expensive. It just took a little digging because that me to realize the our introductory bundle price had actually expired.

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Even though us should’ve intended the price hike, us still can not afford it. I knew ns would have actually to speak to our cable provider.

To be honest, i hate obtaining in touch with our cable company. While every the customer business representatives are friendly, i still find it nerve-wracking to resolve what seems to it is in a quite slippery industry. Include to that the fact that our provider is the only game in town, and also it often seems like a fertile negotiation is out of mine reach.

However, I found that it’s possible for just about anyone come negotiate a reduced cable bill — even me. Here’s what you need to recognize to ensure the negotiating v your cable provider walk the way you desire it to:


1. Save your expectation reasonable

When questioning for an innovation on her bill, you need to have actually an idea what a reasonable discount is. Because that instance, there to be no method I could reduce my $150 bill to a $75 one, no matter exactly how much ns may have actually wanted it the way.

A good way to recognize what’s reasonable is to research the prices for completing companies, and to know the promo amounts they space running for brand-new customers. Not only will you have actually an idea that what to salary for your services, but you’ll additionally have wonderful bargaining chip: “Company X just charges $99 per month for this bundle. I’d prefer to remain with you, yet I really require my cable invoice to fit in ~ my budget. What can you do for me?” To get a manage on brand-new customer promotions for companies such together Verizon FiOS and AT&T U-Verse, try here and here.

2. Placed down her dukes

A common mistake in negotiation is to start off as well aggressively. Plenty of newbie negotiators think the they have to be inflexible and insistent in bespeak to gain their way. In addition, it’s really easy to feeling outraged about whatever the is you’re planning to negotiate. (I certainly had some choice words because that our cable agency when I witnessed the adjust in my bill.)

The difficulty with this is the the customer business representative on the other finish is likewise a person — a person who will certainly not react well to gift barked at. A far better strategy is to it is in friendly and also calm and ask your business representative to assist you in solving your issue. They’re much more likely to go the extra mile because that a nice, friendly customer 보다 they room for a snarling, angry one.

3. Don’t take it no for an answer

It’s most likely that the human being answering the phone won’t have actually the government to do any huge changes to her bill. Even if they guarantee you that there’s naught anyone can do, ask come speak to your supervisor. The higher up the chain friend go, the much more authority you will do it find, which means that at some point you should reach someone that does have actually the strength to negotiate.

4. Threaten to leave

Even if friend live in an area whereby there’s only one obtainable cable company, like I do, you deserve to still use the leverage the leaving together a negotiation tactic. Because that instance, as soon as I spoke with our company, i told them the I wanted to fall cable altogether. We only really need the internet and also phone, therefore cable is just an extra expense.

Our provider instead agreed to minimize our rate by $20 (which is what we’d save by only dropping cable) but still allow us keep all 3 services.

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The Bottom Line

Remember, by making you happy through a price drop, your cable firm is ensuring the you remain a loyal customer. For this reason let them make you happier v your invoice — the in their finest interests.