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The best things in life are free, but unfortunately, her cable and also internet space not. Nothing fret, though. Also if those bills still come around every month, over there are methods to lower your costs and also it starts throughout your very very first phone contact to collection up services.

“While paying bills is a reality of life, friend shouldn’t invest money unnecessarily ~ above cable or web access,” stated Amanda Dixon, an elderly reporter “It’s worth it to check out if you can lower your monthly payments and also use the money you conserve to pay down debt or pad her savings account.”

Why have to you negotiate your bill?

Just because a certain price is provided doesn’t average it’s collection in stone. Additionally, there may be various other incentives, like free installation, you can take advantage of that could not lower your monthly cable bill yet could save you top top upfront costs.

The certified dealer is there to help you uncover cable and internet choices that fit your needs and your budget, stated Chris Chen, a sales skilled with seven years of suffer in our Miami, FL, and also Charlotte, NC, offices.

“We’ll permit you understand beforehand if an offer is the lowest feasible price, but we’ll also go through and also check if over there are any other promotions,” he said.

Aside indigenous a reduced rate, haggling and also negotiating her bills is a an excellent way to keep from wasting money that can be provided for other prices or conference your gaue won goals, such as saving for a brand-new home, Dixon said.

“It never harms to try and haggle your means into gaining a better deal,” she said. “Of course, you do not do it negotiate if friend haven’t excellent your research on what rivals are providing or you not ready to make your case for why you need to be paying less.”

Tips for negotiating her cable and internet bill

Once she on the phone, below are some tips because that negotiating because that a reduced cable bill:

Be friendly– if it may be tempting to begin the call with gusto and also an attitude, gift friendly and building a rapport through the sales agent can go a long way.Know your current level that service– take it stock the what you’re currently getting and also what girlfriend like and also don’t like about your current service to use as a bargaining chip.Do some preliminary research– It no hurt to have actually an idea of what your choices are, how countless devices you have, or what channels you watch. This can help the agent find the ideal plan. Also, due to the fact that our agents work with 30+ providers, they deserve to do a lot of research for you.Don’t expropriate the very first offer– also if the very first offer fits within her budget, keep digging a tiny deeper. Friend may find that you have the right to save even more or obtain other incentives.Ask around hidden fees– once it comes to the price of her plan, there’s the basic price and also then every one of the concealed fees, such as installation, equipment, activation and more. Ask about them come ensure the plan fits in your budget. Then, uncover out if the fees are negotiable.Don’t be fear to ask– once in doubt, ask! Feel free to say to the agent “Is that the finest you have the right to do?” or “Are there any other incentives or promotions?” girlfriend never recognize what other offers can be available.Keep your options open– If you walk in v your mind collection on one certain plan, you may miss the end on something rather that’s a better fit or price. Ask the agent about all feasible options.

So, what is negotiable on your cable and internet bill?

Aside native price, there may be various other promotions or incentives you have the right to take advantage of to aid lower all at once costs. This include:

Free installationFree equipmentFree activationFree rate upgradesFree channel upgradesFree Netflix for a yearVisa gift card rewardsPriority installation

In the end, it doesn’t hurt to ask about anything that could possibly aid you reduced your cable bill and/or internet bill. Together Chen pointed out, the sales agent is over there to be her consultant and aid you out.

Things to take into consideration while you on the phone

Aside indigenous the tips above, there room some various other things to keep in mind when shopping because that a cable or net plan. Chen proposal the following:

Do a family survey first

Before you jump on the phone, survey your family members on just how you usage the internet, what networks are your favorites, how countless devices you must connect, etc. This can aid the agent discover the right arrangement to satisfy your needs and also your budget, Chen said.

“Have all the information from everyone in the family ready, such together what networks does your husband prefer to watch,” the said. “I deserve to make certain that the package choices you’re considering have those channels.”

Weigh value over price

He likewise emphasized that negotiating her bill sometimes isn’t just about the price, however the worth of the solutions you’re getting. A lower price typically means lower web speeds.

“Customers space a lot an ext educated and they need higher speeds recently because modern technology is advancing and they’re doing an ext things in your home,” Chen said. “We’re make the efforts to uncover you great quality company at the best feasible price. However if friend want higher speeds, you’ll have to pay a higher price.”

Ask if priority surroundings or other perks space available

Even if friend can’t save money, you may be able to get other promotions, such together priority installation. V priority installation, you deserve to usually get things set up and running in ~ a few days, not a couple of weeks.

“Keep in mind that installation deserve to take anywhere from a week or 2 from the date of setup,” Chen said. “Most of our customers are relocating in the next one to 3 days, though, for this reason they typically want that quickly.”

There may be other perks, such as free Netflix for a year or a $100 rewards card, obtainable as well, that said.

Have a card ready, simply in case

While you may be a understand negotiating after analysis this article, there room some points that may not be up for negotiating, such as activation fees. You’ll always want to have actually a card ready, simply in instance there room upfront costs.

Trust the procedure and take your time

A most customers shot to gain through the phone speak to in five minutes, but if you collection aside part time (Chen recommends about 30 minutes) you’ll have a much better experience.

“We’ll perform all the research for you but keep an open mind and also trust our process that we’re walking to give you the best alternatives in your area with accurate pricing — we’re not going to hold anything back,” the said.

What if negotiations nothing work?

If you’ve worn down all alternatives during negotiations and still aren’t happy with the results, it might be time to try other choices to conserve money.

“If negotiating drops flat, consider ditching the cable and also signing up for astreaming servicelike Hulu or Netflix. You can additionally save money by getting an HD antenna or a cable replacement company like Sling TV,” Dixon said.

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Other cost-saving choices Dixon proposal include buying your very own modem and also router or taking advantage of free Wi-Fi at your neighborhood cafe or other hotspots approximately town.

Ready for a reduced cable bill? Primed because that a much better internet deal? speak to our sales agents this day to acquire started negotiating a reduced cable and internet rate!