Do You understand Someone Worthy of the Nobel tranquility Prize?

In 1947, the American Friends service Committee ( and also Friends service Council (FSC) in Britain embraced the Nobel tranquility Prize on instead of of all Quakers. Due to the fact that Nobel laureates have actually the possibility to nominate future Nobel tranquility Prize winners, and Quaker Peace and also Social evil (QPSW, the modern descendent that FSC) jointly nominate a candidate to the Nobel tranquility Prize Committee in Oslo because that their factor to consider each invites nominations from the basic public because that the Nobel tranquility Prize native February v May. Anyone may nominate an separation, personal, instance or company that meets the developed criteria. Candidates may be from any type of country and religious, gender or country background. Once a candidate’s application is submitted, a Task team appointed by the will research, study and prepare a nomination for entry to the Norwegian Nobel Committee.Please share this details widely through your friends, colleagues and community. Thank you for her participation in this crucial process.The deadline for entry of candidates is June 10

Previous nominations because that the Nobel peace Prize

Thank you for her participation in this essential process.

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American Friends organization Committee is a Quaker organization dedicated to service, development, and also peace program throughout the world. Our job-related is based on the belief in the precious of every person, and also faith in the power of love to get rid of violence and also injustice.


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