Cannabis-Induced anxiety Attacks

updated on respectable 26, 2020. Medical content the evaluation by Dr. Joseph Rosado, MD, M.B.A, Chief medical Officer


Anxiety is a popular side impact of marijuana medicine. Part detractors even point out it to try to delegitimize cannabis’ overall safety and also medical benefits. Cannabis can cause anxiety and also panic attacks, yet it works simply like any medication’s side effect. When you take it your medication the means your physician recommends, you have the right to reduce or eliminate any kind of anxiety symptoms. Let’s talk around the facts neighboring cannabis and also anxiety attacks.

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Why walk Marijuana make Some people Anxious?

Marijuana consists of many compounds called cannabinoids. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the key psychoactive cannabinoid, provides you high when you usage cannabis due to the fact that it attaches to receptors in her brain. However, this phenomenon can additionally cause the THC to influence your amygdala, the part of the brain that controls fear, stress and also other emotions.

When the amygdala is overstimulated, it renders you feel paranoid, anxious and scared. This effect on your mind does not reason harm, however it can absolutely feel unpleasant.


Certain risk factors increase a patient’s possibility of feeling anxious as soon as they take clinical cannabis, like:

Tolerance: anyone reacts come THC differently. The very same amount could reason a significant panic strike in one human while an additional person barely notices it. Her body gets an ext used come THC together you take it.Administration: The means you take her medicine impacts how quickly it takes effect. Edibles are notorious for next effects since you deserve to underestimate exactly how long the takes because that them to kick in. Many brand-new users accidentally take too much and also experience extreme effects.Amount that THC: greater doses that THC have a bigger threat of overstimulating her amygdala.Other resources of Anxiety: If something else is make you feel anxious, THC could make that worse. For example, you might have an existing tension disorder or feel nervous about taking your medicine in a new setting.

Doesn’t Cannabis reduce Anxiety?

If you choose to monitor our content, you may understand we frequently talk around marijuana’s anxiety-relieving benefits. So, why perform we additionally mention that it can cause panic attacks? The answer lies in marijuana’s nature as a medicine. Plenty of prescription medications have actually just one or 2 compounds in them. Meanwhile, three has more than 85 cannabinoids, in addition to various other components. Instead of working favor a single medicine, marijuana acts like whole medicine cabinet full of remedies. That’s why it have the right to relieve so numerous conditions!

But, similar to your medicine cabinet, every ingredient in cannabis has actually its own benefits and also side effects. THC can cause anxiety in part people, particularly when they take it it in large amounts. Imagine acquisition your pills because that the day and having too much of a medicine that can make girlfriend anxious. Sometimes, a patience takes medicine with too much THC in it, and it causes a emotion of panic. In this scenario, they require to try another sort of marijuana medication.

What walk a Cannabis-Related Anxiety attack Look Like?

The symptom of a cannabis-induced panic assault vary from person to person, yet they deserve to include:

Increased heartbeatChest painFeeling light or weakDifficulty breathingSweating or chillsA emotion of doom and unease

If you currently know what happens throughout a constant panic attack, a cannabis-induced anxiety attack has the very same symptoms. Sometimes it causes mild problems, while in other instances the patient can feel like they will die.

In many cases, a panic strike will reason no risk to the person experiencing it. However, if you have actually a history of heart or lung problems, you might want to get medical attention. Her symptoms can indicate an additional problem.

How must a Patient handle Marijuana-Induced Anxiety?

Marijuana-related anxiety often happens because the patient took too lot THC for their tolerance. To relieve the stress, you need to let the THC metabolize and also calm down as finest you can. You might feel favor you should go to the ER due to the fact that you have a heart assault or breath issue. But, unless you have existing problems, girlfriend don’t need clinical help.


Try these methods if you start to panic after medicating:

Relax: If you have a go-to method to relax, perform that activity. Girlfriend can also lie down for a bit, watch your favorite movie or take it a bath.Distract your Mind: Take your mind off your anxiety while your body procedures the THC. Distract yourself by taking a go or talk to a friend.Breathe: emphasis on breath in and out slowly, especially if the panic attack causes you come breathe also quickly. Girlfriend will find your mental clearing increase in no time.

What can I execute to reduce My threat of acquiring a Cannabis-Related panic Attack?

If you gain an anxiety strike after taking marijuana medicine, girlfriend don’t need to stop taking it because that good. Instead, you simply need to readjust the way you medicate. These approaches deserve to help:

Take a reduced Dose: In part cases, a smaller amount the THC will carry out relief with tiny to no psychoactive side effects. Just take a little THC at a time and listen to her doctor’s recommendations. You can always take another small dose if you don’t feel enough of an effect.Use a various Strain: Some ranges of the marijuana plant reason a more powerful high 보다 others. Ask her budtender around strains and also products that have actually fewer psychoactive effects.

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Who Can assist Me minimize the risk of panic Attacks?

Professionals in the clinical marijuana market understand exactly how THC interacts with your body. If you have actually a sensitivity to THC or desire advice, we recommend acquiring their help. Also in claims with legit recreational marijuana, cannabis-positive doctors can help you plan your treatment. Also, the staff members at clinical dispensaries are excellent and also helping patients uncover a therapy that functions for them. Feel cost-free to use our resources to find the perfect solution for your treatment plan.

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