Whether it was a mite bite, pinch native a spider, or a buzzing mosquito that you couldn’t swat away, your thought process probably look at a little something choose this as soon as you find a new an insect bite in all its glory:

Oh no, what is that from?Phew, OK, doesn’t look at serious.So. Much. ITCHING.

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That’s because, when bug bites you, a mixture that saliva (and occasionally venom) enters your skin at the puncture mark. Her immune device responds to this intrusion by releasing a mixture that compounds, consisting of the chemistry histamine, explains Sarah Jackson, M.D., board-certified dermatologist and also associate clinical professor of dermatology at Louisiana State University.

That histamine strikes foreign substances that deems possibly harmful, such together salivary proteins from insects, setting off itching, redness, and swelling in the process.

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But simply as all insects room different, therefore is our reaction to them. “Each an insect has a various ‘ingredient’ that they room injecting right into you that reasons a various reaction,” Dr. Jackson says. “On height of that, your own immune an answer differs from human being to person.”

Depending on exactly how your human body handles the bite, you can experience anything indigenous no sensation to extreme itchiness. That’s why a mosquito bite have the right to lead to swollen welts in some people, and insignificant red bumps in others.

To part degree, though, everyone deals with itching—and it’s vital not to scratch, otherwise you an increase your hazard of a gnarly infection. That’s easier said than done, so we talked to professionals to uncover remedies that will heal your pest bite fast. Cue the sigh the relief:

How come stop pest bites from itching

“To prevent the itching, there room lots of an excellent over-the-counter remedies the you have the right to use,” Dr. Jackson says, including the following:

1. Opt because that 1% hydrocortisone.

This anti-inflammatory object cream can help minimize redness, swelling, and itching by activating organic substances in the skin, per the U.S. Nationwide Library the Medicine. We favor Aveeno’s 1% Hydrocortisone Anti-Itch Cream, due to the fact that it also contains reassuring oat, aloe vera, and also vitamin E.

2. Dab top top a bit of rubbing alcohol.

“Rubbing alcohol works really fine in to reduce itching and also that histamine response,” Jonathan Day, Ph.D., a mosquito researcher and professor of medical entomology at the university of Florida, previously told lasignoralaura.com. He says the alcohol helps clear away the saliva proteins that would certainly normally set off her immune system. Plus, it has a pleasantly cooling and also soothing effect.

3. Use a cold compress.

Grab an ice load or part frozen veggies and give your bite 10 come 15 minute of quick, short-lasting relief. Her skin might feel itchy again afterward, however this is a helpful way to alleviate swelling and avoid incessant scratching if the area feeling unbearable.

4. Soothing it v menthol or camphor.

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Dr. Jackson suggests looking for lotions or ointments that contain menthol or camphor, choose this one indigenous Sarna, which creates a cooling sensation to help tamp under irritation.