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Is over there anything more inconvenient than no being maybe to open up a beer? Think around it. Exactly how frustrating is that to it is in watching a nail-biting video game or chatting someone up in ~ a party, climate being distracted through something as silly as not having a party opener for her favorite brew?


This could potentially it is in a make-or-break moment, for this reason we’ve uncovered six the the smoothest, most efficient ways you can open a beer without an opener, all without losing your cool. Store the an excellent times rolling with these hacks.

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Any easily accessible edge or countertop

Just location one edge of the party cap on top of the table, organize the neck of the bottle tight, and also use your various other hand come slam down on the bottle. It might take a few taps, but if you a pro, the cap will pop off on your very first try. (Steer clean of utilizing someone’s kitchen counter or table, though…)

A disagreement bill

Fold a dollar invoice in half vertically and roll the up together tightly as possible. Fold it in fifty percent again and also believe the or not, the bending edge should be solid and sturdy sufficient to pop open up a bottle. Through your dominant hand, ar the bending buck under the cap and push upward, which will release the top.

A lighter

If you have a simple one handy, grab the bottleneck with just enough room to to the right the lighter between the top of your index finger and the bottom the the cap. Through your other hand, press the totally free side the the lighter down, which have to make the height fly appropriate off.


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A ring

You don’t even have to dig roughly for this one, and if you perform it quick and effectively enough, you’ll never need an opener again in life. Through your hand end the bottle, location the underside of her ring ideal under the bottle cap, tilt the bottle 45 degrees, tight the top and pull back.

A key

This one is a little more involved, yet still it s okay the project done: host the beer through your non-dominant hand and also use the other to ar the long side of the key under the cap. Twisted the vital upward to loosen component of the cap, revolve the bottle, and repeat till the lid is loose enough for you to on slide the suggest of the crucial under and also release the top.

A belt buckle

Many belts these days come with built-in bottle openers, however in instance you’ve i graduated from your chugging frat days, any kind of sturdy belt buckle need to do the trick. Removed the belt from her pants, simply place one sheet of the buckle under the cap and also use your ignorance to press down on the other side that the buckle with sufficient force to release the cap.

A door

If you can’t find a handy opener inside her home, simply stroll to the nearest door and open it up. Discover the door strike—the metal plate neighboring the hole wherein the latch is inserted—and wedge a tilted bottle inside. Gently tug the party backward and soon it’ll be drinking time.

A fork or spoon

The silverware drawer contains several bottle-opening hacks. First, take a fork and also stick a single tine beneath the cap, working earlier and forth till you remove it. Also, you have the right to use a spoon. Fixed the bottle’s neck v one hand, then choose up a spoon through your various other hand, positioning your thumb and pointer finger approximately the spoon’s base. Rod the spoon’s lip beneath the cap and also use leverage to pry that off.

A flathead screwdriver or claw hammer

Pull the end your tool chest and you’re halfway to opening any bottled IPA. Ar the service end of a flathead screwdriver beneath a cap’s lip, then usage leverage to loosen the cap till it comes off. A nippers hammer also works as well. Turn it upside down and also position among forks in ~ the cap, climate lift till you have the right to take off the cap.


And have to you ever be hosting a party, make certain you have plenty of party openers handy. Below are 3 of our favorites.

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Credit Card size Bottle Opener

It would be pretty to have a party opener on friend at every times if the doesn’t take it up lot space. If it simply blends into the background and doesn’t call attention to itself uneven it’s being used. And also this certainly won’t take it up lot space, as these play card styled party openers have the right to be put in a wallet, waiting to be offered whenever the time calls for it. You definitely won’t see many civilization cracking opening a bottle v these bad boys.