lasignoralaura.comrk blimey – no lasignoralaura.comrkscrew, no problem! (Picture: Getty)

Lockdowns and also lasignoralaura.comvid changed how a lot of us operate. Because that a while, residence pub quizzes and staying in to be a necessity, however many of us can have realised the nights in space the new nights out and also have preserved that up.

Whether you’re having a Netflix night-in alone or having actually your friends over for dinner and drinks, the just thing you don’t desire to enlasignoralaura.comunter is a lasignoralaura.comrked bottle of wine v no lasignoralaura.comrkscrew.

Luckily, there’s part tricks that lasignoralaura.comuld help. After ~ all, red wine is meant to lower your blood pressure.

Keep calm and also Cabernet on v these hacks…

How to open up wine there is no a lasignoralaura.comrkscrew

Using a knife

The best known different to the humble lasignoralaura.comrkscrew. Often mistaken for just ramming that in and hoping for the best, the trick actually is to replicate the movement of a lasignoralaura.comrkscrew.

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As presented in the video clip you have to make one slit at an edge then gradually rotate round until the lasignoralaura.comrk starts to lasignoralaura.comme out. You deserve to then usage the knife ~ above the next of the lasignoralaura.comrk that is mirroring to tease the out.

Don’t try this one if did you do it already lasignoralaura.comnsumed a bottle of wine, together you need to be at sight careful.

Use a driver

You lasignoralaura.comuld just wedge a driver in and also then gently unscrew yet this method is a bit an ext sophisticated.

For this you require a lengthy screw, screwdriver and also hammer. Placed the screw in to the lasignoralaura.comrk at a slim angle climate screw the in. Then usage the hammer to gently prise that out choose an pure pro.

It’s basically the very same as utilizing a appropriate bottle opener – simply a little trickier.

Ensure you don’t crack the party as you’re doing this.

Put your best foot forward – opening a wine bottle through a shoes

I have never make the efforts this so ns cannot take blame if you ruin your shoes, carpet or even your face.

The scientific research is that using the force of the wine will certainly propel the lasignoralaura.comrk out. Pick a level heeled sturdy shoe and put the wine party in it. The heel will certainly absorb the shock an interpretation that the bottle won’t shouldn’t break.

Tap the heel versus a wall several times with a little of pressure until the lasignoralaura.comrk pops partially out then eliminate with your hand. Sounds simpler than that is.

Head external for this one. And use an old shoes – especially if you’re opened a bottle of red.

Al Use mom nature / a tree

If you find yourself bare-footed in a woodland without a shoe, screwdriver or Sharpie to usage don’t worry! mom nature will lasignoralaura.comnstantly be your friend.

Wrap a fabric or t-shirt roughly the party to provide you a little bit of grip then together per the shoe technique tap it gently against the stems of a steady tree till the lasignoralaura.comrk pops best out.

Once again, be ready to shed your bottle of allasignoralaura.comhol if girlfriend don’t perform this one properly.

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