There’s nothing worse 보다 buying a nice bottle of wine to share among friends just to find out that you forgot to lug a corkscrew.

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But, that shouldn’t be the end of the party. There are plenty of various ways to open up a wine bottle without having actually to use a wine party opener, or a corkscrew.

Let’s take it a watch at part cool hacking for opened your alcohol bottle as soon as you don’t have actually the suitable tools available.

And in case you haven’t figured it out already, these hacks only pertain to wine bottles that space sealed through a cork. If you have a twist off bottle and also you’re having trouble opened it, we suggest drying her hands turn off a bit, or utilizing a seasoned opener to aid you out.

The methods we list below will not assist you with a stubborn twist-off top, but rather with a corked bottle.

I know it sound pretty obvious, but we just want come make sure nobody hurts themselves do the efforts to open a twist-off alcohol bottle utilizing these hacks below.

Opening a Wine bottle Without any Extra Tools

These approaches will phone call you exactly how to open up that corked wine party without any extra devices required. This means, all you need is the wine bottle itself and a tiny force. They might not it is in the ideal methods, or the most recommended methods to open up your alcohol bottle, but if she in a pinch v no various other options, these can do the trick.

Push the Cork Down

This an approach is probably less complicated if you have actually something extraneous to use to push down on the cork, however theoretically it have the right to be excellent with just your fingers.

There’s really not lot to this trick, you just push the cork down right into the bottle instead of pulling that out.

Since it would certainly be impossible to get your fingers down into the party to pull the cork up, you can use her fingers to press it the contrary direction, right into the party so that the alcohol can flow freely right into your glasses.

It’s no the easiest technique since the cork expands and generally makes a an excellent seal at the optimal of the bottle, however with the best hands and also the time, this deserve to be done without any extra tools.

If you’re looking for something to aid with this, the blunt end of silverware deserve to help, a stick, the manage of a wooden spoon, or anything that can provide you a little of leverage when pushing under on the cork itself.

There room some downsides come this method though. For one, the cork is now in the bottle and can more than likely never it is in removed. So you’ll need to live v it floating around in there and probably impede the top of the bottle at times as soon as you walk to pour.

The other downside is that sometimes cork deserve to degrade end time. And if the starts to happen, and also the cork is now floating in the bottle, you could end up through remnants that cork in her glass. It won’t hurt you, yet it’s going to it is in weird taking a sip and finding a chunk the cork in your mouth.

The Slap or shoe Method

Ok, for this reason this an approach doesn’t fairly require “no” extra tools, but in most instances someone in your group is walking to have a shoe on them, or with them, for this reason it’s no a stretch to assume that you’ll have actually the tools needed for this method.

There room two ways you can handle this method, however the idea is the same.

The very first way requires your shoe and a wall. Placed the party of wine in her shoe (you can also use a towel, or a thicker magazine, just something come pad the bottom the the bottle), climate you’re going come smack the bottom of the alcohol bottle against the wall repeatedly till the cork come out enough for you come manually pull it the remainder of the way.

Don’t go too overboard when slapping the bottle versus the wall, friend don’t desire to rest the bottle.

If friend don’t have a wall available, to speak you’re sitting around a campfire because that example, climate you can simply take the bottle, place it upside down between your legs, and slap the bottom that the bottle through your shoe until the cork loosens enough for girlfriend to traction it the end the remainder of the way.

Methods That need Extra Tools

These next pair methods will call for a little an ext than what friend may have actually on you at any kind of given time, yet in most cases you’ll have the ability to find the devices you’ll need.

Car keys / Knife Method

This an approach will call for either your car keys or a serrated knife.

Essentially all you’re going come do below is push your keys or her knife into the cork in ~ a 45-degree edge (straight down will certainly either press the cork into the party or the won’t offer you the grip friend need), and also then you’re walk to start to twisted the cork if pulling it ago out.

Since the keys/knife has a serrated edge come it, it need to grip the cork sufficient for you come wiggle that out and also remove that from the bottle.

The Screw Method

Not anyone is going to have a screw, screwdriver, and also a hammer laying around, however if girlfriend do, this technique will work better than the keys/knife method.

Take the screw and also use the screwdriver to screw it right into the cork. Leave sufficient room the you can get the ago of the hammer underneath the screw. Usage the hammer to remove the screw as if you to be removing an old nail from a piece of wood.

The screw have to grab on to the cork and pull the out as your tilting the hammer.

Methods us Don’t Recommend

The methods below are a little an ext dangerous 보다 the people we’ve already described. Yet if you desperate and also have these things easily accessible to you, they can work marvels for acquiring that cork out of your wine.


Have a blowtorch laying around? seize it and also begin to warmth up the neck that the party just below the cork. As the air broadens in the bottle it will begin to push the cork out of the bottle.

Be mindful with cold wine bottles though. Once cold bottles are exposed to extreme heat they can conveniently shatter or explode if you’re not careful. If this is your an approach of choice, us would imply waiting until the bottle is a tiny warmer rather of appropriate out that the alcohol cooler.


We’ve all checked out the videos that someone with a long sword (saber) part off the optimal of the wine (or champagne) bottle in one scan motion.

This an approach can be useful and extremely satisfying if excellent correctly, however it is dangerous and will slice off the peak of the glass, leaving it really sharp.

Basically, you simply want to slide the saber, machete, or even a spoon (if you’re great enough) in a quick motion along among the seams of the bottle in the direction of the opening/cork. You’ll desire to make certain that her blade is at a slight angle prior to you swipe up in the direction of the opened of the bottle, and also be sure to swing v (don’t stop at the cork).

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And of course, make sure you’re not aiming the party at anyone.

Forgetting the corkscrew or alcohol opener isn’t the end of the world. Over there are constantly other approaches you deserve to use to open up the wine bottles but be cautious when using any of these methods as they can reason the bottle to rest or end up being sharp in details cases. A corkscrew or wine opener is always going to be your ideal bet, but at the very least you understand the party i will not ~ be destroyed if you forget them!