If you’ve simply started her love affair with wine, you might be excused for no knowing exactly how to open up a party of wine. After all, popping a cork take away a lot much more skill 보다 twisting turn off a beer party cap. (And if you uncover yourself without the appropriate equipment, gaining at that priceless liquid can be a nightmare.) To avoid potential mishaps, we’ve created this guide that will certainly take you through the step-by-step process of exactly how to open up a wine bottle, through or there is no a corkscrew.

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How to open up Champagne or Sparkling Wine

When it concerns opening sparkling wine or Champagne, it’s necessary to keep the cork pointing away from your challenge at all times. Yes sir a lot of pressure in a party of sparkling wine, so it’s no worth risking any kind of black eye (or worse).

With the peak of the bottle facing away from you — and also anyone else in the vicinity — remove the foil covering the cork. Next, keeping your ignorance over the cork, twist turn off the steel cage, and discard it. 

Hold the bottle’s base steady versus your body and place her palm over the cork firmly. Start to gradually twist the base of the bottle. Keep hold of the cork and gently pull as it loosens. Host on tightly to make certain it no pop the end of your hand.

Popping a party of bubbly have the right to be an overwhelming and also a small scary. But with practice, patience, and a strong grip, you’ll quickly be sipping those lover bubbles.

How to open up a alcohol Bottle with a Twin bar Corkscrew


Opening a bottle of wine v a twin bar corkscrew is the easiest method to remove a cork. Opportunities are you’re familiar with this corkscrews the look like small men with really long arms.

These handy wine openers room perfectly draft for releasing your favorite drink native the bottle. If friend don’t have one, it’s absolutely worth investing in one. (They range anywhere from $8 to much more than $100.)

First, you’ll have to remove the silver paper from the height of the bottle. You can do this by to run a knife under the lip that the bottle. 

Once the foil is the end of the way, place the corkscrew over the cork, through the arms down to the sides. Hold it in place and turn the head clockwise, steering the screw right into the cork. The arms will begin to climb slowly.

Once the eight are totally up, usage both your hands to pull them under to the side. Climate lift the corkscrew turn off the bottle. 

Don’t twist every the way to the bottom, ensuring that you leaving at least one coil showing out the the cork. Push the lever onto the lip that the bottle, utilizing it together leverage. Then, traction the cork out of the neck of the bottle.

Get your wine glasses ready due to the fact that your party is open!

How to open a wine Bottle with a wine Key

Wine secrets are slim, lightweight, and look a little like a Swiss army knife. While they’re a tiny bit trickier to use than twin lever corkscrews, they are much smaller, so they’re perfect come stash in her pocket for opening bottles ~ above the go. 

To use a wine key, first remove the foil from the height of the wine bottle. Unlike a twin lever corkscrew, alcohol keys often have a sommelier’s knife attached, i beg your pardon you have the right to use to eliminate the foil.

Next, unfold the corkscrew and position it end the center of the cork. Press down and also start come twist the screw clockwise, steering it right into the cork. Voila! your vino is prepared to drink. 

How to use a screwdriver to open a bottle of Wine


 Oh no, disaster: You’re ready to open a party of wine yet then realize you don’t have a corkscrew or alcohol key. Nothing fear, though. There are a few gadgets you might have lying around the home that can aid you out.

First up, the screwdriver method. For this practice you will need:

A long screw (the longer the better)A screwdriverA hammer

Use the screwdriver to insert the screw into the facility of the cork (carefully, please). Leave enough of the screw sticking out of the cork so you can gain a firm grip on it.

Next, take the earlier of a hammer and use the to pull the cork from the bottle. Obtain ready because that a battle as this is not basic method. You may be pulling because that a while, yet that glass of wine is precious it, right?

How to use a wooden Spoon to open a bottle of Wine

If you thought using a driver was a struggle, the wood spoon an approach is also tougher. But don’t concern — you acquired this. Rather of pulling the cork out, you’re going to press it into the bottle. (Yes, you read that correctly. You will do it be pushing, no pulling.)

For this method, you will certainly need:

A wood spoon with a slender handlePatienceBrute strength

To store the bottle steady, host it in between your legs. Tight the party neck strict in one hand and use the other to pressure the slim spoon take care of down into the cork. 

We’re no going to lie to you, this an approach is challenging.

Firstly, friend will need to use every your toughness to push that cheeky tiny cork in. Secondly, if it’s an old wine bottle, the cork may crumble. And thirdly, friend won’t be able to retrieve the cork out of the bottle, therefore you’ll need to drink the totality bottle. (Well, perhaps that’s no really such a poor thing.) If you’re able to open up the bottle with a wood spoon, you worthy at least one glass the wine.

How to usage a bicycle Pump to open up a wine Bottle


If you’re not sure the wood spoon hack is right for you (or friend tried it come no avail), don’t despair. There’s an additional option to open wine and also it’s around as unanticipated and simple as it gets.

For this maneuver, you will do it need:

A bike pump v a needle attachment

First, take the needle and also push it straight through into the facility of the cork. Gradually start pumping air into the bottle. The cork need to gradually begin to rise up the neck that the bottle. Once it gets closer to the height of the bottle, you have the right to wiggle the cork to pull it out. And also just choose that, your wine bottle is open.

Take it Easy and also Opt for Corkless Bottles

Opening a party of wine there is no a corkscrew is tricky and also can even be dangerous. So, please (please, please) be mindful when using any type of of these methods. 

Better yet, opt for screw-top bottles whenever possible. If there’s a prevailing idea that a bottle through a cork is a higher-quality wine, it’s just not true. In fact, part winemakers prefer screw top to corks.

For one, corkless wine bottles take practically no initiative to open. Plus, screw caps room much much better at protecting against oxygen from entering the bottle, i beg your pardon ensures the rosés, white wines, and also light-bodied reds continue to be fresh, crisp, and also well-preserved.

Keep it Safe


Using corkscrew-free techniques to open a party of wine is risky, so constantly proceed with caution. It’s finest to have a 2nd pair of hand on standby to help, and don’t ever before attempt if you’ve currently been drinking.

The safest way to open a bottle of wine is through the suitable equipment, so get yourself a corkscrew or wine crucial and leave the screwdriver, wood spoon, and bike pump whereby they belong. Far better yet, stop the cork entirely and also opt for screw tops. Castle safe, easy, and also keep her wine intact.

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