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Item dimensions LxWxH1.69 x 1.02 x 4.17 inches
Item Weight10.6 Ounces
StyleBox Cutter

【Handy box Cutter】Convenient and ideal cutting tool in the office or warehouse. Slices quickly through cartons, tapes and heavy papers.【Thin & Lightweight】Nice tight on the take care of with the handy size. Compact architecture fits good into your pocket.【Practical & Safe】Retractable & Replaceable solitary edge razor blades carry out safe use. Different cutting depth can be changed by sliding the blade accordingly. Slide open and also close the blade, blade have the right to be slide right into knife handle when not in use. Knives are quickly replaceable and holds in place for easy.【Sharp & Durable】Each box cutter with sharp carbon steel razor blades.【Best Price】Unbeatable price v 12 every box.


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i love the shade matches ours uniform for work,but thats about it, castle look nice,but ~ a when the on slide on the cutter stiffens,which provides it hard to close. For this reason I need to bang the on mine table or get some wwD 40 , to ease up in order to close that a pain,when you have to readjust the blade. Won’t come off,and it’s hard to slide back in. That pretty cheap
claims 12 in box yet when you acquire it, that 12 pieces. I assumed I was gaining 12 box cutters. I got 6 box cutters and also 6 razors. They could want to readjust the description. I choose that they aren’t shed though. I use them because that work and keep one in my pocket
an extremely sturdy. Holds blade without wobble after hundreds of uses. "Dot" stop avoids over-extension when smash-opening lock (better than other designs). Nothing to snag pants pocket.I keep numerous in my tool bag so ns don"t have to adjust blades while on the job. Sometimes, I give one come a co-worker who borrows mine frequently. In ~ this price, it renders sense.
In my house box cutters and plastic packaging cutters are an extremely importantI’ve tried plenty of fancy, more expensive typesThese, for me, constantly come up the ideal
ns really choose the color of the cutters! They are working great cutting boxes and also shrink rap at work!
These box cutters suck.They are so cheap.Im returning them.You can"t press the blade out easy because the black manage is bent in a u shape.Im going to discover some that are made in usa.
These crate cutters space super handy and also easy come use. Castle look come be rather durable and also will last. You can easily flip or replace the blade together required. Really useful for many tasks and also safer than most snap tongue knives. This crate of 12 will likely last a life time for the average user. Great deal !
These box cutters are super handy and easy to use. Castle look come be fairly durable and also will last. Friend can quickly flip or replace the blade together required. An extremely useful for plenty of tasks and safer than most snap blade knives. This box of 12 will likely last a lifetime for the typical user. Good deal !

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