I have actually a ridge of incoming mail containing envelopes of various sizes and also shapes. What is the quickest, easiest means to extract the contents?

My current technique is to give each envelope a rapid shake come drop the materials to the left side, then usage scissors to cut about 1 mm off the ideal side. Then ns reach in and pull out everything is inside. The takes a little of time to do a ridge of envelopes, leaves an annoying heap of small slices, and there is a chance that a tiny item of the components will be cut if the materials fail to change when i shake.

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Is over there a better way?

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There are two easy methods to open up an envelope there is no damaging the contents:

Letter Opener

This is by much the easiest method if you have actually one. Simply flip the letter over, on slide the letter opener under the peak flap and also slide it throughout the top, cut the top of the envelope. Over there is very small chance of cutting anything inside once you have actually the cave of it.

Your Hand

This is a really often overlooked device to open up letters. All you have to do is upper and lower reversal the letter over and insert your best thumb under the ideal side that the envelope flap and push that up. Then insert your tip finger on your left hand under the flap and slide her hand over to the left. This will certainly open almost any traditional envelope there is no using any kind of tools.

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Method 1 - Freezing

Put all the envelopes ~ above freezer because that two hours. It freezes the adhesive and a slight flip on the envelope flap through a knife will certainly help. You can put within a plastic cover before putting it inside the freezer, if friend worry around the moisture.

Method 2 - Steam

Iron the flap the the envelope with vapor mode and pry to open up the seal. This is the enhanced version of making use of water steam, but sometimes vapor may do the envelope warped.

We can likewise use the vapor from various other sources favor kettle or boil water. Ns used heavy steam iron due to the fact that it is accurate on the flap and less effort. Yet this an approach is time consuming.

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Method 3 - Microwaving

Put all your envelopes in a microwave for 10-15 secs and also slight upper and lower reversal on the flap that the sealed envelope is enough. This is good method and I have tried. Perform not crowd the microwave with envelopes, make sure adhesives are exposed come microwaves.

Microwave may burn any file if that is thin and over heated, So simply monitor it and also increase +5 secs indigenous 10 secs if needed. Use on very own risk

Method 4 - Duct tape

If you do not want the envelope for any reference and not concerned on the duct ice cream cost, climate stick some ar of duct tape on the envelope and also peel it turn off fast. It will certainly make an opening in the envelope and so you can tear the envelope apart fully.