Follow these five basic steps to be on your way to opened a beer party anywhere, in ~ anytime through your brand-new ring from Mettle Rings.

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Step 1 - Make certain You room Using a Ring from


Your ring have to be made the end of Tungsten Carbide come ensure the it is qualified of remove the bottle without damaging the ring itself.

Rings made the end of other metals may work, yet you hazard damaging or scratching the ring and also your significant other probably won’t be also happy about that.

Want more proof - examine out our Why Tungsten Carbide page.

Step 2 - The Hardest part - Picking your Beverage


With an assortment that beer in your refrigerator this have the right to be the most challenging part of the process. 

If this is your an initial time trying to open a bottle with a ring, we recommend beginning with a twist off if you have one. For obvious reason this are less complicated to open and also are an excellent to perfect your new skill with. And if you gain frustrated, just twist turn off the cap. Enjoy the beer and try again. Practice makes Perfect.

Step 3 - position The Ring


You desire to place the ring just under the bottle cap. Make sure that it records on the leaf of the cap. The parts that look type of choose teeth.

Step 4 - use Pressure and Open


Think that the ring together a fulcrum that you are using to open bottle cap and also then apply a slight amount of pressure while moving your ring hand in an upward motion.

If at this point your finger hurts and you feel pain, stop. Readjust the angle in between the ring and the beer party and try again.

There is a sweet spot that after time you will have the ability to quickly locate.

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Practice provides perfect, however be certain to practice and drink responsibly.

Step 5 - gain That Beer! you Earned It!


Please mental to never ever Drink and also Drive! you’re smarter than that!

Need part inspiration? examine out how quick a six pack can be opened in the video below.

If girlfriend still are having actually trouble opening a bottle v your ring, send united state a rapid email to info
and also we will assist you out.