If you open the same collection of website regularly, i will not ~ it be far better if you might open all of them through a solitary click in your browser? Thankfully, there space several methods to open multiple tabs at when in your Chrome browser. In this article, we’ll tell friend three quick ways come open multiple websites through one click in Google Chrome on your computer.

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Open lot of Websites with single Click in Google Chrome

Open multiple Websites with single Click in Google Chrome1. Using Bookmarks FolderStep 1- develop a Bookmark FolderStep 2- One-Click open up All Websites2. Use desktop Shortcut to open Multiple Tabs3. Third-Party Chrome ExtensionsWrapping Up

1. Using Bookmarks Folder

Google Chrome has a specialized bookmarks bar whereby you can save your favorite web page and accessibility them with a single click. Here, girlfriend can also create a bookmarks folder that lets you open up multiple websites at once, as follows:

Step 1- produce a Bookmark Folder


Open all the websites you want to open with a solitary click top top Chrome.Now, push CTRL + shift + D on her keyboard.Enter a name of her choice, choose Bookmarks Bar, and also tap Save.You’ll currently see the bookmark folder friend just produced in the bookmarks bar.Step 2- One-Click open All Websites

Right-click the bookmark folder in the top bar.Click ~ above “Open all” to open all the website in one go.
You can additionally tap “Open every in brand-new tab” if you want to open up them in a different window.

2. Use desktop Shortcut to open Multiple Tabs

You have the right to manually develop an executable faster way file, tapping i m sorry will immediately open all the web page you want to, in one go. It is a handy method to open up multiple tabs v a single-click desktop computer shortcut top top Chrome or any type of other browser.Step 1: open the Start menu on her PC and search for Notepad. Open it.

Step 2: Alternatively, you can press Windows + R, type notepad, and also press get in to open it.Step 3: In Notepad, paste the complying with command with web links to the web page you desire to open:
echo off
start chrome https://www.google.comstart chrome https://www.twitter.comstart chrome https://www.lasignoralaura.comYou deserve to replace the website of your choice in the above command. Because that Microsoft Edge, you deserve to replace the word “chrome” v “microsoft-edge.”
Step 4: Now, tap paper > save as.

Step 5: write the file name with a .bat extension. For example, Shortcut.bat. Conserve it on an easily available place, say, desktop.
Step 6: The document will be saved as a bat shortcut file on your computer.

Tapping the document will automatically open every the website in various tabs on her Chrome browser. Friend can edit this document with notepad to adjust links or add even much more websites.

3. Third-Party Chrome Extensions

Several third-party extensions let you open up multiple websites with one click in Chrome. One such extension is Open many URLs which takes a list of web pages in plain-text format and opens them all in brand-new tabs. Below is exactly how you deserve to use it in Chrome:

Install the open up Multiple URLs extension from Chrome web Store.Once installed, madness the expansion icon in ~ the height right corner. Can’t watch it? insanity the expansions button.Paste all the website URLs you want to open, as shown in the screenshot.Check the Preserve input box. This makes sure that the duplicated links stay here.Now, click Open URLs.Whenever you want to open the websites in ~ once, insanity the extension and also click on open up URLs. Doing so will open all the website web links in new tabs simultaneously.

Wrapping Up

This to be all about how you can open lot of tabs or websites in one click on the Google Chrome browser. Out of all, ns personally prefer the bookmarks bar technique for lull of use. Anyways, which one do you prefer? do let me recognize in the comment below.

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