Your SUV has a rear liftgate that provides you access to the earlier cargo area. Friend can additionally use the liftgate home window to accessibility it (in a more restricted way). There are controls for both the liftgate and the liftgate home window available. Here’s what you have to know:

Liftgate Window: To open the window, the liftgate have to be unlocked. Press the switch located under the sheet of the license plate border (it’s ~ above the ideal side).

Liftgate: To gain the liftgate open, you must unlock the first. You have the right to do this with the crucial or v your remote. Then push the button inside the liftgate handle and also pull it up.

Locking: to lock the liftgate or the liftgate window, you can use the power door locks or you can use the remote.


Always make certain that the liftgate and liftgate home window are closed before driving. They have the right to compromise the safety of item in the back, yet you can also let toxic exhaust fumes right into the car.

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