Unless you choose boxed wine, your wine bottles space going to either be sealed with a cork or a screw cap, the last of which need to not be frowned upon, specifically if it"s white wine. However, most wineries still prefer corks end screw caps, and also that method you"ll need a corkscrew.

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If her corkscrew is missing, or don"t have actually it ~ above hand, don"t worry—there are countless different ways to open the bottle without gaining tiny cork crumbs in the wine.

1. Use Some Tools

As lengthy as you can find a toolbox, friend can obtain a party of wine open with a screw, screwdriver, and also hammer. Stick the screw right into the cork, then use the driver to screw that in further. Leave around one customs of the screw the end of the cork. Then, grab her hammer and, making use of the finish (not the head), you can pull both the screw and also cork out of the party itself. (This works best with bigger screws with large threads.)

Image by Yumi Sakugawa/lasignoralaura.com

You can also use a bunch of nails if friend don"t have screws.

2. Push It with a wooden Spoon

A wooden spoon with a long, thin handle is the perfect tool to support the cork right right into the party and totally free your wine, according to Food crowd Bites. Remove any foil covering, and also apply press to the top of the cork. Through some strength, it should pop free and slide into the party without creating any kind of cork crumbs.

3. Yank that Out through String

If girlfriend don"t favor the idea of having a cork within the bottle, then there"s a method to acquire it out after you"ve propelled it in. Tie a figure-8 knot into a piece of string and also lower it into the neck of the bottle, knot first. Tilt the party to develop some leeway top top one side, to permit your knot string to slip past the cork and underneath it.

Lastly, traction up on her string as hard as you can—the knot will certainly wedge versus the neck that the party on the bottom that the cork and force her cork up and also out!

Images by Saul/Instructables

4. Usage a wall surface to pop It Loose

If you"re desperate v zero tools to open up your wine, just wrap that bottle in a towel, and also smack that loose.

Cover the bottle of wine in the towel, making certain both the sides and also bottom are wrapped up. Rhythmically bang the bottle"s base against a wall, moving it in a horizontal motion. Repeat till the cork starts to much more out the the bottle, climate yank that out!

As long as the surface is sturdy, you deserve to use anything from a brick wall to a coffee table. Just make certain the bottle is well-cushioned through the towel, or you could end up through a not correct mess.

If you don"t have actually a bath towel handy, friend can likewise take off among your shoes and also use that, too. Be careful to select a flat shoe v padding inside, though, or one hard smack can bust open the entire bottle.

You could additionally just use a book.

If girlfriend don"t have actually a wall, a tree works just as well.

5. Slap that Out, No wall Required

If you"re worried around damaging a wall surface or door, you don"t need it. Through nothing much more than your legs and also a shoe, you have the right to still slap the cork out of the bottle.

Take a seat and place the bottle upside-down between your thighs. Host it in ar tightly together you evenly hit the bottom of the bottle with the level sole of her shoe. Keep smacking the wine until the cork eases out a bit. , Yank the cork out with your hand when it"s sticking out of the party far sufficient to grab.

Image by Yumi Sakugawa/lasignoralaura.com

6. Add Pressure v a bicycle Pump

Happen to have a bicycle pump nearby? most likely not, yet it"s tho a neat tool to use for a unique wine-opening method, together Kristy Kreme mirrors on YouTube.

Stick her bike pump right into the cork, and get pumping. Together you force air into and also through the cork, you"ll develop enough press to do it fly out of the bottle.

7. Unlock the Cork with Your automobile Keys

Grab your auto keys—with simply one metal key, you can wiggle out a wine cork, according to Kent Yammo.

As the video clip shows, push your key at a 45° angle into the cork until many of the crucial is in the cork. Then, push the an essential around in circles while pulling up; the cork will start to screw upward and also will at some point twist free of the neck.

8. Just Stab the Cork Out with a Knife

If you"re all the end of keys and also have tried the slapping methods above, chances are girlfriend do have actually a knife that some sort nearby. Though serrated is best, you can wiggle a wine cork out with any knife, much like through the crucial method.

As CrazyRussianHacker demonstrates, pole the knife in the cork and carefully relocate it in a twisting motion. As you twist it, traction up, and the cork will start to rise. As soon as it"s out around an inch, stab the cork on its side and turn till it"s completely cost-free of the bottle. Watch her fingers though!

9. Part It Off

If it"s sparkling alcohol you"re drinking, or also champagne, you have the right to use the (somewhat dangerous) trick of slicing turn off the cork, along with a small bit that the glass.

This cheat is referred to as sabrage, or sabering, and also is done through a saber, sword, or machete. Obviously, this have to be a critical resort, but Alton Brown shows just just how easy it can be if excellent right. (You can likewise use a spoon if you"re expert enough.)

When you become a sabering pro, think about investing in a alcohol saber Champagne sword to take your course level increase a notch.

10. Warm It Up

If you have a cheap bottle of wine and want to get all warmed up because that the winter, you deserve to make part makeshift mulled wine using the ideal mulling spices. To acquire the cork out, boil part water, take it off the heat and put the party in... The cork will gradually creep the end on the own! once the bottle is open, dump the water and also pour the wine right into the pot. Warmth it and include your mulling spices. Simmer a little and serve.

You can also use a blowtorch instead of boil water if you have one (which friend should).

Here"s a Toast to Our hard Work!

It"s a lot more work than making use of a trusty corkscrew. Maybe following time invest in a wine take trip bag or picnic basket and also accessories. Or impress your friends v a an elaborate Rabbit wine opener or a high tech automatic corkscrew.

Once you"ve finished a few bottles of your uniquely opened up wine, friend may even have sufficient corks leftover to obtain crafty and also repurpose them. If the alcohol isn"t all the great, though, we have actually tips on just how to do it taste much better without any special tools. Lastly, examine out our advantageous hints on exactly how to make opened up wine last longer.

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