Your favourite stemware is ready. You bring out that bottle of wine that you’ve been thinking of for days, climate you realize the you can’t uncover the corkscrew. You end up asking yourself, just how to open wine party without opener?There are many ways to open a wine party without a corkscrew. You can use household items, such together a wire hanger, a key, scissors, or even a wooden spoon to push the cork down.Before you start wasting the vino out of frustration, take lull in knowing that you can safely carry out these tried and tested hacking at the comfort of her home.

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The best Corkscrew Alternatives

Below room the different items and tools that you’ll require on just how to open up a wine bottle without a corkscrew. Remember the you only require one item to usage at a time or whatever you can get your hand on in ~ the moment.Screw (regular or with hook) Hammer or a pair the pliersWire hangerPaper clipSerrated steak knifeA keyBike pumpCrucible tongsLighter or a blowtorchClean shoes or leather loaferA cable or shoelacePair the scissorsChampagne saber sword Wooden spoon

How to open up a Wine party Without a Corkscrew

1. The Old Screw and Hammer Trick

Screws are reasonably easy to discover at home, and if you lucky, you’ll uncover a screw with a hook just like what you usage to hang picture frames. It’s the easiest and most successful trick over there is due to the fact that you’re just mimicking just how a corkscrew works.a.) simply screw the snapshot hook right into the cork and wiggle the cork out, nice and easy.b.) If you have a consistent hookless screw, you deserve to use the backside the a hammer come lock the screw under it and also pull the cork out. Friend can likewise use a pair that pliers.

2. Using a Wire Hanger 

Got a wire hanger come spare? This hack will need you come sever a portion of it.a.) do a mini hook making use of pliers through bending the last half inch earlier until it renders an edge of about 30 degrees, close to the edge of a fishhook.b.) position the brand-new hook ~ above the edge of the cork through the U-shape encountering up.c.) Wiggle the hook back and forth until it’s around 2 inches deep.d.) revolve the hook so the inserts the pointy component into the bottom that the cork.e.) as soon as the hook is lodged nice and tight into the cork, begin pulling up.

3. No Hanger come Spare? Use document Clips

If destroying a perfectly an excellent hanger is out of the question, you deserve to use paper clips instead. The the exact same concept just like the hanger, yet this one requires an ext precision.a.) partly straighten two document clips, but just the center part. Don’t straighten the U shapes on both ends.b.) on slide one down between the cork and also side that the bottle, then do the exact same on the opposite side of the cork. Press down till the U-shape is listed below the cork.c.) rotate the clip to place the U-shapes beneath the cork.d.) sign up with the two other U-shapes exterior the bottle. You deserve to insert a pencil under the hooks or tie them together in a tight knot.e.) gradually pull the clips up, making certain the cork is going as well. Give it a couple of twists when pulling up.

4. Carry Out your Serrated Knife 

Needless come say, this an approach requires the utmost caution.a.) discover a knife that will certainly fit quickly into the neck that the alcohol bottle. Any little or bag knife would perform the trick, but a serrated knife offers you the ideal chance due to the fact that the blade will grip onto the cork better.b.) closely push the blade with the cork. Next, rock the knife back and forth without applying too much downward force. Carry out that until the knife goes every the method through the cork.c.) now twist the knife v a slight pull, and also slowly rock it out. Make certain not to rest off piece of the cork into your wine.Here’s a 37-second video on just how to open a alcohol bottle through a knife:

5. That’s the Key!

Just prefer with the serrated knife, you have the right to use your crucial to popular music the cork out of the alcohol bottle. Us recommend using a key that you have extra duplicates of, in instance you usage too much force and also ruin it.a.) Plunge the vital into the cork at a 45-degree angle.b.) move the height of the key in a circle, twisting the cork the end slowly.c.) The cork must come the end after a pair of rotations. If not, make certain to insert the an essential into the cork properly due to the fact that if friend don’t, the cork can just crumble inside and make it hard for you to force it out.d.) The “key” below is to rotate the crucial in circles and pull up in the same movement.

6. Bike Pump

This one supplies sweet science however it’s really basic to do. All you need is a cycle pump or any type of kind of waiting pump that has a needle attached.a.) Plunge the needle through the cork every the way through until the needle will the air between the cork and also the wine.b.) climate gently pump air into the bottle. As you pump, the cork should slowly move out of the bottle from the air pressure.c.) Be mindful as the cork may pop the end quickly and also forcefully because of the pressure from the pump.

7. Heated bottle Tongs

This technique originated in Portugal as an alternative to opening an extremely old party of wine v corks that often tended to crumble indigenous age. It is in warned: this involves high temperatures and broken glass. Friend will need a pair of metallic, preferably rounded, party or maker tongs.a.) warm tongs until burning.b.) position them roughly the neck that the bottle just below the cork.c.) leaving the tongs over there for around 10 seconds.d.) Rub part chilly water top top the neck making use of a brush or kitchen towel. Be cautious not to burn her skin.e.) Break turn off the peak using a special towel or pair the gloves.f.) pour the wine v a sieve or various other strainer to protect against the potential of eat glass.

8. Blowtorch or a Lighter

How much are you willing to go simply to get a sip of that wine? Well, if you happen to have actually a blowtorch stashed somewhere, it could just perform the trick.Don’t forget to wear security eyewear and also a suit! Also—and this is supervisor important—make certain that the wine party is no COLD. Rapid temperature alters might reason the party to explode. a.) set the party on a table (do not host it).b.) turn the punch torch on, and move the flame around the neck of numerous inches away while rotating the bottle.c.) store the heat on that area for around a minute.d.) The cork can pop right out through force, so make sure to steer clear.e.) If that’s too “Wild Science” for you, you deserve to use a lighter instead, although it might take much longer to achieve the wanted effect.Here’s a quick video clip on just how to open a wine bottle with a blow torch :

9. The Shoe Approach

 This is quite a famous method, however for those who haven’t heard of that yet, it can come off as a silly method to fix the cork problem.This works ideal with a shoes that has actually a higher profile that reaches your ankle, or a shoe v a increased sole. A good example would be a animal leather loafer.Please Note: This an approach requires patience and also a little bit of muscle strength.a.) remove the wine bottle"s protective cover and make sure no plastic or silver paper is extending the cork.b.) ar the bottle of wine in the opening of the shoe, bottom first. Hold the bottle through one hand and also the shoe with your various other hand.c.) while holding the alcohol bottle, gently hit the single of your shoe against a wall. Perform it numerous times. The bottle have to be horizontal and also you only must make contact on the wall surface with the portion of your shoe directly under your bottle. Your shoe will defend the party from breaking but don"t hit it as well hard. A firm hit numerous times should start to move the cork out as result of the push in the bottle.d.) as soon as the cork has actually moved the end of the bottle by around an inch, you have the right to simply pull out the cork with your fingers.Want to check out it in action? this is a fast video:

10. The cable Theory

No, no the concept that describes the universe. This method of just how to open a wine party without a corkscrew makes use of a cable or a shoelace.a.) Tie a figure-eight knot and also slip it previous the cork through wedging it down v a screwdriver or scissors.b.) dip the string into the party so the it is under the cork.c.) when the node is listed below the cork, tilt the bottle and also then traction the string.

11. The Scissor Technique 

This is quite similar to the an essential method however requires more finesse and control. Together usual, be mindful with the blades!a.) gain a pair of small craft scissors or scissors for children (but no those safety scissors with plastic).b.) hold the handles and also open the scissors every the way. Again, stop the sharp side of the blades.c.) Carefully apply a slim amount the pressure and also push the scissor tongue halfway into the cork. Be cautious not to press the cork too much to rest it right into pieces.d.) organize the party tightly through one hand while twisting the handle of the scissors in ~ the same time.e.) after a couple of twists, reverse it. Hold the handle of the scissors still and twist the bottle instead.f.) The cork will pop the end on the scissor blade if you have the blade lodged deep enough. Otherwise, the cork will come the end far enough that you can pull it out by hand.

12. Making use of a Sword or a huge Knife

Sabrage requires skill and is totally different from merely hacking. That is frequently seen during occasions like weddings (mostly on champagne bottles) and other celebratory events.While a knife is no a common household item, the is officially being supplied to open up a wine bottle. Need to you discover yourself in a corkscrew-less situation and also there’s a sword lying around, here’s just how to use it:a.) chilled the bottle. The chillier the neck of the bottle, the far better your chances of removing the top.b.) uncover an open space. Far better yet, perform it external your house.c.) Wipe away any type of moisture on the bottle and remove the foil and also wire basket.d.) situate one that the seams on the bottle. It’s where the two halves the the bottle sign up with together. This is likewise the weakest component of the party that you will be targeting.e.) organize the party at a 30-degree angle with the seam dealing with upward and the cork higher than the bottom that the bottle.f.) remainder the blade of the knife flat versus the neck that the bottle. The dull edge of the blade must be dealing with in the direction that the cork.g.) exercise sliding the knife from the basic of the bottle to the annulus (the ring about the top).h.) through a solitary firm and confident stroke, on slide the sword under the seam and hit the annulus. The bottle should break cleanly and the cork need to go flying.i.) examine the neck that the glass for shards and also wipe it off closely with a fabric if necessary.Here is a video clip showing Gordon Ramsay sabering a party of champagne:

13. Push the Cork Down v a Wooden Spoon

Finally, If girlfriend can’t obtain the cork out, why not press it in instead? If you’re no opposed to drink wine with a floating cork in it, climate this is the most basic way.This an approach is best for rubber corks or newer corks due to the fact that a vintage bottle of wine most most likely will have actually a wrong cork.a.) utilizing the ago of a wooden spoon, press with constant pressure down on the center of the cork.b.) save a steady and tight tight on the base of the opening. Also, make sure you’re stop the neck that the bottle.c.) The cork should push down right into the human body of the bottle.d.) use a mesh strainer together you pour to aid get rid the those floating bits.

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Not to crawl on trying these clever hacks? inspect out our Electric Wine bottle Opener evaluate & purchase Guide.Whether the a real emergency or you simply grew exhausted of making use of corkscrews, these clever hacking on just how to open a wine party without a corkscrew can assist you acquire through that last hurdle that enjoying your favorite wine.While you’re in ~ it, you can additionally learn just how to properly organize your alcohol glass and know the finest wines to acquire for your mini-bar to make your drinking experience even better! Do you recognize other ingenious ways of how to open a wine party without a corkscrew? Share her trick in the comments.