At any type of wine shop, consumer are faced with a choice: walk for the bottle v a cork closure — a much more romantic option however one that requires an ext effort to open — or reach because that the screw cap for simple access? for those who decide on the former option, only to discover that your corkscrew seems to be missing, yes no must fret. Over there are, together it transforms out, an ext ways to open a bottle of wine 보다 there space to seal them.

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Quick disclaimer: most of these methods aren’t 100 percent foolproof. Therefore tread carefully, as plenty of of these techniques run the dangers of break the cork and having it burned into the wine, chipping the wine bottle, or, in a worst-case scenario, wrecking the wine party completely. If you have a rarely and/or expensive wine that would certainly break her heart if damaged in this process, we’d advise you come wait till you have a corkscrew. However, in most other circumstances, these choices can assist lift you from despair and grant you a satisfied vino-filled night.

Need help opening a beer bottle? see our overview on exactly how to open up a bottle without a party opener!

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1 – use a Screw (the much longer the Better), a Screwdriver, and a Hammer

This is more than likely one of the safest techniques on this list, yet it does call for some resilience and also strength, together it can exhaustion you easily. You simply take a screw (preferably a lengthy one) and screw it into the cork with a screwdriver till there is around an inch or for this reason left showing. Then, you take the backside of the hammer, lock the under the screw, and pull the cork out. You may likewise need a towel come wipe the sweat off your forehead as soon as the mission is complete.

2 – press the Cork in v the manage of a wooden Spoon, or any Blunt Object comparable in Size

This is additionally a nice safe technique to use in comparison to few of the rather on this list, however it does have actually its downsides. To open the bottle, take it the manage of the wood spoon (or a similar object), and also push the cork down right into the party of wine. Unfortunately, it is practically impossible to remove the cork indigenous the bottle once you press it in. On top of that, if the bottle of wine is old, the cork may crumble and shed into the wine once pushed in. When this is not an ideal result, if you are with friends and also plan on drinking the whole bottle, over there is no should worry. Just use a strainer and pour the bottle of wine v it right into a decanter to remove the cork pieces.

3 – Hook ‘em v a Hanger

This technique is fairly easy, yet it involves saying goodbye to among your wire hangers — you i will not ~ be utilizing it to hang garments again. First, bending the guideline of the hanger about 30 levels back; if you perform this right, it will look choose a fish hook. Next, slide the wire down right into the sealed alcohol bottle, alongside the cork. Rotate the wire 90 levels so the the hook is underneath the cork. Merely pull the cable up, and the cork must release. Pliers or other family members items deserve to be used to tug in ~ the hanger if it appears stuck. Simply be sure to use a towel or gloves because that protection.

4 – Pump the Out

This one is yes, really simple. Take a cycle pump that has a needle attached, and plunge it through the cork — penetrating all the way through until the needle will the air between the cork and also the wine. Then, pump air right into the bottle. As you pump, the cork should slowly move out of the bottle as result of the air pressure.

5 – twist It out With tricks or a Serrated Knife

This method is somewhat comparable to the an initial option, in i beg your pardon a screw and also hammer are used to yank out the cork. This time, however, just plunge your tricks or a serrated knife into the cork in ~ a 45-degree angle and move the top of the items in a circle, basically twisting the cork the end slowly. ~ a couple rotations, the cork must come out. Make sure you really get your item right into the cork since if friend don’t, the cork could crumble.

6 – plunder the Bottle v a Towel and Use the wall to Smack the Out

This is the suggest on the list where things obtain a little dangerous, so continue with caution. The ahead two options required at the very least one tool, however if you uncover yourself with scarce resources, this option might be your finest friend. Just wrap the bottom that the wine party in a thick towel (or 2 to it is in safe) and bang it against a wall surface repeatedly. Obviously, the bottle might break if you do this, so consider it a last resort. You won’t acquire the cork the end of the party the first time girlfriend smack it against the wall, for this reason we indicate refraining from utilizing your full strength. Instead, easy hit the bottle against the wall many times, progressively moving the cork out.

7 – Slap that Out v a Shoe

This is a similar method to the vault one, yet it’s a small less risky. Pave the bottom the the wine bottle in a towel, but instead that proceeding come slam it versus a wall, merely put that upside down in between your legs while sitting and also slap it through a shoe. This may take a lengthy time, yet it is a safer alternative than number 6. Remember come stop before the cork comes every the means out, or else you will have actually yourself a little of a mess and some permanent stains.

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8 – apply Heat to relocate the Cork Out

This option is pretty much out, however it yes, really does work. Using a blowtorch or lighter, apply heat come the neck that the wine party right listed below the cork. The warm should pressure the cork to relocate upward and eventually out of the bottle. However, make sure the party is no cold, or rather it could explode from the rapid change in temperature. If your party is already refrigerated, permit it remainder in a lukewarm environment for a while before using heat.