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find a sturdy object smaller sized than the opened of the bottle and slowly press the cork down. Westend61/Getty pictures

Pushing the cork right into the party is the expert-approved method of winemakers and sommeliers. You can break a nail, yet otherwise this is the safest and most straightforward method. As soon as the foil is off, simply push the cork into the bottle through your fingers or a sturdy little object like a key, lipstick container, the handle of a wooden spoon, or a pen. You can use the palm of her hand together a hammer.

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"This always gets the job done," states winemaker Stuart Spoto that Spoto household Wines. "I"ve excellent it a hundreds times." depending on the length of the cork and the details bottle, it might be more difficult or easier however shouldn"t take long.

"Take the slowly. It is in cautious and patient," Spoto says. Together you press the cork in, wine will spray out, so be ready with a towel approximately the bottle.

Once the cork is in the bottle, it may block the neck, therefore it help to have something long like a fork or your finger to move the cork and also ensure you can pour the wine out. Excellent right, the cork need to be intact, for this reason although it"s submerged in the alcohol you don"t require to concern about little bits of cork in the wine together you pour.

2. Use a crucial as a corkscrew

Instead of pushing the cork in, this an approach relies top top jamming the crucial into the cork, climate pulling it out choose you would v a corkscrew. Pole a house vital into the cork in ~ a diagonal line angle, climate twist the an essential while pulling upwards to dislodge the cork.

This an approach can be hit-or-miss, and also if you shot a few times and can"t acquire the an essential to tight the cork, you"ll damages the cork and may have little pieces of cork falling into the wine. It"s hard to get enough grip or leverage.

"I"ve never ever tried this method," Spoto says. "If I had a vital I"d just use that to press the cork in."

Quick tip: If you break the cork using any type of of this methods, strain the wine through a coffee filter to remove any type of broken cork bits prior to you drink it.


Insert a screw right into the cork and also pull it out with the claw of a hammer. Sergio Delle Vedove / EyeEm/Getty pictures

A more elaborate rendition of the "key as handle" method above, this method involves inserting a screw right into the cork, then making use of the forked finish of the hammer to pry the cork out by making use of the leverage that the screw. As with with a real wine key, twisting together you pull upwards always helps.

"Typically, if you uncover yourself there is no a corkscrew, you probably won"t have actually a screw or hammer either," Spoto clues out. "With the said, screwing a screw in the cork and also using a hammer to traction it out is a an extremely safe method."


use a lengthy lighter to save your hand far from the flame. EugeneTomeev/Getty photos

Once the foil is off, take it a flame to the neck of the bottle and also heat the wait gap in between the cork and the wine. Revolve the bottle slowly to heat the air uniformly and also minimize the likelihood the the glass shattering. The cork will slowly be propelled out until you deserve to grab it and pull it the rest of the way.

"It works, and also it functions well," Spoto says. "It"s pure physics. As you"re heater the air, you"re creating an ext pressure. Liquid doesn"t expand, therefore the wait only has one ar to go and also it pushes the cork out. If you take it it come the complete extent, it"ll pop like a champagne cork."

Spoto walk this as soon as when the was lot younger and also said that took less than a minute because that the cork to slide out. That doesn"t recommend this technique though. Although that works, it"s dangerous due to the fact that fire is involved, and there"s the possibility the bottle may break if it gets also hot.

5. Bicycle pump method

Set the wine bottle upright top top a flat surface and jam an air needle right into the facility of the cork. The needle should be long sufficient to press all the method through the cork into the air an are in the bottle. Then just start pumping air in and, in ~ a minute or two, the cork should rise enough that you deserve to grab it v pliers or her hand to traction it out.

"This works great," Spoto says. "The increase in air pressure drives the cork out." It"s the very same principle behind heating the neck up, yet less dangerous, back you"re much more likely to have a lighter 보다 a bicycle pump top top hand.


Sit the bottle of wine securely inside the shoe, climate bang it versus the wall to pressure the cork out. AlanMBarr/Getty photos

Place the wine party in a shoes — a level shoe through a difficult rubber single will work best — with the base of the bottle nestled at the heel and also the party standing upright prefer a leg. Host the toe the the shoe v one hand and also the alcohol bottle, just below the neck, with the other.

Strike the wall perpendicularly through the base of the wine party in the shoe. "The idea here is you"re hammering the cork out ever before so slightly," Spoto says. "As you pound, you"re moving the liquid in one direction, and also it starts advertise the cork out."

But not any shoe will certainly work. Don"t try this through heels, and cushioned running shoes won"t transmit sufficient force come the bottle. This technique can be exhausting and also take a an extremely long time. As soon as the cork is dislodged sufficient to grab v pliers or your fingers, you can pull it the end the remainder of the way.

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Spoto does no recommend this method. "You"re just shaking the alcohol up, and also I don"t think it"s great for the wine," he says. "It looks much more like a trick than anything else."

More advice for opening a bottle of wine there is no a corkscrew

The best technique uses objects the you have actually readily availableSanitize your object of an option – key, nail, wait needle – prior to sticking it right into the corkSynthetic cork may be more an overwhelming to maneuver because it has less provide than a natural corkAlways exercise caution if you"re playing with fire or sharp objects"s takeaway

It"s basic to open up a bottle of wine without a corkscrew. Advertise it in is the most handy method, and also using a lighter to warm the air in ~ the cork works every time too with a tiny extra flair and also danger. Hammering the wine out v a shoe can be funny if you want to put on a show or entertain yourself. But for everyone"s sanity and also safety, you"re much better off investing in at the very least a straightforward wine key.

Amber Gibson is a reporter specializing in travel, food, wine, and wellness through bylines in Conde Nast Traveler, take trip + Leisure, Robb Report, National geographical Traveler, Departures, Saveur, Bon Appétit, NPR, NBC, Fodor"s, USA Today, and also more. After studying journalism at Northwestern University, where she graduated as valedictorian native the Medill institution of Journalism, Amber has actually been a full-time digital nomad, security 350 nights a year in hotels. Champagne, dark chocolate, and gelato are her biggest weaknesses.
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