BeenVerified is a elevator checking agency that supplies its users an understanding into other people’s criminal records, windy records, and personal information. 

How to cancel BeenVerified manually

Can you cancel withYes / No
Android No

Cancel BeenVerified online

Compose a request for the agency to end your membership.Include your 9-digit member id (you can uncover it in the welcome letter you received once you opened up your account or in your account dashboard).

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The company will educate you through email as soon as your account is closed. 

Cancel BeenVerified via email

Include your complete name, address, and member ID.

You will obtain a confirmation email once your account is closed. 

Cancel BeenVerified over the phone

Contact the BeenVerified customer company on 1-888-579-5910.Give the agent her 9-digit member ID and ask them to cancel your subscription.

Once her subscription is canceled, you will certainly receive an e-mail confirmation. 

Cancel BeenVerified through iTunes

If friend subscribed to BeenVerified with iTunes, you have to cancel your membership utilizing the same platform, together Apple is the one in charge of her subscription, not BeenVerified.

Enter setups on your phone and select “iTunes & application Store”.Enter her Apple ID.Sign in with your iTunes store credentials if her phone doesn’t log in automatically. The app may ask you to go into your to apologize ID as soon as again.Go come Subscriptions and click “Manage”.Find BeenVerified and tap top top it.In the choices section, choose “Turn turn off Auto-Renewal”.

Once her billing cycle ends, your subscription will certainly be canceled. 

Cancel BeenVerified through


Some users find the process of unsubscribing manually a little bit overcomplicated. There is also a possibility that the company won’t procedure your cancelation immediately. To protect against such issues, you can cancel your BeenVerified membership v the We will instantly cancel your subscription and let you know when it’s done via email. The entirety thing i will not ~ last much more than a couple of minutes. Right here is what you need to do:

Select ‘Find surprise Money’.Enter “BeenVerified” as the service you want to cancel.

Does BeenVerified sell a refund after i cancel?

Generally speaking, lock don’t. If you a monthly subscriber, you will have access to all BeenVerified attributes until the end of the billing cycle. However, if you desire to cancel her subscription because the company didn’t meet your expectations and carry out you with the details they promised, you can request a refund. The firm will permit you know if her request is granted via email.

Can I placed my BeenVerified subscription ~ above pause rather of canceling it?

No, you can’t stop your membership, the only option is to cancel it. If you change your mental in the future, you have the right to reopen that in just a pair of minutes. The company will save your information, so every you must do is log in in v your old credentials and also pick a subscription plan.

What execute BeenVerified’s dues look choose on my financial institution statement?

BEENVERIFIED*COM 888-5795910 NY 10016 USABEENVERIFIED*COM 888-579-5910 NYPayment to BeenVerified Inc.
BEENVERIFIED.COMDebit purchase -visa Beenverified*com888-5795910 NyBEENVERIFIED*COM
Refund from BeenVerified Inc.BVD* 888-5795910 NYBEENVERIFIED*COM 888-5795910 NY
Purchase indigenous BeenVerified Inc.

What room some choices to BeenVerified?

Truthfinder$30 a monthAccess come dark net scansBesides continuous reports, friend can uncover family trees, images, and also other helpful information
PeopleFinders$9.95 a monthInfo dates earlier around 40 yearsAccess to information from both private and also government sources have the right to monitor all of your paid subscriptions 

Monthly subscriptions it seems to be ~ affordable, so civilization usually obtain surprised when they realize exactly how much money lock actually cost them. What practically 90% of world do no realize is that, ~ above average, lock spend around $240 top top subscription services every month! If you feel spending this much on subscriptions is not right for your budget, you should think about monitoring her paid memberships v Our app will store track of all the solutions you’re subscribed to and let you know which of them you nothing use. 

Is BeenVerified mistreating you? can aid you sue lock in little claims court

If BeenVerified decreases to give you a refund you think you worthy or treats you unfair in any kind of way, possibly it’s time for points to escalate. Suing the company will probably lug you the resolution you’re hope for. 

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