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Hollis Johnson

You acquire a ton that bang for her buck at Costco food courts.

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A warm dog and a beverage will price you $1.50. A giant slice the pizza goes because that $1.99, and a full pie is $9.95.

When business Insider"s Hollis Johnson visited a Costco food court in Brooklyn in 2017, that ordered practically everything on the menu. The entirety smorgasbord came out to simply over $25.

And what"s more, the food"s pretty good, considering the deal.

"I eat in ~ the food court more then i would like too," one Ontario-based Costco employee told organization Insider. "It"s for this reason good! The cheapest food selection I have ever before seen. I love the pepperoni pizza. It"s an extremely cheesy with nice and juicy, crispy pepperonis."

There room more great options various other than the pizza or warm dog, and also some count on wherein you live.


Hollis Johnson

While Costco"s pizza and hot dogs might be the chain"s most well known selections, there room a number of other options, too.

BBQ brisket sandwich, turkey-and-provolone sandwiches, a "confusing yet delicious" chicken bake, and massive churros room all top top the menu, too.

Regional and also temporary menu items additionally include poutine, seashells chowder, piña-colada-flavored smoothies, and fries.

Former Costco employee Robert Lu created on Quora the he commonly hits increase the store"s food court during his lunch break. His favorite food selection staple to be the $1.99 part of combo pizza, complied with by gelato.

"Regardless the what girlfriend eat together the "main course", the pistachio gelato — or any kind of gelato — is to dice for," that wrote.

Some employee love it once you call ahead to order a pizza.


Hollis Johnson

Costco members can speak to ahead to order a pizza because that pickup. And some employees really appreciate the heads-up.

In a Reddit AMA, a Costco food-court employee wrote, "I personally love it when world call. They recognize when they"re gaining their pizza, they don"t need to wait 10-plus minutes for it, everyone"s happy."

Unfortunately, the employee added that most people order during the food court"s busy times. If you"re no hope to protect against the wait, the employee recommended ordering an hour or so before your desired pickup.

Employees know what wines pair nicely with food court items.


Matt Cardy / Stringer / Getty images

What wine pairs best with Costco warm dogs?

It"s a inquiry that previous Costco employee Alex Barrett answer on Quora:

"The Costco hot dog has a rather strong flavor, as far as hot dogs go, which deserve to be redoubled v copious parts of free condimentary onions," that wrote. "So you"ll want a wine v a overpowering, Listerine-like, nose to it. Absolutely a red."

His alcohol of choice? Ménage à Trois.

"It"ll at the same time compliment and overpower the onions. It come in a bottle with a cork, so friend can show up sophisticated. However the name still says, "Hey, I"m not taking this seriously,"" he wrote. "And it"s available at Costco."

The lar is unhealthy, however you have the right to ask because that nutritional information.

chia ying Yang/Flickr

Unsurprisingly, many of the meals easily accessible at Costco"s food court often tend to be on the unhealthy side.

One Costco employee told business Insider the "Costco requirements vegetarian items in the food court."

The great news is it"s simple to uncover out just how much damages your Costco food court run will do to her diet.

Just ask one employee for the menu"s nutritional information. They will offer you a printout, follow to the day-to-day Meal.

Writing top top the blog Addicted to Costco, a previous food-court employee wrote: "We will happily provide you v a publish out that the nutritional information. We keep them easily available in the food court with multiple copies. Don"t be afraid to ask!"

There's not lot of a wait time — but you'll acquire fresher food as soon as the lines are long.

Hollis Johnson

You won"t have to wait about to gain your food, most of the time.

Some Costco employees can whip up pizzas in a jiff with the aid of a spinning an equipment that in reality pours sauce top top the pizzas. On Reddit, however, other Costco workers claimed not all stores have such a sauce-distribution machine.

Still, fast organization is a highlight of the experience, follow to company Insider"s Hollis Johnson.

There is one upside come a liven food court, though. Greater demand may ensure you"ll acquire the freshest feasible food.

"Lunchtime is constantly a safe bet for fresh food," a seven-year Costco employee wrote in a Reddit AMA. "When the lines space long, the churros room good."

You don't have to worry about food-court expenses spiking ...

AP Photo/Elaine Thompson

You don"t have to worry around getting hit v a major price hike at the Costco food court.

In fact, the food court has actually charged $1.50 for its hot-dog-and-soda combo order since 1985.

In the 2009 execution of Costco Connection, David Fuller, the assistant vice president of publishing, created that Costco kept its food-court prices stable since they wanted to prove that "a organization can operate on a fair markup and still pay every one of its bills."

But don't think the food court isn't helping the chain's bottom line.

Michael Gordon/Shutterstock

But what"s Costco really getting out the its cheap and popular food court?

On Quora, a former competitive the person who lives at Costco composed that the food courts room actually"the main contributor come the dividends its shareholder get."

"Do no think because that one minute the Costco does not make a huge margin on food court products," user Lenin Lobaton wrote. "That is where the benefit of Costco comes from. In short, the food court is a yellow mine because that Costco."

In an answer to one more Quora question, he wrote that "the $1.50 warm dog and also soda, pizza, and also churros are all bottom line contributors."

Other Costco employees say the warm dog deal is bait todraw in hungry shoppers.

"We do not do money turn off of ours food," food court employee josh Smith composed on Quora. "The $1.50 hot dog deal is referred to as a "loss leader," which way that that is supplied to attract in buyers for various other higher-priced items favor the chicken bake, brisket sandwich, and also our brand-new item,chili."

"The whole thing is mostly a "member service" i beg your pardon is simply to store them happy," that wrote.

The cheese pizza includes over a pound of cheese.

Hollis Johnson

If girlfriend order a cheese pizza native the food court, you"ll yes, really be gaining your money"s precious of cheese.

Three Costco employees told company Insider the a entirety cheese pizza pie contains fifty percent a lb of cheese. Pepperoni and combo pizzas have less cheese, to make room for the toppings.

All pepperoni pizza pies have actually a specific variety of pepperoni.

Paul Sakuma/AP pictures

When you order a pepperoni pizza pie in ~ the Costco food court, girlfriend know specifically how many pepperoni slices you"re walking to it is in getting.

According to the Costco Connection, every pepperoni pizza pies are topped with 60 slices the "US-made" pepperoni.

You can also save her Costco pizza because that later.


Nothing win a hot, fresh part of pizza.

But, follow to the Costco Connection, the warehouse chain"s pizzas room fine come reheat "up come 48 hrs after purchase."

Employees think the food court is a an excellent deal — and they have actually their own favorite orders.

angel Cakes/Youtube

Among the 49 Costco employees business Insider gained in call with, pizza to be far and also away the most famous food-court order. A full of 20 employee selected cheese, pepperoni, or combo pizza together their go-to choice.

The berry smoothie and classic $1.50 warm dog were also well-loved selections.

Four Costco employees said items from the food court to be the best deals in the totality store.

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