If you want to purchase a Ford GT, you better prepare to jump with hoops and also obey Ford"s rules to stand any type of chance of gaining your hand on one.

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Ford GT purchase Process
If you were planning ~ above walking into your regional Ford dealership come buy a brand brand-new Ford GT, friend will desire to take a couple of minutes to check out the write-up below. The process of purchase a Ford GT is a lot different than purchasing any other Ford vehicle.

The original arrangement was to produce 1,000 GTs from 2016 come 2020. After ~ an overwhelming number of online applications, Ford chose to boost the numbers. There is now going to be a total of 1,350 GTs produced, yet this might take till the end of 2022. The rise in time is due to the truth that Multimatic Inc., wherein the cars are made, roll out just one GT per day.

There is an application process potential buyers must go through. And there is no guarantee to applicants that they will gain to purchase their an extremely own GT. The very first step is the virtual application that should be filled out and submitted. If your application is approved, and also you space awarded the chance to purchase a GT, be all set to sign a contract following rules for GT owners collection by Ford.

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Ford officials decided that the GTs would be sold through an applications procedure. They wanted the brand-new owners to fit into specific standards and follow specific rules.

The applications procedure was additionally a means to address the expected huge response to the Ford GT coming to be available. It practically sounds like you are using for a project with Ford come buy and promote your product.

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14 Ford GT Concierge Service

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The Ford GT Concierge company works v those who submit an application for the opportunity to acquisition a GT. And the Concierge organization continues on with buyers selecting the options to include in their GT. Then v production, dealer an option for delivery, and delivery that your brand-new pride and also joy.

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as soon as it involves buying a Ford GT, there will certainly be no possibility to cheap on the sticker price and shot to acquire it reduced.

In fact, those selected to purchase a GT won’t recognize the final price until the moment comes for your GT to it is in built. At the time, they get to choose their options and trims for their GT. If you qualify to purchase a GT, you probably aren’t also worried around the final price anyway.

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one of the stipulations in being allowed to acquisition a GT is the you must be able to pick it up from a dealership in a Participating Territory.

In Europe, Ford selected Austria, Belgium, France Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, and also the U.K. The center East and also Asian countries include China, Macau, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, and UAE. And both Canada and also the U.S. To be selected for North America.

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This is probably a bit of a given, however Ford expects that is GT owner to right now have a driver’s license. This will aid eliminate the chance of a GT finishing up sit in a garage or repertoire room due to the fact that its owner is not legally enabled to journey a vehicle.

The application form seems to imply that buyer choice may it is in made partially on buyers gift Ford enthusiasts. One ar asks the applicant about any vault Ford vehicles they owned. An additional section asks applicants if they room members of any kind of Ford Clubs or Associations and if the applicant attends Ford Events.

once you go with the applications submission, room selected through Ford, and then wait for distribution of her GT, you space “stuck” with your automobile for 2 years. Follow to the owner agreement, owners room not enabled to market their GT for a duration of 24 month after delivery.

There have actually been a few cases wherein owners make the efforts to rest this component of the agreement. This resulted in legal war with blended results.

over there is a section on the application kind regarding society media. It asks the applicant what varieties of society media, follower demographics, your role as a public influencer, and also the web links to her social media. Ford absolutely would prefer if owner are popular on society media for some extra marketing of the GT.

If girlfriend are among the lucky applicants to it is in awarded the chance to to buy your own GT, do room on your schedule to promote your GT. Ford expects that is GT owners to attend as many automobile shows, events, and Ford occasions as possible. And, if you can, journey it to the events for even much more visibility.

Ford frowns top top the GT’s castle sell getting parked at home as component of a buyer’s auto collection to just sit. They want the GT’s act what they were made for; driving and racing. GT owners space expected to acquire out v their cars, journey them, race them, and show lock off. Us doubt this would be a difficult chore to accomplish.

Those who acquisition their very own GT should follow every export and re-export regulations. Ford and government authorities should approval before any kind of GT is exported, re-export, sell, transfer, or dispose of any GT to any type of destination.

There are six nations that the GT is banned from. These encompass Iran, Syria, Sudan, north Korea, Cuba, and Crimea. If any laws or regulations space broken, the GT owner is completely responsible for any type of fines incurred.

Some vehicle owners will trade in your vehicles on a consistent basis. If you are selected by Ford to become a GT owner, you room not enabled to trade in your GT together this is part of the signed agreement. And you have to keep the GT because that a minimum of two years ~ purchase.

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If her GT demands to be trailered, it should be trailered in a JIMGLO elite Trailer. And also it doesn’t issue if the is because that servicing or simply moving the GT to a brand-new location.

Ford contacted JIMGLO v specifications because that a trailer just for the GT. The specifications had the driver exiting the GT in the trailer there is no crawling the end the window, implementing a front tie-down system, and also no call with the undercarriage top top loading and unloading. JIMGLO come up through the handmade Elite.

Hopefully, this never ever happens, however if any GT is in require of repairs that fall within the team 3 classification, the auto is compelled to walk to the original manufacturer, Multimatic Inc. In Canada. Some team 3 repairs include collision repairs, transport damage, major powertrain faults, and any other significant repairs.

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also though Ford included 350 an ext GT’s, just one GT is permitted per buyer from the current run. Applicants room asked if they currently own a GT indigenous 2004-2007. Ford appears to give preference to those applicants who already own one. The much more GT’s the merrier?

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