Do you love Starbucks? her dog might, too! A Starbucks Puppuccino (some world mistakenly contact it a Puppachino) is an item on the chain’s an enig Menu–and it’s just for dogs. A Starbucks Puppuccino is a little cup of whipped cream (no coffee!) the dogs love.

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Can dogs Eat Whipped Cream?

Whipped cream must be enjoyed in moderation to stop tummy troubles.


If you have a tiny dog or a dog with a perceptible stomach, you might want to enable your dog to simply enjoy a few licks of the Puppuccino before taking it house for refrigeration to enjoy later on (or ask your server for simply a half cup the Puppuccino!)

We generally gain one Puppuccino because that our 2 dogs come share.

What is the price of a Starbucks Puppuccino?

A Puppuccino is free!

We constantly order a Puppuccino with a payment item but, if you’re just coming by because that a Puppuccino only, be certain to guideline your server!

Are all Starbucks Dog Friendly?


Although all the Starbucks we’ve visited have actually dog-friendly patios, like many dog-friendly businesses through multiple locations, rules can vary from ar to location.

Starbucks areas with no patio (such as a Starbucks situated inside a grocery store store) are not dog-friendly.

Other places may be minimal by local ordinances so give your Starbucks a call before heading over.


Where can My Dog go at Starbucks?

Although Starbucks is a dog-friendly restaurant, your dog is limited to enjoy it the restaurant on the patio only. Only organization dogs are permitted indoors.


How to do Your own Puppuccino at Home

Can’t make it come Starbucks? It’s quick and easy come literally whip increase your own at house using a hand mixer or stand mixer.

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You deserve to use crate whipped cream–or make your own homemade whipped cream in simply minutes.

You’ll desire to use 4 ounces–or a half cup–of heavy cream or hefty whipping cream (which has slightly less fat). Be certain to chill it before whipping. Cooler cream will certainly whip much lighter and also fluffier (not that your dog will care!)

Unlike whipping cream for usage in person recipes, leave the end the vanilla and also sugar–just whipped cream! If girlfriend really desire to offer your dog a sweet treat, add half a teaspoon of blackstrap molasses to 4 ounces of heavy cream.

Want to do a dairy-free version for lactose intolerant dogs? substitute canned coconut milk rather of heavy cream. Chill the canned coconut milk overnight then whip it making use of a mixer for just a couple of minutes. (You can additionally use coconut milk and create a Pumpkin Spiced Latte for your dog!)

Regardless of whether you use hefty cream or coconut, watch for tool peaks in the mix–peaks that are slightly floppy but still host their shape.