Move over, burger King—there"s a coffee shop taking "have it her way" to a totally new level. With their willingness to placed as countless extra add-ons right into your drink together your love desires, Starbucks is a haven because that those who choose to "pumpkin-spice" up their latte. Yet don"t be fooled; the coffee chain has its limits. Over there actually space some points you can"t order native Starbucks.

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I recently talked v some real Starbuck"s baristas to obtain the scoop top top what"s totally off-the-menu. Here"s what they said were large Frappucci-NO"s:

"It" Frappuccino

According to resources on Reddit, a California Starbucks marketed an "It" Frappuccino on the DL as a promotion item. Inspired by the movie "It," the drink is composed of vanilla bean, strawberry pureé, and also a vanilla p scone blended together. Yet here"s the kicker: Starbuck"s policy prohibits blending pastries into drinks (Whoops!).

As the disgruntled employee pointed out, Starbucks has actually a policy that food can"t be blended right into drinks (which we"ll discuss much more later). One barista called me that technically they can blend pastry item from your case, but it can mess up your equipment and also most stores will refuse.

Of course, you can constantly order the "It Frappuccino" there is no the vanilla p scone and also blend it up at house if you want, but Starbucks won"t perform it because that you and also that seems favor a lot of work.

Anything You offer Them come Mix right into Drink

Sam Jesner

Starbucks deserve to make anything v their very own stock, but they can"t usage items you lug in because it"s a large health code violation. One barista told me some places will sometimes "mix" food if it"s marketed at Starbucks, however they will not mix outside food. Ever. They would have to clean whatever it come in call with (due to health code and food pollution laws), and also no barista desires to execute that just for her extra-AF drink.

A actual Macchiato

Melissa Simon

Fun fact: A timeless macchiato is actually simply a shot of espresso v a tiny amount the foam/steamed milk ~ above top. The name macchiato actually way “marked” in Italian. Together you may have actually noticed, Starbucks" macchiatos have actually a lot much more milk than simply a “mark” the foam. Their macchiatos space basically lattes v whipped cream and also flavorings. As soon as you order a Starbucks" iced caramel macchiato, you"re really acquiring an iced latte with extra fixings. Scandal!

So alright, ns guess I have actually kind of trickery you. Technically Starbucks have the right to make a actual macchiato, but you have to word that correctly. If you want one, order an "Espresso Macchiato." all this "real" and "fake" macchiato talk obtained you confused? No worries! It"s pretty straightforward to do your own Starbucks version of a caramel macchiato in ~ home.

An Espresso Drink in a Trenta Cup

Shelby Cohron

For those the don"t know, the "trenta" is the biggest size cup at Starbucks, holding approximately 30 oz the liquid. However, don"t acquire your wishes up around filling it through a caramel macchiato. The trenta have the right to only have details drinks in it, such together iced coffee and also iced tea, yet no espresso-based drinks. Girlfriend can get an iced coffee with espresso in a trenta cup, yet you can"t obtain a latte in a trenta cup. Oh, and not all locations have trenta, therefore there"s that, too.

"No-Foam" Cappuccinos

Leona Chu

Considering the whole suggest of a cappuccino is that it"s mostly foam, what you"re yes, really ordering is a sad-looking latte. Don"t execute this. Her barista will certainly be confused, the client behind you will certainly be confused, it"s going to it is in a confound time all-around. Girlfriend have access to the internet, go look up coffee terms, number out what the drink you want is in reality called, and also order again.

Secret menu Items... Without discovering the Recipe

Sophie Shi

One barista claimed it best: "Whatever a "Captain Crunch Frappuccino" is, I have no idea." Starbucks" baristas might be amazing, yet they"re not all-knowing. You can"t ask for a mystery Menu items without learning the recipe and also expect the barista to understand it because that you. They"ve gained the Starbuck"s actual menu to memorize, and also there"s no means they have the right to learn every mystery Menu item, too. Plus, it"s just great practice to recognize what you desire in life and also not depend on other civilization #adulting.

Be aware that your secret Menu items is probably going to have actually extra charges based upon what friend add. But be really clear with the barista around what girlfriend want, and the mystery Menu might be your brand-new best friend.

"Extra-Hot" Drinks

Becky Hughes

Starbucks" machine heats your water to boiling automatically, and also there"s no means for baristas to do the water hotter than it currently is. Plus, customer safety laws have actually regulated the temperature the water, therefore you most likely couldn"t obtain it hotter even if lock could adjust it. Forget around that "extra hot tea" or "extra warm americano"—it"s no happening in ~ Starbucks.


Lissane Kafie

Craving a cafecito? You much better hit up your (real or adopted) abuela, and also forget all around Starbucks. Spanish for "Little Coffee," this Cuban pleasure is made once sugar is mixed with the coffee grounds or espresso throughout the impending process. Because it may break your equipment, calls for extra cleaning, and also slows down the baristas, you can"t order the from Starbucks.

On a associated note, baristas deserve to only vapor nutmeg, cinnamon, and matcha. Their vapor wands are very fragile, and also anything rather clogs and breaks your bar. For this reason obviously sugar because that cafecito is turn off the table, and also don"t begin getting any funny ideas around whipped cream or cacao sauce.

Hot cacao Travelers

Ever taken a big cardboard believe of Starbucks coffee to-go? that 96 oz practically carrier is called a traveler, and also it doesn"t assistance all drink types. If you want hot cacao to-go in travelers because that that team study session, you"re the end of luck. The milk from the hot chocolate and also the product do not mix well, and Starbucks won"t do one for you.

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All constraints on this perform aside, there is very little you certain can"t order from Starbucks. If they have it, they probably can and also will make it because that you. However the next time you go for her caffeine fix, be mindful that Starbucks won"t put every little thing in her coffee cup.