Starbucks is among the leading coffee shops for keto-friendly drink options. Now, that is latest mystery menu beverage — the low-carb “white drink” — has taken keto pendant by storm.

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The Starbucks white drink is a rotate on the coffee chain’s Peach Citrus White Tea Infusion: A drink that typically blends a fruity white tea with a cane sugar-based syrup. At 11 network carbs, the initial infusion is not particularly keto-friendly — however a couple of customizations ramp increase the fat content while cutting sugar.

Keto white drink fans on Instagram introduce ordering the original Starbucks tea infusion v a couple of modifications: Ask for sugar-free vanilla syrup instead of constant syrup, and include heavy cream to the drink. Then, customers can likewise ask your barista to blend through ice for a frappe-style beverage.

The result? A frosty drink that mimics the flavors of peaches and also cream, without the sugar and also carbs that will certainly max the end your macros. The Starbucks white drink is absolutely a low-carb law — yet is it yes, really keto?

Is the Starbucks white drink truly keto-friendly?

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Starbucks’ white drink is a step in the best direction for creating a low-carb tea blend. By cutting the end sugar and adding fat, the fits in a ketogenic diet better than many drinks ~ above the menu.

However, the white drink walk not assistance a true ketogenic state. Starbucks sugar-free syrups (and many sugar-free products) contain a sugar substitute called sucralose. Sucralose is a common sugar substitute often advertised together low-carb or diabetic-friendly. However, new research reflects that that may ultimately raise blood street by altering your gut bacteria,<1> and also ultimately won’t assistance ketosis.

The Starbucks white drink also contains hefty cream — a dairy product product that’s technically keto-friendly, but not the highest-quality resource of fat. In between pasteurization that oxidizes the fat in cream and also lactose that have the right to upset your stomach, conventional hefty cream have the right to be extremely inflammatory—making it more of a “dirty keto” option.

What’s the takeaway? your Starbucks white drink requirements an update — and also with a few easy swaps and just minutes of prep, you can make a keto-friendly version at house in a fraction of the time.

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How to make the keto Starbucks white drink at home


This cooking recipes is a clean, anti-inflammatory rotate on the OG Starbucks white drink — with optional upgrades to assistance a much more ketogenic state.

Start to Finish: 5 minutes

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Ingredients:1/2 cup cook filtered water1/3 cup full-fat box coconut milk (BPA-free)6 fall of liquid stevia or monk fruit, or an ext to taste1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract, or more to taste1 cup iceInstructions:In a mug, include boiling water and tea bags. Steep tea because that 4 minute (or together instructed on the box), climate remove and also discard tea bags.Add tea to a high-powered blender through coconut milk, sweetener, vanilla, oil, and also ice, and blend till slushy (about 10 seconds). For a non-blended version, merely blend liquid ingredients and also pour end ice.Taste the mixture, and also add much more sweetener, ice, or vanilla if needed and blend or mix again until smooth.

Serves: 1

Nutritional info (Per Serving):Calories: 250Total fat: 26gNet Carbs: 1g

Want more cool, keto-friendly coffee and tea? shot mint mojito iced coffee, dirty chai frappes, one iced matcha latte, or an iced coffee protein shake.

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