I’ve been working as a Starbucks barista on mine campus because that over a year now. Don’t obtain me not correct — i love mine job. There are few things that make me happier when someone asks because that a suggestion and then ends up loving it, or comes earlier to give thanks to me due to the fact that their drink come out great.

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With that being said, there space a handful of points customers perform that yes, really grind mine gears, and also I’m share this article with the really hopes that you can spare her barista the grief and avoid act them together well.

1. No saying what size you want

I gain it, you’re in ~ Starbucks because you need your daily fix of caffeine, and if you’re anything choose me, you’re choose a zombie before you acquire it. With that gift said, more people 보다 you would think don’t say what size drink they desire — probably about a third of all customers don’t.

Even if you don’t understand the Starbucks lingo, you can ask because that a “large” and we’ll know what it means, but please, don’t offer us some really facility order without speak what dimension so we deserve to actually note the cup together you speak it. It simply gets really repetitive having actually to ask client after client what size drink they want while trying come remember your orders.

Also through ordering, please have the courtesy to get off of your phone because that two secs to connect your order. Not just is it extremely rude to be on the call or glued to your text as soon as trying come order, however chances are we won’t be able to understand you and also you i will not ~ be paying fist to us if us ask you a question. For this reason please, cave up with mom before getting in line.

3. Dumping coffee into the trash

Jocelyn Hsu

When we ask you if you want room because that cream in her coffee, the is so that there is space in the cup to put milk in if girlfriend wish. That’s no such a hard concept, is it? If not, then why do people ask for no room yet then go over and also dump fifty percent a cup of hot coffee right into the trash to add milk? Please stop doing this. The rubbish bags are already disgusting when we get approximately to transforming them, and also dumping fluid in them just makes that worse.

4. "I want that iced."

Rebecca Li

We all do mistakes, however if I had a penny for every time ns heard this one, I might afford every the Starbucks my heart desires. Unless you specify, all of our espresso beverages are made hot. I don’t treatment if the the center of summer, you should let us recognize if you desire something iced. We’re happy to work again, please again it because that you, however it messes increase our flow and also slows united state down, and this might all it is in avoided by specifying when you order.

This also applies to, “I wanted that v soy,” or, “I didn’t want whip ~ above that.” We are baristas, not psychics.

5. Saying "Frappé"

A “frappé” is a drink in ~ McDonald’s. Starbucks go not have “frappés.” If you order a “frappé” rather of a Frappuccino, you will certainly sound stupid and also your barista will certainly judge you, no inquiries asked. Simply kidding, however don"t carry out it. 

6. "Is this mine?"

You simply ordered a small hot drink one minute ago, so no, this big iced drink is no yours. I don’t acquire this. Girlfriend think that all of these world that have actually been waiting here longer than you are simply standing around for fun? This venti Frappuccino v whipped cream is no your tall hot chai tea latte. Us make drinks in order, so your order is not going come be prepared right after friend pay.

7. Being in a hurry

This one goes in addition to the critical one. Us make drinks in order, so we room not going to prioritize her just due to the fact that you room in a hurry. It’s very rude to ask the barista come make your drink very first because you have to make it across campus in 5 minutes. It’s no our fault that you assumed that would be sufficient time to order Starbucks and also make that to her meeting.

8. Iced Caramel Macchiato

Jennifer Behrendt

My critical pet peeve is more than likely the one the bothers me the most. Macchiatos room not an alleged to be iced. Macchiato in Italian means “marked,” definition that your milk is marked with espresso, creating a solid coffee smell at first that progressively fades into sweet milk. As soon as you order that iced and drink it v a straw, this is already going to it is in backwards because you are starting at the bottom.

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And to make things worse, a item of me dies every time ns watch someone stir your iced caramel macchiato ~ they acquire it, combine the layers. Or worse, castle order that “upside down.” that isn’t a caramel macchiato anymore. That an iced latte. If that’s what you want, stimulate that, yet why am ns wasting my time making a macchiato if you’re simply going to mess it up?

It’s clear the nobody actually knows what a caramel macchiato is and that lock are simply ordering it due to the fact that it sounds cool, however please don’t. If you desire to understand what a drink is, ask her barista. Us love come share our knowledge!

Long story short, i ask you come please prevent doing this things, in effort to aid keep her barista sane amidst all the crazy, caffeine-deprived people we encounter on a everyday basis.