Every iced coffee drink in ~ McDonald’s, ranked, including Frappes! acquire tips on how to order, calorie count, and see what’s in each drink.

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Iced Coffees at McDonald’s

McDonald’s began their McCafe line of drinks to rival renowned Starbucks beverages favor Iced Caramel Macchiatos and also Mocha Frappes. Instead of Frappuccinos, their frozen drinks are dubbed Frappes.McCafe drinks deserve to be bespeak at any kind of McDonald’s at any time that the day.Every little drink is $2.00 or under because small sized McCafe drinks room on the dollar Menu.There are only two milk alternatives for espresso drinks: whole and also nonfat milk. There space no dairy-free milk substitutes. For iced coffees, a irradiate cream is added to the drinks.McDonald’s does not charge extra for spices or add-ons. An iced coffee is the very same price as a flavored iced coffee.There are 4 syrup flavors for coffee drinks: caramel, hazelnut, French vanilla and also sugar-free French vanilla. There’s also chocolate syrup because that espresso drinks. Hazelnut and sugar-free French vanilla are not accessible at all locations.Even if friend don’t watch it top top the menu, you deserve to customize utilizing any combination of syrups.None the the espresso drinks have the right to be made with decaf however iced coffees can be made through decaf.

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Every Iced Coffee in ~ McDonald’s, Ranked


11. Iced Caramel CoffeeIce + Brewed Coffee + light Cream + Caramel Syrup Calories in a medium: 190Sugar in a medium: 26 g

Tasted bitter and out that balance. McDonald’s caramel has actually a really buttery flavor to it, and also this drink tasted type of like burned popcorn. That tasted favor the caramel didn’t have any sugar top top its own however at $2.00 because that a medium, this is just one of the best deals on the menu.


10. Iced French Vanilla LatteIce + Espresso + entirety Milk + French Vanilla SyrupCalories in a medium: 240Sugar in a medium: 34 g

The French vanilla latte was the sweetest of the bunch, v an overwhelming vanilla flavor. This drink would have actually been boosted with simply a couple of pumps much less of the syrup.


9. Caramel FrappeIce + Caramel Coffee Frappe basic + Whipped irradiate Cream + Caramel DrizzleCalories in a medium: 510Sugar in a medium: 67 g

The caramel in ~ McDonald’s can get to be as well buttery and also cloyingly sweet if too lot is added to the drink and that to be the instance with this frozen drink. The Caramel Frappe provides a mix the caramel coffee frappe base and also caramel drizzle, so the mix the the two resulted in it being as well caramel-y.


8. Iced MochaIce + Espresso + totality Milk + Water + coco Syrup + Whipped light Cream + cacao DrizzleCalories in a medium: 320Sugar in a medium: 43 g

This drink could have used more chocolate. Rather of tasting like chocolate and also espresso, the iced mocha was an ext like one iced latte.


7. Iced Caramel LatteIce + Espresso + whole Milk + Caramel SyrupCalories in a medium: 270Sugar in a medium: 36 g

The caramel and the espresso work-related well with each other and carry out just the appropriate amount that sweetness.

6. Iced Caramel MochaIce + Espresso + whole Milk + Water + coco Caramel Syrup + Whipped irradiate Cream + Caramel Drizzle Calories in a medium: 300Sugar in a medium: 38 g

If you love a swirl of caramel in her brownies, that’s pretty lot what this tasted like. It’s a decadent drink that feels prefer dessert.

5. Iced CoffeeIce + Premium Roast Coffee + light Cream + liquid Sugar Calories in a medium: 180Sugar in a medium: 28 g

Refreshing, coffee-forward, and also just a touch sweet native the fluid sugar. This is a solid version of every coffee shop staple. The just complaint is that it taste a little bit watery, but it wasn’t off-putting at all and a great option to reach because that on a warm day.

4. Iced Caramel MacchiatoIce + Espresso + entirety Milk + Water + Caramel Syrup + Caramel DrizzleCalories in a medium: 310Sugar in a medium: 41 g

The caramel macchiato is made practically exactly like the caramel latte yet with one extra caramel drizzle (this drink has 30 more calories than an iced latte), and also the boost of caramel really brings this drink come the following level.

3. Iced LatteIce + Espresso + entirety Milk + WaterCalories in a medium: 120Sugar in a medium: 9 g

Another standard for a reason. Lightly sweetened through liquid sugar, the beat of espresso and milk together was a great combination.

2. Iced French Vanilla CoffeeIce + Premium Roast Coffee + irradiate Cream + French Vanilla SyrupCalories in a medium: 170Sugar in a medium: 23 g

Iced coffee tasted more powerful than the espresso-based drinks, so that’s most likely why the French vanilla smell in the iced coffee was standing out an ext than in the iced latte.

1. Mocha FrappeIce + Mocha Coffee Frappe base + Whipped Cream + coco DrizzleCalories in a medium: 500Sugar in a medium: 66 gThis frozen, combined drink tastes prefer melted ice cream cream and also it to be the many delicious drink ~ above the menu. The espresso flavor wasn’t overwhelming, and the cacao paired well with the coffee.

Tips ~ above Ordering

Every drink is do with totality milk by default, and also some of the drinks came sweetened. If a drink didn’t have actually a syrup flavor, it was sweetened with liquid sugar.You deserve to request the drink to it is in made through nonfat milk or with any kind of of their flavored syrups.If you desire your iced coffee there is no milk or sugar, you need to specify that you’d prefer the drink black and also unsweetened.There are some inconsistencies through how numerous pumps that syrup are added to sweeten a drink at different McDonald’s locations so your best bet is come specify the variety of pumps you want in her drink.

Questions You may Have

What is light cream and light whipped cream?

MacDonald’s light cream is made v cream and whole milk and light whipped cream is made with cream and also nonfat milk.

Can you acquire McDonald’s iced coffee there is no milk?

Yes, however you need to specify the you desire your drink black, or there is no milk, otherwise it’ll come v milk already added.

Does McDonald’s use various coffees for their iced coffee and also espresso drinks?

Yes. Because that coffee drinks (both hot and iced) McDonald’s uses a tool roast blend. For espresso drinks (both hot and also iced) McDonald’s supplies a darker roasted blend.

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How lot does coffee cost?

Coffee in ~ McDonald’s is really affordable contrasted to Starbucks or various other coffee shops. Tiny iced drink at McDonald’s are $2 as component of their Dollar Menu.


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