There are civilization who reap In-N-Out Burger, and also then there space those that love it. The latter team of people can be an ext than simply a small involved v their orders. Rather than stick to the basic orders put on the menu, In-N-Out fans have created a bevy the "secret" menu orders. These room discussed and also debated to no finish on Reddit and also in person. What doesn"t acquire as lot attention is the food that"s best there on the menu in former of everyone.

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In-N-Out"s classic in-person food selection is created of a Double-Double, cheeseburger, hamburger, french fries, and shakes. The food selection items are expanded out through a "Not So secret Menu" that includes some of the most famous custom orders. In true In-N-Out fanaticism, one customer even mimicked the brand"s font and colors to make a not so mystery menu the looks prefer the regular menu.

If you"re not the kind of person who likes to ask for modifications, the not So an enig Menu is a godsend, however not every little thing is worth ordering. These space the ideal menu items at In-N-Out burger on both menus, ranked native worst come best.

In-N-Out citizens is a straightforward place through a simple, pared-down menu. But there"s a fair debate to it is in made that the hamburger is simply too simple. The conventional hamburger is made through sponge dough buns (a kind of dough that results in incredibly fluffy white bread), a slim beef patty, onions (grilled or raw), lettuce, tomato, and also the In-N-Out spread. Bespeak a constant hamburger in ~ In-N-Out citizens is sort of like considering all of the 31 flavors at Baskin-Robbins and also settling ~ above vanilla.

This has been a complaint around the plain burgers because that years now. In 2013, Larry Olmsted, food columnist because that USA Today, had this come say around the burgers: "The an extremely basic, slim fast-food patties housed in share buns are virtually identical to those at McDonald"s or burger King."

There to be a factor why so numerous In-N-Out burger diehards developed a "secret menu" that options. The hamburger feels more like an empty paint-by-numbers canvas than one that"s to fill out and full that life.

Double Meat is the an initial item provided on In-N-Out Burger"s "Not So mystery Menu" online. It"s basically the hamburger, but it has actually two the the thin patties fairly than one. Stacking the patties makes for a much more balanced burger contrasted to the typical hamburger. There"s an ext heft to it the balances out the thick slices of tomato, and dual meat way that each bite doesn"t taste prefer a mouthful the bread and also trimmings with a next of patty choose the hamburger does. 

Focusing on the meat isn"t a negative thing and falls well right into In-N-Out Burger"s fresh-ingredient philosophy. According to Business Insider, every restaurant needs to be in ~ 300 mile of a distribution facility (one factor why In-N-Out burgess isn"t all over by now) to ensure all of the food is in prime condition when it makes it to the customer. The twin Meat has no extras or large flavors to hide behind. Burgess purists will appreciate the dual Meat, yet if you"re trying to find the many flavor-packed and also balanced stimulate possible, there room much better options top top both the continual menu and also the not So secret Menu.

On paper, this citizens sounds choose it has potential. Every one of the materials are there: an equal balance that meat to cheese (four patties, four slices the American cheese), and some flavor-equalizing lettuce, tomato, onion, and also spread. However it"s just too tall. Even two-ounce patties can add up come formidable heights when they"re consistently stacked. The 4x4 (also dubbed the Quad-Quad, according to In-N-Out Burger) has actually a vertical height that"ll do you desire to stretch the end your jaw muscles prior to trying to handle it.

This is the biggest burger noted on the no So mystery Menu, but the chain should have actually stopped earlier. In a Reddit ask Me Anything, an In-N-Out citizens employee listed it"s likewise the biggest the restaurant will make because that people.

"We aren"t permitted to do anything larger than 4x4s anymore," the poster wrote in response to a question of how large one have the right to go. "4x4s are already ridiculously tough to wrap and anything larger would just look choose a full mess. Again, it"s about presentation. If you want a bigger burger, we can give you cheese patties on the side yet we"re not enabled to in reality assemble it because that you."

Of every the fast food french fries in the world, In-N-Out Burger"s acquire the worst rap. Movie critics hate them, the internet hates them, the feels like anyone who voices an opinion hates them. A food movie critic for SFGate ran a story with the headline "No Debate: In-N-Out fries room bad" because they"re "soggy, sickly beige, under-salted, wilted, and unworthy of being dubbed a fried food at all." The Los Angeles Times noted them together dead critical in its ranking of fast food french fries, if LAist felt the require to explain how come order In-N-Out fries that don"t suck. The general public"s opinion isn"t much better. TV writer Matt d"Ambrosio tweeted the the fries room trash and said, "Love yourself. Eat better french fries."

Changing every one of those opinions would certainly be monumental, and also the french fry"s ar on this list isn"t an attempt to do so. In-N-Out proudly proclaims that the fries room shipped directly from the farm, individually cut, and cooked in 100 percent sunflower oil. Still, the fries aren"t great, but they"re fine — simply fine enough to land close come the middle of the list. ~ all, it"s easy for some average menu item to autumn by the wayside when compared with cult favorites choose the Double-Double. If you want fries, go off food selection with animal Fries.

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The cheeseburger is a classic menu choice that elevates itself above the hamburger through the effortless addition of a part of American cheese. American cheese doesn"t acquire a many love native true cheese connoisseurs (just consider all the publications that have tried to answer the inquiry "what is American cheese?"), and also In-N-Out citizens doesn"t perform a whole lot to resolve that reputation by explicate its cheese just as "the genuine thing." There"s one food that proves not all American cheese is bad, however: cheeseburgers. American cheese makes essentially every an easy hamburger better. Cheesemongers agree, follow to Insider, since it melts perfectly.

The main thing holding In-N-Out Burger"s cheeseburger ago is that it only has actually one two-ounce patty. The balance isn"t there, and also the cheese deserve to overpower the rest of the seasonings without a solid protein presence. In short, In-N-Out"s cheeseburger pipeline you wanting more. The ideal fast food orders at In-N-Out — or any fast food citizens joint, because that that issue — deserve to stand up on their own. The cheeseburger just can"t carry out that.

Protein format is a dual Double (two patties, two slices that American cheese) the replaces the bun v lettuce. Bunless burgers have their place. It also helps the the standard bunless burger is modeled after one of the finest menu options, a Double-Double, quite than a double Meat, solitary patty burger, or anything with 3 patties or much more (that critical one would get really messy really fast). The order is a boon for world who space looking to eat a tiny healthier but still desire some In-N-Out Burger. Protein layout burgers optimal the healthy and balanced lists of plenty of publications, consisting of coming in as CBS"s finest low-carb burger and topping the perform at Eat This, not That! as well.

The lettuce because that the Protein style burger acts as a clamshell to hold it every together, which would certainly in theory store the insides native falling out. Unless you"re foregoing carbs, though, it"s far better to just go with one of the conventional burger choices with buns. The sauce can get runny, and also the to wash lettuce renders the whole thing a tiny moist and messy.

Like the rest of the menu, the shake choices are short and sweet: vanilla, chocolate, and also strawberry. In-N-Out"s huge selling suggest for the shakes is the they space made v "real ice cream cream," i beg your pardon is similar to the fresh-ingredient selling suggest for the remainder of the menu. It makes In-N-Out Burger various from other rapid food places, favor McDonald"s, that usage soft offer in the shakes.

Soft offer ice cream has an ext air, which results in one easier-to-drink milkshake. Soft offer ice cream can be largely air, follow to Smithsonian Magazine, while constant ice cream has less 보다 30 percent air. There"s nothing wrong through that — particularly when the ice cream is tasty, together it is at In-N-Out — yet it does make the drink thick.

For pan of the three main flavors, the milkshakes are constantly worth ordering. It"s essential to note that simplicity has actually driven world to shot to hack the milkshakes similar to people have actually hacked their means into much better menu items. Situation in point: the Neapolitan, i m sorry is a blend of all three flavors. At the very least one human even says the best means is come order two and drink them in ~ the same time. Perhaps the best means to manage an In-N-Out milkshake, though, is to start with a spoon.

The grilled cheese often gets thrown top top the children"s menu at restaurants, however at In-N-Out Burger, it"s top top the no So secret Menu. It"s made with the buns fairly than white, wheat, or sourdough bread. Slices that American cheese space loaded inside together with lettuce and also sauce. Ask because that an extra toasted bun because that a little more crunch (sponge dough is designed because that spongy fluffiness, after all, and also something in a grilled cheese requirements to add texture), and you"ve got yourself among the finest fast food grilled cheese you can order.

When reduced to the most simple definition, the grilled cheese is just a meatless burger, kind of like just how the Protein format is just a bunless burger. The just thing gotten rid of is the patty, and also viola: a grilled cheese. That"s no a hit on it, however. Even David Chang, creator of Momofuku and also celebrity chef, appreciates In-N-Out"s grilled cheese. Chang said Eater the his go-to bespeak is "one grilled cheese v griddled tomatoes, animal-style and spicy."

Say you"re really hungry when you approach the In-N-Out notified counter. A Double-Double won"t cut it — let alone a solitary patty hamburger or cheeseburger — and also the 4x4 is, as mentioned previously, also uncomfortably huge to eat. The is when the 3x3 is the perfect order. 

The 3x3 (or Triple-Triple) is big but no unmanageably so. It"s choose a cheeseburger viewed through a magnifying glass, with three patties, three slices that American cheese, lettuce, onion, tomato, and spread. And though it"s easier to eat 보다 a 4x4, there"s no denying that a 3x3 is a lot of food. The calorie website My Fitness Pal uncovered each patty has 100 calories, 6 grams the fat, and also ten grams of protein. Multiply the by three and add in every little thing else, and there"s no questioning the the 3x3 deserve to erase any hunger pains. That said, this is much from an daily burger (or every week, or maybe even every month ...). However, there"s a time and also a place (like once you"re famished and would favor to be complete for the remainder that the day) once the 3x3 is the many satisfying order in ~ In-N-Out Burger.

Animal layout fries aided make in-n-out"s "secret menu" popular. The animal Style sauce in ~ In-N-Out refers to the spread put on every one of the In-N-Out burgers, which, according to food scientist J. Kenji Lopez-Alt, is a thousands Island-style sauce written of ketchup, mayonnaise, and also sweet pickle relish. Despite the spread is put on the various other burgers and also sandwiches in ~ In-N-Out, bespeak a burger animal Style transforms things increase in every the finest ways.

First, the two burger patties space cooked with mustard for a tangy flavor boost. The bun is extended with even much more spread than the classic orders, and also the mustard patty, lettuce, tomato, pickle, and grilled onions are placed in between the buns. It"s the burger for world who ask for "everything" nevertheless of the kind of sandwich or citizens they are ordering. Much more ingredients, plus that mustard-cooked patty, fill the Burger pet Style out. It"s filling and also messy. It drips in excess rather than balance but in a means that"s satisfying quite than off-putting.

Chefs often tend to agree. 6 of 21 chefs polled by Eater, including Anthony Bourdain, said that a Double-Double pet Style (which is the very same as ordering a Burger animal Style) is their go-to order.

The Double-Double is the Goldilocks burger. It has the perfect ratio of meat to bun to trimmings come spread. Conversely, the Burger animal Style is flavor-packed, the Double-Double doesn"t have to hit anyone end the head v extras. The meat isn"t overpowered like in the single-patty cheeseburger, however it"s not overwhelming like in the 4x4. Balance is what provides food sing, and the Double-Double is choose a world-class opera singer who is both approachable and also talented.

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Of those 21 chefs polled through Eater, countless of the ones who didn"t to speak the Burger animal Style was their favorite opted instead for a well-balanced Double-Double. The Double-Double combo enjoy the meal is not just number one ~ above the menu, the is number one in flavor. There"s no thrill the ordering turn off the secret (or not so secret) menu, and therefore no credit from the most excessive of In-N-Out burgess fans who hear her order, but the burgess itself makes up because that it. In the end, it"s far better to have actually a an excellent tasting burger 보다 to look prefer an In-N-Out burgess insider.