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Want to store your more personal purchases personal from a nosy spouse or child? Amazon’s pipeline your purchase background readily obtainable through the “Returns & Orders” tab at the height of every page. Yet you can easily hide assignment on Amazon indigenous prying eyes by archiving them. Here’s how.

The best way to hide her Amazon order is come archive them therefore they don’t show up in your constant orders list. The alternative to archive an bespeak is only accessible when searching Amazon ~ above your computer system or by utilizing your phone’s web internet browser in desktop computer mode.You can’t usage an app or Alexa an equipment to carry out this function.

1. On your computer go come (see instructions below on how to check out a desktop computer version of the Amazon website on your phone)

2. Click on the “Returns & Orders” tab.


3. Discover the items you desire to hide in her orders list.

4. Listed below the order with the article you want to hide, click “Archive order.”

5. In the pop-up window, click “Archive order” again.

Once her order has actually been archived, that won’t show up under “Returns & Orders.” If you need to find your order, you deserve to go come “Account & Lists” and scroll down and select “Archived Orders.” You’ll need to log-in again to your Amazon account before you see your save orders. Girlfriend can select to “Unarchive Order” if you desire to return your order come your constant order list.


How to inquiry a desktop computer website on her iPhone


To see a desktop version that a internet page on your iPhone (using the Safari web browser app), tap top top the twin AA in the URL bar and also you’ll check out “Request desktop Website.” when you click a connect in desktop computer mode, girlfriend will proceed to check out the desktop version the the site.

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How to request a desktop website on your Android phone


To view a desktop computer website on her Android phone, tap the triple dots in the upper right of the screen of the Chrome browser app to open up the menu. Climate tap top top “Desktop site.”When you click on a connect in desktop computer mode, you will continue to view the desktop computer version the the site.