Steak is just one of the most versatile and also customizable meat alternatives available. V so plenty of cut types and doneness level to pick from, steakhouses deserve to serve tailor-made steaks to satisfy every meat-lover’s palette. While various cuts that steak offer different flavors and textures, the doneness level of her steak determines the flavor, texture, temperature, and color of your steak.

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“How would certainly you like that cooked?”

This a question that every steak restaurant in Dallas will ask you complying with your order. Back many people answer this question confidently, others often tend to be unsure what level the steak doneness matches their preference for color and texture. In fact, it happens all the moment at steakhouses – someone orders a medium rare steak, climate cuts into it and also sees the it contains more red 보다 they had actually anticipated. Various other times, the steak may show up to fit your choices until you with the center, which could be an ext rare 보다 you favor. If this has ever happened come you, it might indicate the you room not actually ordering her steak the way that girlfriend would like it to show up on your plate.

When friend dine at Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse, we want to make sure that her order is just to your liking the first time it pipeline our kitchen, indigenous the an initial bite till the last. While our servers are constantly happy to guide you v your options, right here is a closer look in ~ the various ways come order her steak for lunch or dinner.


If she going to learn around the different ways a steak have the right to be cooked, it’s advantageous to recognize a thing or two around the meat before it hits the grill. ~ all, this can assist give understanding into just how the state of the meat changes as the cooks. In the raw, uncooked form, a steak will certainly feel squishy and also soft if the fat bordering the steak will be hard. Together the steak sit on the grill, the meat will become firmer and also the fat shrinks and softens.

Blue Rare

A blue steak is precisely what friend would expect it to be – seasoned, browned, and also warm simply on the outside and bright red in the middle. The cooks for a very short quantity of time and is soft to the touch. The facility of blue rarely steak is 50 – 75 levels Fahrenheit.


A rarely cooked steak is cooked just a little longer 보다 a blue rare steak, enough to sear the external while keeping a 75% red center. The center is quiet cool, around 86 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Medium Rare

For steak lover who prefer a rare center with the thickest brown crust possible, a medium rare is the best option. The steak is warm throughout, v an internal temperature of 134 to 145 degrees Fahrenheit. The outside of the steak is firm and also well-browned if the within of the steak is 50% red and also soft.


A tool cooked steak is the happy middle between rare and well-done. The is the favorite selection for those who like very small color, 25%, in ~ the facility of your steak when the remainder is well burned to a wealthy brown. While that does save a contempt spongy texture at that is center, the steak is otherwise firm come the touch.

Medium Well

This level the doneness is the preferred choice for world that carry out not want any color in your meat, return it might contain a an extremely light shade of pink in ~ the center. Tool well steaks are stiff and also are covered with a charred, dark brown crust.

Well Done

On the much right-hand next of the steak doneness scale are fine done steaks. The steak is totally cooked throughout without the little hint the pink. That is additionally the most complicated way to cook a steak, as it have to be browned v without burning the outside. However, the best Texas steakhouses have actually perfected techniques that an outcome in a perfectly well done steak each time.

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Our Dallas Steakhouse Will cook The Steak of her Dreams 

We hope the while reading through this guide, you room able to find your enhance for steak doneness. Even if it is it’s rare, medium, or well done, Y.O. Steakhouse is happy come cook and serve her steak exactly how you favor it.