While us did research study of our own to find the vegan options at Dominos, we desire to begin by sharing v you the exact an answer we obtained from Domino’s when we contacted them to ask what vegan alternatives they offered:


Thank you because that contacting the domino Customer assistance team.

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We right now do not market vegan options.

Most sincerely,

Domino’s customer Support

Now, technically speaking, if you take into factor to consider shared surfaces or cross-contamination climate this may be true. However, many of united state in the vegan neighborhood understand that us going to run into those varieties of worries when eating out at many (not all) restaurants. It would have been nice to get a little much more of an effort into the solution than this.

Having stated all that, we did our very own research and did come up through some vegan-friendly choices you can grab with simply a few simple adjustments at Domino’s.

Vegan choices at Domino’s Pizza

lasignoralaura.com quick Order:

Pasta Primavera. Instead of the Robust motivated Tomato Sauce for the Alfredo. Advise NO cheeseMediterranean Veggie Sandwich. Advise NO cheese. Ask because that either the Robust inspired Tomato Sauce, BBQ Sauce or Sweet Mango Habanero Sauce on the side. Spread out on your sandwich.Classic Garden Salad with a vegetable Dressing indigenous below. Recommend NO cheese or croutons.Chicken to apologize Pecan Salad through a vegan Dressing below. Advise NO chicken or cheese.


Penne PastaArtisan Sandwich BreadBaby SpinachBanana PeppersBaby CarrotsGarlicGreen Chile PepperGreen PeppersHamburger Dill ChipsJalapeno PeppersMushroomsOlives, BlackOlives, GreenOnionsParsleyPepperonciniPineappleRoasted Red PeppersTomatoes

Vegan Dressings:

Kraft CatalinaKen’s gold ItalianKen’s Lite Balsamic v Olive Oil VinaigretteMarzetti Balsamic VinaigretteMarzetti golden Italian

Sauce/Dipping Cup:

Robust influenced Tomato SauceGarlic Dipping SauceKicker warm Sauce Dipping CupMarinara Dipping Sauce (the marinara pizza sauce consists of dairy!)Sweet Mango Habanero Sauce/Dipping Cup


Butter Flavored OilCinnamon sugar Shake-OnCorn MealCreole SeasoningCrushed Red PepperGarlic and Herb Shake-OnPan Spray

Domino’s vegetables FAQ


Our Picks

Ryan’s Pick: I have actually not had Domino’s due to the fact that going vegan. Ns can’t lug myself to carry out pizza without vegan cheese.

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Jen’s Pick: prior to Ryan walk vegan we offered to stimulate Domino’s semi-regularly. Ns would develop my own pizza with several veggies. The pizza was good, that just constantly came out quite expensive due to the fact that I constantly had to pay every topping. If friend can record a deal that enables you to include lots the toppings, climate it’s a no a bad get.

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