Hello, ns live in California, me and also my fiancé lost our dog a couple of months earlier and have actually been considering gaining a ferret. I have done part minor research, and also am quiet in the learning phase. I’ve to be told they are illegal in California, but also told they room not.

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I have a couple of small pet certification however haven’t unable to do through any type of ferret process or anything.

Can anyone suggest me in the direction of how to look at into getting a ferret, and if someone with an 8-5 job is qualified of gift able to meet their needs?

Thank you!


Ferrets room illegal in California. I would certainly not advise owning a ferret when in California. Its not worth the risk. If captured they will certainly be taken far and an ext than most likely euthanized. That being said most vets will certainly not see them. If friend do obtain one save in psychic emergency needs. Meaning ferret do gain hurt and also do obtain sick or blockages easily. And a emergency vet is required (within 30 mins) just isn't precious the danger to me

Yes a human being with a 8-5 task is capable of having actually a ferret. Allow them out while you are acquiring ready for work and also let castle play as soon as you are residence from work. They need 4+ hrs a day outside the cage

Agreed. I save seeing these short articles pop up recently- if an pet is illegal in your state, straightforward answer is don’t gain it. Whoever told OP the they aren’t illegal is wrong. (I think there room no work-arounds here, I could be wrong. Ns don’t live in Cali) the agreement is the they room illegal and also most vets won’t watch them.

OP- watch into getting a pair rats. They are bundles of fun. Or guinea pigs! Maybe also a bunny.

That’s specifically what I needed to hear, I had been said by someone else they space illegal come buy however not come own, the grey heat is no a place I wanna sit through a life at risk so this was really very helpful, give thanks to you!

They're certainly illegal in California, and also most vets will certainly not see them since of it. If they're discovered and reported, they'll be taken, and also you will not acquire them back. Don't gain a ferret.

I've responded to posts like this a couple of times for this reason look ago at some replies I have actually made. Because that someone who works 8-5, it's fine to have actually ferrets but it yes, really is necessary to have an ext than 1. Ferrets require to have other ferrets to it is in healthy. There's a the majority of other stuff you have to be mindful of but I've pointed out all this in several of my current posts.

It's doable... I inherited mine and also we do fine here. Part cities in California are heralding themselves ferret sanctuaries. Look this up and get involved! ns think Arnold Schwarzenegger had actually a chance to legalize them and also refused. There room still groups trying legalize domestic ferrets, though I fully understand why hybrids or your wild counterparts can destroy part California wildlife. I think ferrets are like chihauhuas and polecats and minks room wolves.

Anyway I keep them here and we have around 3-4 vets we carry them to. One did surgery on mine ferret. Lengthy Beach vet does surgery too and they are the only vet the told me pet control walks right into their clinic and confiscates ferrets. So I have actually no desire to walk there in spite of their expertise lol. The pets stores also sell the an easy Marshalls products and of course the high finish cat foods aren't hard to find.

It is a tension for me. Nothing worse might happen to me than my ferrets being taken away and also killed. That being said I think a crazy abusive human being would need to report you and also the police would require a warrant. Us have had actually police and also ambulance workers at our house for emergencies and also they usually just say five cool, ferrets! If girlfriend live in one apartment you require someone come hand them turn off to during inspections.

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So yeah. I would recommend help legalize them and also maybe think about owning castle if you're in a sanctuary City.