How do you buy a gun in Illinois?Buying a firearm in Illinois have the right to be a complex and confusing task.

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But us can assist you navigate through all the license applications, forms, and also legal requirements right here in our well stocked and also friendly gun store. We deserve to walk you v the purchase procedure step through step, and also answer any kind of questions you might have.

FIRST: you should be one ILLINOIS resident end 21 to buy a handgun.

If you are over 18 and also an Illinois or bordering state resident from Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri, Kentucky, or Indiana you CAN purchase a long gun though. All various other out the state residents must transfer v an FFL dealer.

SECOND: you require to have a valid FOID map if girlfriend live in Illinois.

FOID stands for Firearm Owner"s ID and can be applied for ~ above the ISPFSB website, or you deserve to use our in-store kiosk and apply for her FOID map right below in the store. Frequently you receive your new FOID map in the mail in 4-6 weeks.

THIRD: you require to have actually a precious state i would or Driver"s License.

And at the very least one form of your ID"s (FOID, IL CCL, State ID, or Driver"s License) demands to have actually your CURRENT address. Non us Citizens must also have your long-term resident card v you. If you execute not have actually an ID through your current deal with on that we perform accept supplemental documentation such together your auto registration, W2 form, or any kind of other government issued paper with your current resolve on it.


We require a $250 minimum deposit on all firearm purchases. ALL cancelled sales will incur a $250 re-stocking fee.Special assignment are required to be payment in full at the moment of order.Paperwork and also payment takes about 10 minutes.

Waiting Period:

The State the Illinois calls for a 72 hour waiting period for ALL firearm purchases. We start this waiting duration when you initially put money down. Meaning, friend will have to come back 3-29 days later to pick up your brand-new gun since background checks expire after ~ 30 days.

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Perks the Purchasing in ~ Maxon:

Every total purchased here comes through a cost-free range pass the is an excellent for 1 totally free hour of range time. This complimentary range happen NEVER expires.We additionally offer 10% off up to $100 the accessories and ammunition with any type of gun purchase both at the moment of the sale, and at choose up.

Other vital Info:

Once a gun has actually been transferred to its new owner that gun is considered USED (per ATF regulations) and also cannot be went back for a complete refund.


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