Understanding exactly how to fill a one hitter properly is of paramount importance as soon as using this exceptional smoking device.

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If friend don"t fill your one hitter appropriately you space going to address all species of issues such as a mouth full of ash or blocked air circulation resulting in no inhalation at all! us are better than this guys.

In this post we space going to breakdown just how you fill a one hitter and also pro advice on how to use and also smoke her one hitter for the ideal experience possible!

As that 2021 it"s so vital to learn exactly how to budget while cigarette smoking and also to be together sanitary as possible when smoking. Making use of a Dart One Hitter is the perfect means to come to be the most efficient smoker possible.


So let"s learn exactly how to fill the perfect key for your one hitter whether you are on the walk or not, and how to conserve money and also keep your health in mind as well. Store reading listed below to come to be an professional on how to fill a one hitter.

3 rule to load a One Hitter Perfect Every Time

The importance of packing a one hitter the right method is that it is going to do all the distinction in your smoking experience. Not only that, if you pack it appropriate each time girlfriend will never ever waste any type of marijuana and also ultimately save money!



Let"s go over the measures on exactly how to fill a one hitter:

1. Grind your Weed Right

Learning how to pack a one hitter isn"t that difficult if you understand this an essential ingredient: perfect soil cannabis. Together all grinders are made differently we can"t tell you exactly how come grind her weed, however I will give you this rule of thumb to work with.


If her weed is ground too fine then this will an outcome in friend pulling a mouth full of ash into your one hitter pipe. If you carry out not ground her weed enough and the pieces are too large then it will block the airflow and also you will not be able to inhale any type of weed in ~ all.

We indicate you try to grind increase three different consistencies of cannabis and also then load each into your one hitter and test i beg your pardon is the perfect consistency. Climate grind your weed that method each time for this reason you have the right to load her one hitter later on with no issue.

For a 4 tier cannabis grinder, perfect for a one hitter, shot our Dart herb grinder.

Pro-tip: If her bud is really dry you may want to no grind the up too much since it will revolve to ash also fast and if your bud is huge and moist you might not want to grind too large because it will certainly block the airflow.

2. Fill One Hitter through a Beveled Edge 


The next step is the pack of the one hitter. Inspect out the image over in the center as you can see the weed is pack nice and also tight within of the one hitter bowl chamber. Now to achieve this perfect fill you space going to desire to usage the right tools in the first place.

The Dart has a beveled sheet in the room so all you have to do is take her canister that weed and suggest the bowl finish of the chillum down into the marijuana. Push and also twist in ~ the same time. This properly packs your marijuana perfect every time due to the fact that as you push you room packing and as you twist you room using the beveled edge to rest apart the weed.

3. Usage a Canister to keep Weed


Using a one hitter is all about being on the go, convenience, and of course stealth. You don"t have time to rest up weed and grind it every time you want to exhilaration pot, this defeat the objective of making use of a one hitter.

Make sure you use a premium smell-proof marijuana canister like the Dart"s canister. Grind your weed to it"s perfect consistency and store all her weed right into this odor proof three canister so you are good to smoke for the whole week!

Even though you know exactly how to fill a one hitter perfectly keep analysis as we breakdown exactly how to use a one hitter action by action so you get the ideal bang for her buck.

How to use a One Hitter action by Step choose a Pro

Now that you have actually the fundamentals down v the perfect packed one hitter, it"s time friend understand how to use a one hitter as a whole and also get the finest smoke possible. For everything you should know around check out our one hitter can be fried guide.

Now you know you should have a canister for your cannabis full of perfectly grounded marijuana. Through that down, all the next procedures are at sight easy, especially with The Dart.


Follow these three simple steps on how to usage a one hitter:

Step 1. Twisted to pack your One Hitter

Take her marijuana canister with the perfectly ground weed and face your one hitter bowl chamber down into the marijuana. If you have a Dart you can quickly load her one hitter by pushing down and also twisting.

The beveled edges in the Dart one hitter pipe chamber and also pressure will help you to pack your one hitter perfectly. If you do not have actually a Dart and are using an enlarge one hitter pipeline then just make certain to angle your dugout so heaviness can help a little and dual check the weed packed in the one-hitter to make sure it"s packed perfectly. Girlfriend are trying to find a nice and also tightly packed bowl v no loose pieces. Choose the picture below:


Packing a one hitter has actually never been easier.

Step 2. Smoke her One Hitter

Learning how to smoke a one hitter is really important. Don"t just press the flame right into your one hitter and also inhale it like a bong. It depends on whether her cannabis dried or moist? us recommend friend lighting the flame and then tapping the key of marijuana in your one hitter in and out of the flame.

This isn"t what you have to do every time but as a beginner simply test what various burns will perform to your loaded one hitter chamber.

Pro-Tip: If your weed is dry don"t provide it too much flame but if her weed is moist go ahead and also light her up!

Inhale while doing this come make certain you find that sweet spot. Keep lighting and also inhaling till all the marijuana in the end of the pipeline is finished.

Step 3. Ash your One Hitter

If you space not utilizing a Dart climate you will not have actually this function. If you are using a Dart ~ you space done just simply press the switch down top top the inhalation end of your one hitter and you will feel it push down prefer a button. This is ejecting any ash in the bowl chamber so you don"t need to bang or shake her one hitters anymore!

Pro-tip: If you are constantly using the self-ashing system you don"t have to clean her one hitter as often and also you mitigate the hazard of inhaling construct up the resin and tar into your lungs.


How to load a One Hitter without a Dugout

Since the DART is no your average one hitter, it only makes feeling that the doesn’t pack like the usual cigarette one hitter dugout you typically see. The traditional one hitter is usually stored through a dugout all in one, yet can it is in a little bulky and also cumbersome.

The DART is more efficient and also discreet. Utilizing a canister to organize your ground up weed is perfect because it fits ~ above your vital chain and is smell proof.

If friend don"t have actually a canister or a dugout for her one hitter, maybe you simply ran the end of weed or forgot climate what you will want to execute is the old fashion way. Usage scissors to pilgrimage off small pieces of bud right into the consistency that you understand will burn smoothly in her one-hitter pipe.

If you space really on the go and just have actually to get your exhilaration in climate last will is to usage your fingers and try to pinch the end that perfect consistency as stated above. No issue if you select to use scissors or finger to grind her weed make sure that you room packing the one-hitter pipe at the end. You deserve to do this through a gentle push of her fingers right into the key chamber.

The last point you desire is a bunch of loose plucked cannabis v your fingers the isn"t packed right into the chamber.

Remember, once lighting a bowl, simply a tap of the fire to the weed is sufficient to get it burning. Once, it’s burning, pull slow and smooth. A one hitter was supposed for microdosing cannabis, you’re no hitting a bong therefore no require for a huge inhale.


When you’re using a one hitter the most crucial step is loading the bowl. You will be happy to notification you’re just the right amount the high and your stash is stretched out end a longer duration of time contrasted to utilizing other approaches of cigarette smoking weed.

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The DART is the best device for conserving flower and also now that you know how to load a key properly, you will do it be pleased through your overall results.

Read on come learn whatever you need to know about one hitter. Thanks because that reading! stay lit!