On Victory means near the ESPN broad World that Sports facility is pop Century Resort.

Pop Century hotel map

Pop Century is a near-clone of the All-Star Resorts—that is, four-story, motel-style structures built roughly a central pool, food court, and also registration area. Decorate touches make the difference. Wherein the All-Star Resorts display screen larger-than-life icons from sports, music, and movies, and Art of computer animation is motivated by Disney cartoons, popular music Century draws its icons from years of the 20th century and also their attendant famous culture: building-sized large Wheels, hula hoops, and also the like, punctuated through silhouettes of human being doing the jitterbug and also the twist.

The public locations at popular music Century room marginally an ext sophisticated 보다 the ones at the All-Star Resorts, through 20th-century period furniture and decor rolled up in a saccharine, those-were-the-days theme. A food court, a bar, a playground, pools, and also so on emulate the All-Star Resorts version in size and also location. A popular music Century exit from the All-Star precedent has goods retailers thrown in v the fast-food concessions in a combination dining-and-shopping area. This apparently is what happens once a gigantic corporation make the efforts to integrate selling pizza with hawking Goofy hats. (You simply know the word synergy was offered like cheap cologne in those style meetings.) together at the All-Star Resorts and Art the Animation, there’s no full-service restaurant. The will is associated to the remainder of Walt Disney world by bus. In addition, the Disney Skyliner transports guest to both EPCOT and Hollywood Studios, as well as Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort and the Disney’s Riviera Resort. During less liven times of year, the Skyliner may be the just transportation alternative offered between pop Century and also EPCOT and Hollywood Studios; bus company may be included to those destinations throughout busier periods.

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Due come the resort’s restricted dining options, you may want to consider having a car.

Guest rooms at popular music Century are tiny at 260 square feet. The decor is upbeat, through white bedspreads and white walls. Wall surface art depicts pop art version of Mickey Mouse. Sleek modern-day furniture and hardwood flooring administer an upscale touch, but these are not rooms you’d desire to spend a most time in. Bathrooms are tiny and also counter an are a scarce commodity. Worst of all, we’ve received many complaints from readers that the soundproofing in between rooms is inadequate. A lake separating popular music Century indigenous the art of computer animation Resort offers water see not accessible at the All-Star Resorts.

Look for building-sized large Wheels, 8-track tapes, and also Disney characters, punctuated by silhouettes of human being dancing the decade"s fad dance.

The biggest visual difference in between Pop Century and also the All-Star will is the decorations in prior of every building. The All-Star Resorts have larger-than-life symbols from sports, music, and also movies, while pop Century paint, etc its icons from the 1950"s come 1990"s.

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How popular music Century compare to other Disney value Resorts

Pop Century is a little much more expensive - and also a small bit much better - 보다 Disney"s 3 older worth resorts, the All-Star Movies, Music and also Sports resorts; popular music Century is slightly less expensive than the more recent — and far better — art of Animation value resort.

Where to Check-In, gain Theme Park Tickets, and also Make Dining Reservations

A protection gate security the entrance to popular music Century"s grounds. If you arrive by car, you"ll require to carry out photo ID at the gate; it"s not important to provide your reservation number or paperwork. A committed parking lot across from the lobby serves as momentary parking for those who require it while checking in.

Guests keeping a vehicle at the hotel overnight will certainly be charged $15 every day.

Check-in time at pop Century is 3:00 PM, and check-out time is 11:00 AM. Popular music Century strongly encourages use the Disney"s Online Check-In regime to assist with social distancing. The online Check-In program permits you to you carry out name, address, and credit card information up to 60 days before your come on disneyworld.com or the mine Disney endure app. If you"ve checked-in online and provided a mobile phone number or email address, friend will obtain your room number electronically. Then you can go right to the room and also use your smart call or MagicBand to open up the door, skipping the lobby altogether.

Pop Century"s registration staff can carry out MagicBands for her stay, if friend don"t currently have them. Beginning January 1, 2021, guests will certainly no much longer receive complimentary MagicBands yet will still have the option to purchase them.

Get layout park tickets and also dining bookings at the Concierge Desk, to the right of the registration Desk. If you require to inspect in and achieve theme park tickets, you have the right to save part time in line if one adult it s okay in line because that tickets simply after another adult start the it is registered process. The Concierge desk can likewise make Disney dining reservations, and also you have the right to avoid a wait over there by making lock online prior to arrival.

Left: The hotel"s lobby, referred to as Classic Hall, features 20th-century duration furniture, photos, and toys presented in a saccharine those-were-the-days theme. Right: kids can play in a one-of-a-kind waiting area while parents check in.

Pop"s rooms contain 2 queen beds. One have the right to be folded increase (becoming a table!) when not in use.

Each popular music Century room is furnished with the following: Two queen beds (1 normal bed plus 1 pull-down bed the converts into a table) OR one king bed (mostly in ADA-accessible rooms) Dresser Small table v 2 chairs Nightstand with telephone Coffee maker Full-length mirror (on bath door) WiFi wireless net access Flat-panel TV Mini-fridge Ironing board and iron Hair dryer Digital thermostat In-room safe Tiny party of H2O-brand shampoo, and bar soap

The mini-fridge is a dorm-style unit that sits under a respond to or desk. It"s an ext like a beverage chiller 보다 a frozen fridge in that it"ll keep drinks cool, but you"re not going to frozen popsicles or do ice cubes in it. What you won"t discover in her Pop Century room is a microwave.

Pop Century Room Layout

pop Century bathrooms space tiny. Practically all feature a tiled bath tub with shower, while part wheelchair-accessible rooms have actually a roll-in shower there is no tub. One nice function in the standard commodes is a shower curtain rod the curves outward, therefore you"re not always elbowing the shower curtain if shampooing. Water pressure in the shower is average - probably less than what you get at home, yet still sufficient to get your hair clean. Eventually.

A different dressing area beside the bathroom contains one sink, however not much respond to space. A 1500-watt, wall-mounted hair dryer is provided, however it"s not very powerful; carry your very own if you"ve obtained lots the hair. The dressing area consists of a curtain that separates that from the sleeping area. Linked with the bathroom, this way that 3 people can obtain dressed in ~ the very same time.

Bathroom and also deressing area in pop Century"s rooms.

Handicap-Accessible Room Options

Pop Century has around 200 handicap-accessible rooms. Some function roll-in showers, if others incorporate assistive hearing devices. A subset of these rooms have been converted to comply with Florida"s ease of access Code, with alters to whatever from bed, counter-top, and dresser drawer height, come door widths, wheelchair ramps, and more.

Some the Pop"s obtainable rooms have the conventional setup that 2 queen beds; many rooms through roll-in showers have 1 king bed, although a small variety of roll-in shower head rooms have the typical 2 queen beds. Use ours hotel room finder to view which rooms have actually which features.

Standard Rooms and Preferred Rooms, conventional Views and Pool Views

Disney knows that part hotel rooms are far better than others. Most world prefer to it is in close to the lobby and dining, and want something pretty come look at from your hotel room window. Come capitalize top top this, Disney categorizes every one of Pop Century"s hotel rooms based upon how lengthy it takes girlfriend to walk to the lobby, and also what you see from inside the room.

Here"s the system Disney uses: Pop"s Standard Rooms through Pool Views are uncovered in structures 1, 2, 3, 7 and also 9. Pool see rooms in buildings 1, 2, and also 3 confront the 1950"s-themed Bowling Pool, while rooms in structures 7 and also 9 face the 1990"s computer Pool.

There space plenty of exception to Disney"s room group system. Discovering what to look for will help you acquire a far better room at a cheaper price.

For example, rooms 1x65 to 1x72 in structure 1 are Pool View due to the fact that they face the 1950"s Bowling Pool. However, room 1163 also faces the pool, yet it"s a cheaper Standard/Standard because the rooms about it have unexceptional views. To find these kinds of rooms, usage our Room Finder to find for standard Rooms v Pool Views, and click top top the rooms not highlighted in red, just next door to the rooms which are highlighted in red. This will assist you discover the "borderline" instances where Disney was hesitant to upcharge for a far better room.

Dresser, TV, and cabinet containing a fridge and also coffee maker.

When you"re ready to to make reservation a room at popular music Century, very first check MouseSavers.com to check out if over there are any kind of discounts. Then contact a take trip agent to book. We use and recommend little World Vacations.

Pools and also Playgrounds at pop Century

Note: Guests space not forced to stay a mask in their will pool due to the fact that that would be counterintuitive in ensuring safety. But keep in mind that guests are compelled to stay a mask as soon as walking to and from the pool area or Petals swimming pool Bar.

Pop Century has 3 pools. The largest, The Hippy Dippy Pool, sits directly behind the classic Hall lobby and food court, in between the two structures dedicated to the 1960"s. The flower-shaped swimming pool is painted in bright colors that complement the bordering buildings. Nearby to the Hippy Dippy pool is a water beat area, where small children deserve to play in tenderness fountains that water bubbling increase from the ground.

Pop"s 1960"s-themed Hippy Dippy Pool and Water pat Area

The three structures of the 1950"s ar contain the Bowling Pool. As its surname suggests, this pool area is themed like a bowling alley, and features bowling round racks and also oversized shoe racks. The Bowling pool is considered a "quiet pool," meaning that according to play and splashing about are discouraged.

Pop Century"s third pool is The computer system Pool, uncovered in the 1990"s section. (We hoped because that a pool shaped choose "The Rachel" - Jennifer Aniston"s haircut on Friends.) The computer system Pool is shaped favor a giant laptop pc and, prefer the Bowling Pool, is thought about a quiet pool.

The 1950"s Bowling Pool and also 1990"s computer Pool. Both space quiet pools, complimentary from loud play and also splashing around.

Pop Century"s pools variety in depth from around 3 feet 6 inches/1.1m come 4 feet 9 inches/1.4m. Pop"s pools are open every day, including during winter. Pools space heated come 82°F/28°C throughout the year. Pop Century go not have a hot tub or jacuzzi; those are uncovered at Disney"s moderate and also deluxe resorts.

There space no water slides at pop Century"s pools, nor at any kind of of the value resort pools, yet guests can find showers, storage lockers, restrooms, and also laundry facilities at every of the three pools. Pool hours space at least 9AM come 8 PM, expanding to as much as 7 to be to 11 PM throughout busy times. All 3 pools will have lifeguards throughout the pools" operation hours. For an ext information on the pools at WDW resorts, consisting of towels, entertainment programming, handicap access, kiddie pools, life vests, and also much more, view our Walt Disney human being Resort Pool truth Sheet FAQ.

Playgrounds at popular music Century

A small playground collection is located in between the 1970"s building 10 and also Classic Hall. The collection has two little plastic slides and a pair of sections with a couple of steps for toddlers to go up and down. Safety seems to it is in Disney"s concern here - there are no swings, and the entire area is covered in a springy, poured rubber surface.

A small water play called Goofy pop Jet Playground area sits at the end of building 5 nearest standard Hall in the 1960"s section. This play area is also surfaced v poured rubber, and has water jets bubbling increase from the ground. "Surfer Goofy" and 1960"s sports automobile statues are surrounding for photo opportunities.

Restaurants and also Dining

There"s no full-service restaurant at any Disney worth resort, consisting of Pop Century. Instead, pop Century has the Everything pop food court that"s unfortunately attached to popular music Century"s gift shop. If you"re wade through the lobby, there"s no method to get to the food court without going with the gift shop.

Everything popular music is set up like a food court in ~ a mall. There are 7 various stations, each offering one set of meals. Because that example, one station sells pizza and also pasta; another sells burgers; one more is dedicated to sandwiches, and also so on. If your children each want something different, you"ll need to line up numerous times. The great news is that several of the food is prepared on demand, therefore you"ll at least be obtaining your burger cooked to order.

Prices variety from $6 come $15 because that an entree so you won"t break the bank. No one of the desserts are an especially interesting but there is a pretty assortment of ice cream sundaes and also shakes. Among the resort"s couple of signature items is the Tie-dyed Cheesecake, which gets combined reviews from our readers.

Everything popular music is set up prefer a shopping mall food court. Seven different stations each offer a different form of food.

Everything Pop"s breakfast menu has actually the normal combinations of eggs, potatoes, bacon, ham, waffles, pancakes, and also biscuits, one of two people alone or in various "platter" options. An omelet station serves veggie, egg white, and Western omelets, add to "Floridian" (with shrimp, tomatoes, and also guacamole), "Italian" (with sausage, peppers, and also mozzarella cheese), and "Southwest" (with shredded beef, black color bean salsa, and chipotle cake cream). Other tasty breakfast options include corned beef hash, Spanish quiche, and also a range of yogurts. Kids" breakfast choices are basically the same, just with smaller portions. There"s likewise a breakfast turkey sandwich option.

For lunch and dinner, everything Pop serves common food court fare such together pizza, pasta, hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken nuggets, chicken sandwiches, and also salads. That food selection is usually supplemented through nightly or weekly specials, such as burritos, nachos, and also quesadillas, fish and also chips, and also other quickly identifiable cuisine. Even the pickiest eaters should have the ability to find something on the menu. And, prefer at breakfast, kids" options at lunch and also dinner are usually the same as adults, with smaller part sizes.

Guests looking to snack or gain a enjoy the meal at every little thing Pop are additionally encouraged to mobile order using mine Disney endure app. After selecting an arrival window, you deserve to scroll with the menu and also build your order, affix a technique of payment, and then choose up her meal in ~ a marked designated ar at the food court as soon as notified.

Everything popular music Food Court Hours

Following the 2020 closure as result of COVID-19, every Disney Dining Plans to be suspended and also are currently unavailable to purchase or include to a resort package.

When the dining plans are offered, every little thing Pop participates in the Disney Dining Plan; meals expense 1 Quick business credit, and also there are a wide selection of snacks to usage as Snack credits top top the Dining Plan.

Free refills are obtainable for coffee, tea, warm chocolate, and also fountain drink (including juice and milk) during your enjoy the meal at everything Pop. A huge beverage station sits just beyond the cash registers, and this station additionally provides toaster ovens, hot water, ice, condiments, and also napkins. Every little thing Pop additionally participates in Disney"s fast Fill refillable mug program, where you purchase a souvenir plastic mug once, and also get free refills for the remainder of your stay. The price is a flat $19.99 because that your size of stay.

Pizza delivery company to your will room is unavailable at this time. Yet guests can still stimulate pizza from Everything Pop and take the to their rooms. The food quality is often listed below average, though, so you"re probably far better off v something rather or call Domino"s.

Petals swimming pool Bar Just outside of the food court and also on the means to the Hippy Dippy pool is the Petals swimming pool Bar. Petals has outdoor seating and a limited drink menu, with several beer selections, a pair of wines, and a small an option of spirits. It"s well if you desire a Budweiser or strawberry margarita come relax v by the pool, or to get a nightcap on the method back to her room for the night. Petals pool Bar is usually open 12 pm to 9 afternoon daily, weather permitting.

Transportation to and also from popular music Century

Driving Your very own Car Disney"s popular music Century will is just off of I-4 in Lake Buena Vista. Take it I-4 Exit 65 - pet Kingdom / Wide World that Sports and also you"ll end up top top Osceola Parkway. Stay on Osceola for 0.9 miles/1.5 km, then turn best on Victory Way. Walk about 0.6 miles/1 kilometres down victory Way, climate turn appropriate on to Century Drive, i beg your pardon is pop Century"s enntrance gate road. You"ll watch Pop Century"s authorize well before you have to turn.

Pop Century"s GPS deal with and location are: Disney"s popular music Century Resort 1050 Century Drive Lake Buena Vista, FL 32807 Latitude: 28.350444 North, Longitude: 81.541198 West

From Orlando international Airport If you"re arriving at Orlando worldwide Airport, Disney"s cost-free Magical express bus business will take you and your luggage directly from the airplane to her hotel, then earlier to the airport as soon as it"s time for your trip home.

At this time, Disney’s Magical refer is no much longer offering luggage delivery for those arriving and also departing from Orlando worldwide Airport. Instead, guest will need to case their luggage prior to proceeding to Disney’s wonder Express business located in the Ground transport Area in Terminal B, Level 1. However, luggage assistance, including storage and also transportation come your will room, is still obtainable at her Disney Resort. For more information view our Disney"s miracle Express commonly Asked questions page.

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From Sanford global Airport It"s about a 40-minute journey from Sanford to popular music Century. If you"re not renting a car, be conscious that Sanford"s airport offers under transportation options than Orlando"s, and Sanford"s options are typically much more expensive. A taxi native Sanford international Airport to pop Century will certainly cost between $120 and also $150, depending on traffic. Mears Transportation uses 3-passenger towncar service to popular music Century for around $140 every way, add to tip; 5-passenger SUV company or 10-passenger van is about $190 each way. That means round-trip transport will run you somewhere in between $240 and also $380, to add tip, between Sanford and also Pop Century. In ~ those prices, it may be less expensive to rental a car and also park it at the hotel.

Getting to the template parks, water parks and Disney Springs

The Disney Skyliner gondola system has a terminal on the bridge in between Pop Century and also Art of Animation, which provides these will a great base for visiting Hollywood Studios and EPCOT, the two theme parks linked by the Skyliner. The hub terminal is located at Caribbean beach Resort, for this reason you need to take the Skyliner there first and then switch to either the EPCOT or Hollywood Studios line. Indigenous the station, the ride to EPCOT"s worldwide Gateway entrance is around 20 minute while the ride to Hollywood Studios is around 12 minutes, although those times don"t take any kind of lines to get into the gondola into account.

Disney provides complimentary bus service from popular music Century to Magic Kingdom, Disney"s animal Kingdom, Blizzard Beach, Typhoon Lagoon, and also Disney Springs. During busier times of year, bus service to EPCOT and also Hollywood Studios supplements the Skyliner. Pop Century"s bus stop sit along the front wall of the standard Hall lobby, in between the lobby and also check-in parking lot. Each theme park has actually its own bus avoid somewhere along the wall. Animal Kingdom"s bus service is shared with Blizzard Beach, when Disney Springs and also Typhoon Lagoon likewise share a stop and service. Pop Century walk not share bus organization with any type of other resort, including Art of Animation.

Pop Century"s Bus Schedule

Ask a Disney Castmember around Pop"s bus schedule, and they"ll tell you that buses run around every 20 minutes. In reality, Pop"s bus schedule varies considerably depending on the time of day and where you"re headed. Because of social distancing measures, bus wait times might be longer than anticipated. This is particularly true first thing in the morning.

For example, if you"re top to the Magic Kingdom in between 8 AM and also 11 AM, you"ll wait approximately 12 minutes, ~ above average, because that a bus come arrive. The bus schedules for EPCOT, pet Kingdom, and also Disney"s Hollywood Studios are about the same early on in the day, v a bus getting here every 13-17 minutes, top top average. Bus schedules to the water parks and also Disney Springs are a little less frequent, and you might wait anywhere from 16 come 34 minutes because that a ride.

Buses operation a little slower from about 11 am to about 4 PM, when most civilization are already in a park. Disney"s evening buses space scheduled about the design template parks" closeup of the door times, where many of the fleet is deployed to acquire guests ago to your hotels. Her waits to go back to your hotel indigenous a template park should typical out to roughly 20 minutes under many circumstances.

If you"ve acquired your very own car, it"s much faster to journey yourself to Disney"s animal Kingdom, the Typhoon Lagoon and also Blizzard beach water parks, and also Disney Springs. Disney"s transportation system is faster to the Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, and Disney"s Hollywood Studios.