Throughout the day, we saw all 4 parks to test the modified system. We supplied Disney’s park-to-park transportation and also got answers to many of our questions. Throughout the day, us learned A LOT, including some good tips. So today, we’re sharing our advice for the 7 large Park hopping mistakes girlfriend DON’T want to make!

Not making a Disney Park happen Reservation

This first point is a very important technicality because that the modification Park dance system. The Disney Park happen reservation device is just how Disney at this time monitors the park capacities, and guests will certainly still be compelled to make a Disney Park pass reservation if they arrangement to Park Hop.

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Ahead of your visit, make your Disney Park happen reservation for the very first park you arrangement to visit that day. You won’t be required to make a preventive for your second, third, or fourth parks, you’ll just host on to the reservation that you made for the an initial while you hop.

Disney’s pet Kingdom layout Park

Without a Disney Park pass reservation, you won’t be allowed to enter any type of of the Disney parks. If girlfriend need more information top top the Disney Park Pass device or would favor a accuse on exactly how to make a reservation, click below.

Here’s how to make a Disney Park happen Reservation!

Not to buy a Park Hopper Ticket

Possibly the best mistake you could make once attempting come Park Hop is to not purchase a Park Hopper ticket. Guests who wish come visit an ext than one layout park in a day will need to have a Park Hopper qualified ticket or yearly pass to perform so.

Sunset Boulevard

Park Hopper tickets cost much more than regular tickets, so you’ll need to decide for you yourself if the extra cash is precious it. If you’re to buy tickets for a group, obtaining the Park Hopper can add hundreds to her total, so store that in mind as soon as making her decision.

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Skipping Your first Park

Here’s another huge no-no when trying come Park Hop — DON’T skip your an initial park! In order come Park Hop later on in the day, you’ll must make sure that you visit the park girlfriend made a Disney Park pass reservation for FIRST.


Animal Kingdom Gate

If you skip your very first park and shot to head directly to the second (even if it’s in ~ Park hopping hours), you’ll be refuse entry. Then, you’d need to go every the means to your very first park, scan in, then go earlier to your second park. That would certainly be rather the hassle, therefore make sure you carry out your first things first!

Can i Park Hop to Multiple Disney Parks on the exact same Day? We’ve got the Answer!

Trying to Park Hop as well Early

One that the caveats come the new system is that guests space only enabled to Park Hop during specified Park to dance hours. These hours are currently noted on the Walt Disney civilization website. 


Currently, the Park Hopping home window begins in ~ 2PM, but there’s a opportunity that time could adjust in the future, for this reason make sure to examine the hrs ahead of your trip. In ours experience, we can get into our second park up to 15 minutes before the posted Park Hopper hours, however not any type of sooner.

Basically, don’t think the you’ll have the ability to visit Magic Kingdom very first thing in the morning, climate hop end to EPCOT for a mid-day lunch. If you try to do that, you’ll have some really “hangry” people waiting outside the EPCOT entrance for a couple of hours, and you’d be wasting beneficial park time!

What the Return of Park Hopping means for your 2021 trip to Disney World

Not checking Park Capacity prior to You Hop

As much as Park dance goes, every little thing is topic to availability. Guests will only be able to enter a Disney human being park if it’s not currently at capacity. Thankfully, Disney has actually a systems for sharing the availability with guests.

If you’re to plan on hopping, contact (407) 560-5000 because that the many up-to-date details on park availability. when you dial, a recording will tell you which parks have access for hopping. we recommend call this number before you leaving your very first park.

If the park you arrangement to hop to is full and also you’re currently in transit, climate you’ll be challenged with the trouble of adjusting her plans while on the move. Sure, you deserve to head come a different park or simply go earlier to your an initial park, yet either way, you’ll waste time.

Learn much more About the availability Phone Number HERE!

Forgetting to spending plan Time for Transportation

Budgeting time appropriately is a problem countless guests confront when visiting Walt Disney World, yet it’s specifically important if you arrangement to Park Hop. Traveling between two parks bring away time, and you’ll most likely need to schedule an extra hour right into your day merely for transit. 

If one hour seems favor too much, store in mind that you’ll need to leave the present park, walk come the Disney transportation you arrangement to use, travel, climate go with temperature checks, security, and also the entrance at the 2nd park. This might take also longer if you’re driving and you have to allow time for parking.

We’ve uncovered that Disney’s park-to-park buses begin running around 15 minutes prior to the Park Hopping hours begin, for this reason if you desire to be at your 2nd park right at 2PM, you might want come Uber, take the Skyliner, or hop in your vehicle (if you brought it).

Your techniques of Disney-owned transportation include Friendship boats and also Skyliner between EPCOT and Hollywood Studios. (There’s additionally a walking path, but it bring away a while.)

Keep in mind the the EPCOT monorail is not right now running, so you’ll need to ride the bus, drive, or rideshare if traveling to/from Magic Kingdom.

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Not check Park hours or Planning front of Time

With the modified Park hopping system, you’ll be compelled to do a bit much more planning in advance. due to the fact that reopening, Disney human being has generally had shorter park hrs than in the past. Appropriate now, there are even some job when animal Kingdom closes at 5PM!

If you desire to Park Hop, friend should definitely check the end the park hours on the website or in mine Disney Experience before your visit to help you decide which park to go to first. Since pet Kingdom is closing so early, you might decide to select to visit the in the morning. Otherwise, there may be a day whereby you only obtain 3 hours in the park! Similarly, EPCOT is often open the latest, therefore you might get more time there in the afternoon.

Similarly in the “planning ahead of time” category, you’ll desire to visit Hollywood Studios very first thing in the morning if you want to ride climb of the Resistance. A Disney Park pass reservation is forced to get a boarding pass, and both boarding team drop times happen before Park Hopping hrs begin.

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We definitely recommend sit down and thinking around your plans for Park to dance if you’re paying extra because that the ticket! It’ll conserve you time and stress in the parks if you recognize where you’re headed and also when.

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There space a most things to know about Park Hopping with the modification system, however we’re below to price all her questions! together we get resolved into this new way of law things, we’re certain to discover a lot more tips, so remain tuned to DFB!

The finest (And the Worst!) Things around Park to dance in Disney World!

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