EZDriveMA is the electronic tolling system on MA roadways, which replaces toll booths and collects toll payment through video images of your vehicle.

With EZDriveMA, there room now four different alternatives of payment tolls. EZDriveMA includes E-ZPass and also Pay By plate services, which each have different benefits, payment plans, and uses. Learn much more about EZDriveMA payment options below.

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E-ZPass MA is the easiest option for lasignoralaura.comachusetts vehicle drivers to pay their tolls. You room charged tolls with a transponder, a tiny electronic an equipment that attaches to her windshield.

When you open an E-ZPass MA account, your transponder is provided free. Your E-ZPass MA transponder provides discounted tolls top top MA roadways. This transponder will likewise be accepted in all various other states that expropriate E-ZPass.

If you choose to open up an E-ZPass MA account, girlfriend will should make an initial payment to establish an account balance. Together you travel v tolls, lock deduct from your account balance. As soon as your balance is also low, her account will certainly replenish utilizing your assigned payment choice.

When friend log-in to your E-ZPass account, girlfriend will have the ability to manage this balance automatically or manually and see previous toll charges, including updating your payment information. 

Select Customer business Centers have actually now reopened. If you need to finish a transaction in ~ an EZDrive company Center, friend must book an meeting online.

Example that a toy fee transaction post on your E-ZPass MA account: 

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Pay By bowl MA offers customers digital toll repertoire through video images of auto license plates. Just valid top top lasignoralaura.comachusetts tolls roads. No toy fee discounts.

If friend travelled through MA tolls without an account, you will certainly be mailed a salary By plate MA Invoice. Once the toll expedition is processed, an invoice is mailed come the registered owner that the vehicle about 7-10 service days ~ the trip.

A fee of $0.60 applies for every invoice issued. If her invoice is no paid through the early out date, additional fees will be assessed for each month it stays unpaid. Outstanding toll violate may lead to license suspension. 

Invoice Payment Options

Mail a check or money bespeak payable to:

commonwealth of lasignoralaura.comachusetts EZDriveMA Payment Processing center P.O. Crate 847840 Boston, MA 02284-7840

Please keep in mind your license plate and also invoice number ~ above your examine or money order.

Questions about a salary By bowl invoice? call EZDrive Customer organization by phone, email, or chat. 

Additional resources

EZDriveMA accepts all E-ZPass transponders approve by the end of state E-ZPass toy fee agencies. You can view a map of whereby E-ZPass is embraced nationwide.

Out of state E-ZPass accounts execute not administer toll discounts top top MA roadways. If you have actually an E-ZPass account with an additional state, you will certainly be billed v your E-ZPass state agency.

If girlfriend live or drive in a state other than lasignoralaura.comachusetts, consider opened your E-ZPass account in that state. This will enable you to take benefit of discounts they may offer.

Pay By bowl MA Registered Account

A Pay by key MA registered account permits you come pay her tolls v your vehicle"s patent plate number. A salary By key MA account is just valid because that toll payment on lasignoralaura.comachusetts roadways, and also does not provide discounts like E-ZPass MA.

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Pay By key MA Registered offers two various payment options. When opening an account, you will be picking between a Pre-paid and also Post-paid account. 

Prepaid accounts allow girlfriend to salary tolls once you assign a bank, credit transaction or debit card and make a tiny deposit. Toll fee payments space then make from her account balance. Once your balance is as well low, your account will replenish utilizing your assigned payment choice. Log in in to your account to watch your monthly charges.

Postpaid accounts also require a bank, credit, or debit card on your account. With a postpaid account, you will be billed for your toll usage every 30 days. 

Your account will be instantly charged for her toll usage through her assigned selection at the finish of your 30-day cycle.