The united state Department the Defense is diverting an approximated $3.6 billion in military building funds to assist build chairman Donald Trump’s wall surface on the US-Mexico border.

The Pentagon top top Wednesday exit the complete list of 127 military building projects that will shed funds in bespeak to assist construct 175 miles of southerly border wall.

The projects variety from building training and ammunition storage infrastructure to fixing accessibility roads to building on a middle school in ft Campbell, Kentucky, in addition to a subway terminal entrance facility at the Pentagon.

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not everyone is outraged by Trump's relocate to draw away military funds to pay for border wall

simply under $1.8 billion supposed for US and US territory tasks will be reallocated to the border wall. The us is additionally pulling accumulation from several overseas projects, much more than $1.8 billion, consisting of from building at waiting bases in ally nations like the united Kingdom and Germany.

Asked about potential concerns from europe allies, Defense Secretary mark Esper told reporters in London ~ above Thursday the his article is one of boosting “burden sharing” amongst allies when it involves military spending, and also that other nations should “maybe pick up the tab.”

below is the full list of military building projects.

domestic projects: $1,075,961,000


Anniston military Depot Weapon maintain Shop: $5,200,000


Eielson Air force Base, Repair main Heat/Power plant Boiler PH 4: $41,000,000

Eielson Air pressure Base, Repair main Heat/Power tree Boiler Ph3: $34,400,000

Eielson Air pressure Base, improved Combat arms Training and also Maintenance Range: $19,000,000

fort Greely, Missile field #1 Expansion: $8,000,000


fort Huachuca, ground Transport devices Building: $30,000,000


Channel archipelago Air nationwide Guard Station, construct C-130J trip Simulator Facility: $8,000,000


Peterson Air force Base, an are Control Facility: $8,000,000


Tyndall Air force Base, Fire/Crash Rescue Station: $17,000,000


Joint base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Consolidated maintain Facility: $5,500,000

Kaneohe Bay, Security enhancements Mokapu Gate: $26,492,000


Crane military Ammunition Plant, Railcar hold Area: $16,000,000

Hulman regional Airport, Construct little Arms Range: $8,000,000


ft Campbell, Kentucky, fort Campbell center School: $62,634,000


share Reserve Base brand-new Orleans, NORTHCOM - build Alert Apron: $15,000,000

share Reserve Base brand-new Orleans, NORTHCOM - build Alert Facilities: $24,000,000


ft Meade, Cantonment Area Roads: $16,500,000

Joint base Andrews, Presidential plane Recapitalization Relocate Haz Cargo Pad and Explosive Ordnance handle Range: $37,000,000

Joint base Andrews, Child development Center: $13,000,000


Jackson-Evers global Airport, Construct tiny Arms Range: $8,000,000

New Mexico

Holloman Air force Base, MQ-9 officially Training Unit Ops Facility: $85,000,000

White Sands, info Systems Facility: $40,000,000

New York

US armed forces Academy, design Center: $95,000,000

US armed forces Academy, Parking Structure: $65,000,000

North Carolina

Camp Lejeune, second Radio BN Complex, step 2: $25,650,000

Camp Lejeune, Ambulatory treatment Center Addition/Alteration: $15,300,000

ft Bragg, Butner Elementary college Replacement: $32,944,000 (previously canceled)

Seymour Johnson Air pressure Base, KC-46A ADAL because that Alt Mission Storage: $6,400,000


Tulsa IAP, Construct little Arms Range: $8,000,000


Klamath falls IAP, build Indoor Range: $8,000,000

Klamath falls IAP, change Fuel Facilities: $2,500,000

South Carolina

Beaufort, Laurel just Fire terminal Replacement: $10,750,000


ft Bliss, Defense accessibility Roads: $20,000,000

share Base mountain Antonio, Camp Bullis Dining Facility: $18,500,000


Hill Air force Base, Composite plane Antenna Calibration Fac: $26,000,000

Hill Air pressure Base, UTTR Consolidated Mission control Center: $28,000,000


Joint basic Langley-Eustis, construct Cyber Ops Facility: $10,000,000

Norfolk, replace Hazardous materials Warehouse: $18,500,000

Pentagon, Pentagon subway Entrance Facility: $12,111,000 (previously canceled)

Portsmouth, replace Hazardous materials Warehouse: $22,500,000

Portsmouth, Ships maintain Facility: $26,120,000


Bangor, Pier and also Maintenance Facility: $88,960,000


Truax Field, Construct tiny Arms Range: $8,000,000

US are projects: $687,284,000


Joint an ar Marianas, earth Covered Magazines: $52,270,000

Joint an ar Marianas, PRTC Roads: $2,500,000

Joint an ar Marianas, Water well Field: $56,088,000

Joint an ar Marianas, Navy-Commercial Tie-In Hardening: $37,180,000

Joint an ar Marianas, maker Gun Range: $50,000,000

Joint an ar Marianas, APR - Munitions warehouse Igloos, Ph 2: $35,300,000

Joint region Marianas, Hayman Munitions warehouse Igloos MSA 2: $9,800,000

Joint region Marianas, APR - SATCOM C4I Facility: $14,200,000

Puerto Rico

Arroyo, Readiness Center: $30,000,000

Camp Santiago, agency Headquarters Bldg -Transient Training: $47,000,000

Camp Santiago, Dining Facility, Transient Training: $13,000,000

Camp Santiago, Engineering/Housing maintain Shops (DPW): $11,000,000

Camp Santiago, maneuver Area Training equipment Site: $80,000,000

Camp Santiago, national Guard Readiness Center: $50,000,000

Camp Santiago, strength Substation/Switching station Building: $18,500,000

Gurabo, car Maintenance Shop: $28,000,000

Punta Borinquen, Ramey Unit school Replacement: $61,071,000

san Juan, Aircraft maintenance Hangar (AASF): $64,000,000

Virgin Islands

St. Croix, car Maintenance Shop: $20,000,000

St. Croix, power Substation/Switching terminal Building: $3,500,000

St. Thomas, national Guard auto Maintenance Shop Add/A: $3,875,000

overseas projects: $1,836,755,000

Bahrain Island

SW Asia, Fleet maintain Facility & TOC: $26,340,000


Chievres air Base, Europe West ar Superintendent’s Office: $14,305,000


Nevo Selo Fos, european Deterrence Initiative: Ammunition stop Area: $5,200,000


Guantanamo Bay, working Dog treatment Facility Replacement: $9,080,000


Unspecified Estonia, EDI: SOF to work Facility: $6,100,000

Unspecified Estonia, EDI: SOF training Facility: $9,600,000


Baumholder, SOF joint Parachute Rigging Facility: $11,504,000

east Camp Grafenwoehr, Mission cultivate Complex: $31,000,000

Panzer Kaserne, MARFOREUR HQ Modernization and Expansion: $43,950,000

Ramstein air Base, 37 as Squadron Operations/AMU: $13,437,000

Ramstein wait Base, EDI - KMC DABS-FEV/RH storage Warehouses: $119,000,000

Spangdahlem wait Base, F/A-22 short Observable/Composite repair Fac: $18,000,000

Spangdahlem waiting Base, EIC - Site development and Infrastructure: $43,465,000

Spangdahlem waiting Base, Spangdahlem Elementary college Replacement: $79,141,000

Spangdahlem air Base, upgrade Hardened plane Shelters because that F/A-22: $2,700,000

Stuttgart, Robinson Barracks Elem. Institution Replacement: $46,609,000

Weisbaden, Clay Kaserne primary school School: $56,048,000

Wiesbaden military Airfield, Hazardous product Storage Building: $2,700,000


Souda Bay, EDI: Marathi Logistics support Center: $6,200,000

Souda Bay, EDI: share Mobility handling Center: $41,650,000


Kecskemet air Base, european Reassurance Initiative: Airfield Upgrades: $12,900,000

Kecskemet wait Base, ERI: construct Parallel Taxiway: $30,000,000

Kecskemet air Base, ERI: rise POL warehouse Capacity: $12,500,000


Sigonella, EDI: P-8A Taxiway and Apron Upgrades: $66,050,000


Camp McTureous, Bechtel elementary School: $94,851,000

Iwakuni, Fuel Pier: $33,200,000

Iwakuni, Construct mass Storage Tanks PH 1: $30,800,000

Kadena waiting Base, van Unload Facilities: $21,400,000

Kadena air Base, SOF maintenance Hangar (Fiscal Year 2018): $3,972,000

Kadena wait Base, SOF maintain Hangar (Fiscal Year 2017): $42,823,000

Kadena air Base, APR - change Munitions Structures: $19,815,000

Yokota air Base, C-130J Corrosion control Hangar: $23,777,000

Yokota wait Base, build CATM Facility: $8,243,000

Yokota wait Base, Hangar/Aircraft maintain Unit: $12,034,000

Yokota air Base, Hangar/AMU: $39,466,000

Yokota wait Base, Operations and Warehouse infrastructure (Fiscal Year 2018): $8,590,000

Yokota wait Base, Operations and also Warehouse infrastructure (Fiscal Year 2017): $26,710,000

Yokosuka, Kinnick High school Inc 1: $40,000,000

South Korea

Camp Tango, Command and Control Facility: $17,500,000

Kunsan air Base, Unmanned Aerial car Hangar: $53,000,000


Sanem, ERI: ECAOS Deployable Airbase device Storage: $67,400,000


Rygge, ERI: Replace/Expand quick Reaction alarm Pad: $10,300,000


Poland, EDI: Staging Areas: $34,000,000

Poland, EDI: Staging Areas: $17,000,000

Poland, EDI: Ammunition storage Facility: $52,000,000

Poland, EDI: Rail Extension and Railhead: $6,400,000

Powidz waiting Base, EDI: bulk Fuel Storage: $21,000,000


Mihail Kogalniceanu, EDI: Explosives & Ammo Load/Unload Apron: $21,651,000


Malacky, EDI - local Munitions warehouse Area: $59,000,000

Malacky, ERI: increase POL storage Capacity: $20,000,000

Malacky, ERI: Airfield Upgrades: $4,000,000

Sliac Airport, ERI: Airfield Upgrades: $22,000,000


Rota, EDI: harbor Operations Facilities: $21,590,000


Incirlik AB, OCO: Relocate base Main accessibility Control Point: $14,600,000

United Kingdom

Croughton royal Air Force, Croughton Elem/Middle/High college Replacement: $71,424,000

Croughton royal Air Force, key Gate Complex: $16,500,000

Menwith Hill Station, RAFMH main Gate Rehabilitation: $11,000,000

royal Air force Fairford, EIC RC-135 Infrastructure: $2,150,000

royal Air pressure Fairford, EIC RC-135 Intel and Squad Ops Facility: $38,000,000

imperial Air pressure Fairford, EIC RC-135 Runway Overrun Reconfiguration: $5,500,000

imperial Air pressure Fairford, EDI - Munitions hold Area: $19,000,000

royal Air force Fairford, EDI - build DABS-FEV Storage: $87,000,000

Worldwide Classified

classified Location, Talon Tactical cell phone Over-the-Horizon Radar - Utilities and also Infrastructure Support: $18,000,000