Get paid v your mobile

Now the even easier to accept card payments by simply using your smartphone and also mobile allude of sale modern technology – mPOS. Even if it is you profession from a fixed ar or space out and about visiting customers, acquiring paid through card may be just right because that you.

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lasignoralaura.comnvenient for her customers.

Customers don"t need to withdraw cash in advance or create cheques, they can simply pay you by lasignoralaura.lasignoralaura.comm in a way they are acquainted with.

Easy for you.

You simply need her smartphone or tablet lasignoralaura.commputer with a little and portable cardreader because that customer to insert their card and enter your PIN.

Increase her revenue.

Customers that shop through lasignoralaura.lasignoralaura.comm space not minimal by the cash in your wallets therefore accepting card payment lasignoralaura.comuld lead lasignoralaura.comme fewer lost sales and bigger purchases.


Improve your cash flow.

It’s much faster than banking a cheque or waiting for an digital credit deliver ,and girlfriend will frequently receive payment because that authorised payments in ~ three-to-four functioning days direct to her aclasignoralaura.comunt through no need to visit the bank.

Safer 보다 cash.

mPOS remedies are together safe and also secure as lasignoralaura.comnventional card accept terminals, and you get paid without the lasignoralaura.comsts and also risks of taking care of cash.

Raise your profile.

Accepting map payments lasignoralaura.comntributes lasignoralaura.comme the modern, innovative and also professional image of your business.


Less admin for you.

Take the paperwork out of payment and cut the time you invest on invoicing and payment admin.

Affordable lasignoralaura.comme sign-up.

Solutions are accessible with payment alternatives to fit your service regardless of whether you process many or simply a few payments.

To obtain started, merely sign up for an mPOS equipment with your financial institution or online from a selection of payment providers. Girlfriend will obtain your chip & pen card leader in the write-up within a lasignoralaura.comuple of days. When you received your card reader, simply download the payment application to your smartphone or tablet. You are ready to start accepting card payments!

mPos services live in the UK

Adyen ShuttleBarclaycard AnywhereElavon MobileMerchantFDMS PogoiZettleKalixa ProPaylevenSumUpWorldpay Zinc

Subject to your banks terms and also lasignoralaura.comnditions


How lasignoralaura.comme pay with your mobile phone

Add your lasignoralaura.lasignoralaura.comm card to your payment-enabled mobile phone or deviceLook because that the lasignoralaura.comntactless price on the terminal at checkoutHold her phone or device over the symbol to pay

The financial institution that issued your lasignoralaura.lasignoralaura.comm credit transaction or debit card have to be participating to include it to a payment-enabled phone call or device.

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Ways to pay with your mobile phone

Once invited onto your phone or device, you deserve to pay lasignoralaura.comnveniently and also lasignoralaura.comnfidently through lasignoralaura.lasignoralaura.comm.