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Google Pay started as a an easy payment service, make it easy to pay at the grocery save cash register, shop online, and send money come friends and family digitally. However in November 2020, the business got a major overhaul, providing users with much more ways to control their money.

Setting up and also using Google salary is fairly straightforward.You deserve to send and also receive money, shop in-store and also online, earn rewards, and keep track of her spending through Google Pay.You don’t require an Android call to use the app; it’s also accessible on iOS devices.Compare various other mobile wallets and also digital payment solutions to make sure you choose the ideal one because that you.

What Is Google Pay?

Google salary is a mobile wallet and online payment service accessible for Android and also iOS devices. The app allows users to attach their credit and debit cards, and bank accounts, come pay in ~ checkout—both in-store and online—and send money come others.

Additionally, users can track your spending, gain cash-back offers, and eventually open a new bank account with Google Pay.

If you have actually an iphone phone or iPad, you can’t usage the tap-to-pay function for contactless payments. Friend can, however, salary in-store if the vendor provides a Google pay QR code. 


This function is Google Pay’s mobile wallet, which offers secure transactions by making use of a online account number as soon as you do in-person contactless payments and also online purchases. By using one-time virtual card number (also dubbed “tokens”), the app protects your genuine account number. Together you usage the app, you’ll be able to view a background of your tap-to-pay purchases. 

You can additionally use Google pay to send money come friends and family and split bills with others, highlighting the people you transact with many often. 

Finally, you deserve to use Google pay to stimulate food at an ext than 100,000 restaurants, fuel up at more than 30,000 gas stations, and also pay because that parking in an ext than 400 cities.

check out

Google partners with brands choose Burger King, Etsy, REI, Target, and also others to give you cash-back offers, discounts, and also more. Girlfriend can likewise connect your loyalty program accounts so you gain savings as soon as you examine out. 


Google’s Insights feature is what takes a basic mobile wallet and also turns it right into a financial monitoring app. Girlfriend can attach your bank and credit card accounts come track your balances and get insights right into your security habits. You’ll additionally be able to see exactly how much money you have versus just how much you’ve spent and search receipts did you do it taken a photo of or obtained via Gmail.

just how Do You set Up Google Pay?

The procedure for signing up because that Google pay is the exact same for both Android and iOS users. You’ll begin by downloading and install the app from the Google Play save or the Apple application Store. 

sign In and also Connect

Then you’ll sign in making use of your Gmail account—you can create a brand-new account if you don’t currently have one. Next, you’ll get in your call number, and Google will send you a password via text to confirm it. As soon as you’ve verified your information, the application will ask girlfriend to select various privacy settings, every one of which you can change later if you will do like. 

For example, you can opt-in to enable other application users to search for friend in the application with her name or call information, and you’ll have the ability to choose if you want to knife cash back and discounts. 

Personalize Your settings

Finally, you can decide to revolve on the personalization feature, i m sorry keeps monitor of your activity to personalize your suffer in the application for convenience. If you’re not sure about that, you can request a reminder in 3 months or merely leave it off.

Remember, your Google salary account is bound to your Gmail account. So, if you’ve already included payment details to that account, it’ll show up in the Google pay app. If not, you deserve to add brand-new payment approaches by tapping the Insights tab, then, “Show every accounts.” 

Overall, the procedure of setup up Google pay takes just a couple of minutes and goes also faster if you currently have a Gmail account with linked credit or debit cards.

just how Do You use Google Pay?

Once she in the app, take part time to discover the features and also how come maximize the benefits it provides.

paying In-Store and also Online

Start through making certain near-field interaction (NFC) is allowed on her device. Then, once you shop in ~ a merchant that accepts contactless payment or Google Pay, simply unlock her phone and also place it close to the card reader for a couple of seconds—there’s no have to open the Google salary app.

If you’re shopping digital or payment in a mobile application that accepts Google Pay, simply tap the Google Pay switch during the checkout process. If you asked, pick your payment technique and provide your shipping address, then check the transaction.

Send Money to Friends and also Family

Tap “Send” in ~ the bottom of your screen, then choose send or request, and then “Find world to pay” at the optimal of the screen. You’ll have to invite who to connect with you prior to you send or obtain money. If you’ve allowed Google to accessibility your contacts, girlfriend can discover the payee there. Girlfriend can also scan the recipient’s QR code or even start a team if you planning to break-up a bill.

knife Rewards

Tap the explore tab at the bottom left of your screen and also enroll a credit transaction or debit card in the program. Climate scroll down to see the different offers and add them to your card. Then simply use the card—either the physical map or the digital version virtual or via tap come pay—and you’ll acquire the reward.

To maximize the value of Google pay rewards, turn on ar sharing because that the app, and also you’ll see famous offers close to you based upon your location.

control Your Money

On the reduced right of your screen, tap on the Insights tab. Over there you can include financial accounts and see a curated list of recent huge purchases, upcoming bills, spending summaries, and also other necessary financial data points. You’ll likewise be able to find transactions and receipts that you’ve uploaded or received via email. 


Easy to collection up and also use

Offers rewards

Provides gaue won guidance

Available top top Android and iOS devices

Pros described

Easy to set up and use: The Google Pay app takes simply a couple of minutes to set up, and once you in, it’s reasonably easy to discover what you need and also use the app.Offers rewards: The addition of a rewards program motivates you to use the app an ext often but additionally adds worth to your consistent spending.Provides gaue won guidance: The Insights function can assist you much better track your balances, income, and also expenses since you can access all your bank accounts and also credit cards indigenous one app.

Cons explained

Not all attributes are available to iOS: Apple customers can’t do NFC payments through Google Pay.

options to Google salary

There are a the majority of mobile wallets and digital payment solutions you can use to send and also receive money and also make purchases. Competitors include apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Cash App, Venmo, PayPal, Zelle, and also more.

For example, Venmo and also Cash app are well-known apps and also may make it easier to send money to world who don’t have actually Google Pay. Both apps offer debit cards, too, which means you deserve to make in-store purchases and also online ones.

As for budgeting capabilities, Google pay is fairly barebones contrasted to services like Mint or You require a Budget. Although Google Pay lets you view transactions and also get part insights, girlfriend can’t create a budget, i beg your pardon is critical element of financial planning.

Each of these services has actually both benefits and drawbacks, therefore it’s essential to compare alternatives to discover the finest fit for you. 

You don't require to include money to her Google salary wallet to use the app. Instead, you attach a payment source, such together a credit transaction card, and also the funds for purchases will be immediately drawn from that source as needed.

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In the Google pay app, tap your profile, and then tap her balance. Indigenous there, you'll watch an choice to "transfer out," and also you can pick where you desire the money to walk to end up the transaction.