Dysuria way you feeling pain or a burning sensation as soon as you pee (urinate). Men and also women of any age can experience dysuria, but it's an ext common in women. Urinary tract infections room commonly connected with dysuria. Treatment relies on the cause and ranges native antibiotics, to preventing irritants to dealing with the underlying clinical problem.

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What is dysuria (painful urination)?

Dysuria is pain or discomfort once you urinate (pee). The burns! Dysuria isn’t around how often you go (urinary frequency), despite urinary frequency often happens along with dysuria. Dysuria is no a diagnosis. It’s a sign or symptom of one underlying wellness problem.

Who gets dysuria (painful urination)?

Men and women of any type of age have the right to experience ache urination. It’s more common in women. Urinary street infections (UTIs) are commonly linked with dysuria. UTIs occur in more women 보다 men.

Other human being at a greater risk the dysuria include:

Pregnant women.Men and women through any type of disease of the bladder.

What room the symptom of dysuria (painful urination)?

Symptoms of painful urination can vary between men and women, yet both genders usually define it together a burning, stinging or itching. Burning is the most commonly reported symptom.

Pain can happen at the start of urination or ~ urination. Pain at the start of your urination is often a symptom of a urinary tract infection. Pain after her urination have the right to be a authorize of a trouble with the bladder or prostate. In men, pain have the right to remain in your prick before and also after urination too.

Symptoms in women have the right to be internal or external. Pain outside your quality area might be brought about by inflammation or irritation of this perceptible skin. Interior pain deserve to be a symptom that a urinary tract infection.

How is dysuria (painful urination) diagnosed?

See your medical care provider if you feeling pain or burning once you pee. Dysuria have the right to be a symptom that medical problem that may need to be treated. Come diagnose your pain, very first your healthcare provider will testimonial your finish medical history, including asking friend questions about your current and past clinical conditions, such together diabetes mellitus or immunodeficiency disorders. That or she may also ask around your sexual background to identify if an STI can be the cause of the pain. Test to display screen for STIs may likewise be needed, specifically if men have a discharge native their dick or women have discharge from their vagina. If you room a woman of childbearing age, a pregnancy test may be done.

Your provider will also ask around your current prescriptions and over-the-counter medication use and any tried “home remedies” to manage the dysuria.

Your medical care provider will likewise ask you around your present symptoms and also obtain a clean catch sample of your urine. Your urine sample will be analyzed for white blood cells, red blood cells or foreign chemicals. The existence of white blood cell tells her provider you have inflammation in your urinary tract. A urine society reveals if you have actually a urinary tract infection and also if so, the bacteria the are resulting in it. This information permits your provider to choose the antibiotic that will work ideal in dealing with the bacteria.

If no sign of epidemic is found in your urine sample, your medical care providers may suggest additional tests come look at her bladder or prostate (in men). Your provider may additionally take a swab sample that the lining of her vagina or the urethra to check for indicators of epidemic (in women).

Possible Causes

What space the causes of dysuria (painful urination)?

There space many causes of dysuria. Also know that medical professionals can’t always identify the cause.

WOMEN: ache urination because that women deserve to be the result of:

Bladder epidemic (cystitis).Vaginal infection.Inflammation the the bladder or urethra (urethritis) (Your urethra is the tube that begins at the lower opening of your bladder and exits the end of her body). Inflammation is usually led to by an infection.

The inflammation may also be resulted in by sex-related intercourse, douches, soaps, fragrant toilet paper, contraceptive sponges or spermicides.


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MEN: painful urination for men may be the result of:

Urinary tract infection and other infections external the urinary tract, consisting of diverticulosis and diverticulitis.Prostate disease.


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Painful urination because that men and also women may be the result of a sexually transmitted infections (STIs) or the side impact of medications. Chemotherapy cancer medicine or radiation therapies to the pelvic area may inflame the bladder and cause pains urination.

Care and Treatment

How is dysuria (painful urination) treated?

Treatment because that dysuria relies on the cause of her pain/burning sensation. The first step in your therapy is to determine if your painful urination is brought about by infection, inflammation, diet factors, or a problem with her bladder or prostate.

Urinary tract infections space most commonly treated v antibiotics. If her pain is severe, you may be prescribed phenazopyridine. Note: this medication transforms you urine red-orange and stains undergarments.Inflammation resulted in by irritation to the skin is commonly treated by staying clear of the reason of the irritant.Dysuria caused by an basic bladder or prostate condition is cure by addressing the underlying condition.

There are several procedures you have the right to take to reduce the uncomfortable of painful urination, consisting of drinking an ext water or taking an over-the-counter aid (such together Uristat® or AZO®) come treat painful urination. Various other treatments require prescription medications.

If girlfriend have regular urinary tract infections, her provider can assist find the cause.

Can noþeles be excellent to protect against dysuria?

Drink an ext water. Drink two to three liters of water a day.If friend wear a urinary incontinence pad, readjust it as shortly as it gets soiled.After girlfriend (a woman) urinates, take some additional new tissue and wipe away any kind of urine native the inside of your vaginal lips.

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When to call the Doctor

When should I call lasignoralaura.com healthcare provider?

Dysuria is a symptom. It reasons a burning sensation, pain and/or discomfort. You will likely pick to call your health care provider because this symptom is uncomfortable. It's essential to see your provider to identify if her symptom is concerned a urinary tract epidemic or one more medical cause. In any case, the sooner you see your provider, the sooner a diagnosis can be made and also treatment have the right to be started.